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About Dale Davis

Dale Davis or Elliott Lydell Davis was born on March 25, 1969, in Toccoa, Georgia, United States.
Dale Davis is a former professional basketball player from the United States of America who played power forward and center for his teams. Dale Davis played college basketball at South Carolina's Clemson University and then was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the 1991 NBA Draft.
Dale Davis was the 13th pick in that draft of 1991, and he spent the first nine years of his basketball career with the Indiana Pacers. After his induction, Dale Davis fast became the team's starting power forward and was the main force of the outstanding teams of the Indiana Pacers in the mid-'90s. When Dale Davis left the team, he left as the all-time rebounds leader of the team in the Indiana Pacers' NBA era. Dale always managed to average double-digits in points and even almost double-digits in rebounds.
Dale Davis has had a lot of influence in the game and in the NBA, and he is considered a legend. A team-man, Dale Davis, has helped Indiana Pacers in the past and then other teams after that. He retired from basketball after the NBA Season of 2006-2007 after playing for the Detroit Pistons in the end.
Did you know that the Indiana Pacers were actually an original member of the ABA (American Basketball Association) before they joined NBA?
Know more about the basketball legend and his life on and off the field in the coming topics.

Dale Davis's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dale Davis's net worth?

It is estimated that Dale Davis has a net worth of around $35 million. He is one of the richest and greatest basketball players known and earns quite handsomely for it.

How much does Dale Davis earn per year?

It is not known how much Dale Davis earns annually. Looking at his high net worth, he probably earned and earns quite a lot through his wages and endorsements.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dale Davis?

Dale Davis is tall, and his height is 6 ft 9 in (211 cm).

How old is Dale Davis?

Dale Davis was born on March 25, 1969. As of 2022, Dale is 53 years old.

Childhood And Education

Dale Davis was b0rn and raised in Georgia. On March 25, 1969, he was born in Toccoa, Georgia, United States. There is no information and not much content regarding his family and school life.
Dale Davis played college basketball for Clemson University in South Carolina.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dale Davis's partner?

There is no information about who Dale Davis used to date. But Dale is known to be the biological father of Trayce Jackson-Davis. He is an American college basketball player who plays for the Indiana Hoosiers in the Big Ten Conference.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After college basketball, Dale Davis was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the 1991 NBA Draft. He played for them for nine years. He was the starting power forward for the team and was one of the main players. This is where his career took off. Davis was named to the All-Star team in the 1999-2000 season and it was when the Indiana Pacers reached the NBA Finals. The team decided to revamp with a younger set of players and traded Dale to the Portland Trail Blazers. Davis stayed four years with the team and on July 20, 2004, went to the Golden State Warriors. In 2005, Davis went to the New Orlean Hornets and was released soon after. He signed with Indiana Pacers again.
In June 2006, Dale became a co-owner of R&J Racing in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series.
Dale was later signed as a free agent by the Detroit Pistons. He retired after playing for two years after the 2006-2007 season.
He is known for being a successful basketball player from Georgia. He has played the game for many teams as mentioned above.

Charity Work

Charity work done by him is not known.

What awards has Dale Davis won?

Awards won by him are not known.

Dale Davis's Hobbies And Interests

His hobbies are not known.
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Dale Davis Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Elliott Lydell Davis

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211 cm

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Basketball player

Net Worth

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