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Originally Published on May 19, 2022
Discover fun facts about Daisy Michelle, a famous YouTube and Twitch gaming content creator and social media influencer from America.
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About Daisy Michelle

Daisy Michelle, born Daisy Munoz is an American YouTube content creator, social media influencer, and Twitch streamer.
She enjoys playing online games such as 'Call Of Duty', 'Fortnite', and 'The Last Of Us', and she is frequently seen playing 'Among Us'. Popular on Twitch, Daisy Michelle refers to her followers as the ‘Daze Army’.
On August 24, 2011, she launched her YouTube channel, and on January 12, 2014, she posted her first video. She's been posting gameplay footage of popular games like 'Fortnite', Call Of Duty', and 'Overwatch' since then. Continue reading to find out more about her interest in gaming, relationships, and social media presence.

Daisy Michelle Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Daisy Michelle’s net worth?

Certain sources claim her estimated net worth to be around $1.5 million.

How much does Daisy Michelle earn per year?

Daisy Michelle's annual earnings are still under review. She is sponsored by brands like Techni Sports USA and Vision Marketplace and most of her earnings come from her YouTube content and Twitch streams.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Daisy Michelle?

Daisy Michelle stands at a height of 5 ft (152 cm) tall.

How old is Daisy Michelle?

Daisy Michelle turned 27 years old in November 2021. Her birthday falls on November 5, 1994. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Childhood And Education

Daisy Michelle, born November 5, 1994, was born with the name Daisy Munoz. Information about her childhood and details like her place of birth, her level of education, and her hometown are unknown. Michelle has not revealed any personal details about her parents, siblings, or any relatives.
Daisy Michelle has also remained silent about her educational background. She can be assumed to be a university graduate based on her age.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Daisy Michelle dating?

Daisy Michelle has been reported to have a relationship with Chris (UnknownSlayz). The couple is also said to be engaged, however, this has yet to be confirmed. Daisy has been dating Chris for nearly three years. They also have a common interest in gaming, and they like spending time together playing their favorite game.
Daisy Michelle did a Q&A with her partner on her YouTube channel, answering a lot of questions about them and their relationship. Daisy Michelle's most recent video, in which she discusses her partner, is titled 'My Boyfriend Wanted To Get Me Voted Out Every Game Of Among Us!!!'. She is seen playing the video game 'Among Us' with a couple of friends and her boyfriend.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Daisy Michelle is a social media influencer. She primarily creates content for YouTube. Her self-titled YouTube channel and fame as a Call of Duty gamer have made her famous like Matthew Piper, who rose to prominence as a Call of Duty player.
Daisy Michelle has over 1.1 million YouTuber followers and they see the content of her playing games like 'Fortnite', 'Call Of Duty', and 'Overwatch'. She started her YouTube channel in August of 2011, but it took her three years to upload her first video. She started with uploading content on 'Call Of Duty', 'Grand Theft Auto 5', and even 'Minecraft'. Her gameplay video content has stayed ever-changing, as she will play fast-paced multiplayer games but won’t shy away from single-player story-based games like 'Last Of Us'.
Her recent content revolves around 'Fortnite', the modern era 'Call Of Duty' installments, 'Valorant', and even 'Among Us'. Daisy Michelle publishes two videos every week, which is quite frequent. The majority of the gameplay videos Daisy Michelle uploads are between eight and 15 minutes long and adhere to the YouTube algorithm. The content is funny and short with gameplay clips in the background.
Daisy Michelle now is a full-time Twitch streamer, and calls her viewers ‘Daze Army’. She is a classic Twitch gamer, focusing on fast-paced first-person shooter games like 'Apex Legends', 'Call Of Duty: Warzone', 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare', and 'Fortnite'. She has over 130,000 followers on Twitch and can be seen streaming quite regularly. The American YouTuber, like fellow gamer Matthew Piper, got a lot of her fame through playing 'Call Of Duty'.
OpTic FormaL is the online alias for Matthew Piper, an OpTic Gaming member. He has around 263,000 subscribers on YouTube until May 2022. Matthew got his start in gaming with 'Halo', but after expressing interest in and continuing to play 'Call Of Duty' games, Before joining OpTic Gaming, he played professionally for the Primal, Kaliber, FeaR, FaZe Black, and EnVy teams. He has been fairly active in the eSports world with the organization ever since.

Other Interesting Daisy Michelle Facts And Trivia

  • Daisy Michelle joined Twitter in February 2021 and has amassed a following of around 29,500 people.

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Daisy Michelle Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Daisy Munoz

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152 cm


YouTube, Twitch content creator

Net Worth

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