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About Dale Watson

Dale Watson was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the United States on October 7, 1962.
When Dale Watson was less than a year old, his family relocated outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. In 1977, the family relocated to Pasadena, Texas.
Dale Watson is a self-published author as well as an American country music star, guitarist, and songwriter. Watson's father and brother were both musically interested, and they influenced his long-term taste in music. Watson began creating his songs when he was 12 years old, and two years later, he made his first album. Watson was liberated as a minor not long after. In the day, he went to school, and by night, he as well as his brother performed in local Houston clubs as well as honky-tonks as 'The Classic Country Band'.
On Rosie Flores' guidance, he relocated to Los Angeles in 1988 and then quickly joined the house band at North Hollywood's presently alt-country club The Palomino Club.  In 1990 and 1991, the singer released two songs for Curb Records, 'One Tear At A Time' as well as 'You Pour It On And I Pour It Down', and then in 1992, he was featured on the third volume of the 'A Town South Of Bakersfield' compilations collection. Soon after, he relocated to Nashville, where he worked as a songwriter for the Gary Morris organization.
Watson moved to Austin, Texas, and created 'The Lone Stars', a supporting band. In 1995, he signed with Hightone Records and made his debut record, 'Cheatin' Heart Attack'.  In 'Nashville Rash', he tried his hand at mainstream country music. 'Blessed Or Damned', the follow-up album, was released in 1996 and continued in the same style, as was 1997's 'I Hate These Songs.' In 1998, Koch released Dale's next album, 'The Truckin' Sessions', 'Crazy Again', a documentary by Zalman King, featured the singer too.
Watson made a video clip in 2011 when Tiger Airways Australia billed him $500 to transfer a box of CDs, which they then misplaced and originally refused to compensate him for.
In 2012, he appeared in the play 'Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County', written by Stephen King as well as John Mellencamp, and published in 'The Sun Sessions'.
In 2013, he published 'El Rancho Azul' on Red House Records, which included the hit 'I Lie When I Drink'. He also helped start Ameripolitan Music, made his first engagement on PBS' 'Austin City Limits', and purchased 'The Little Longhorn Saloon' in Austin, TX.
His part in 'The Sun Sessions' premiered nationwide on PBS in February 2014. In early February, he sang 'I Lie When I Drink' on the 'Late Show with David Letterman'. He attended the 1st Annual Ameripolitan Awards Show in mid-February. In July, Red River Entertainment published 'The Truckin' Sessions Trilogy,' and he purchased 'The Big T Roadhouse' in St. Hedwig, TX, his second local honky-tonk.
He went on tour with 'The Reverend Horton Heat' in January 2015 as part of 'The BADDEST Of The BAD Tour'. Lloyd Maines produced his album, 'Call Me Insane', which was published globally on June 9 via Red House/Ameripolitan Records. 'The Call Me Insane Tour' officially began on June 13 in Austin, TX at The Broken Spoke. He also made an appearance on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC) on June 15 as part of a segment. He continued traveling nationally the following weekend to promote the album's release, selling out gigs in Wichita, Kansas, Lincoln, Nebraska, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Columbus, Ohio, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and other cities.
Watson kept up his touring as well as publishing schedule in 2016. In early 2017, he released a duo record with Ray Benson, followed by 'Blackjack' towards the end of the year. Watson's next album, 'Call Me Lucky,' was recorded at the iconic Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis. Red House Records published it in early 2019. Watson replied by taking up a unique project, creating and recording a series of ambient instrumentals at his home studio in Memphis, when the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020 put his touring plan on pause. 'Dale Watson Presents: The Memphians', a compilation of the session, was released in February 2021.

Dale Watson’s Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dale Watson’s net worth?

The net worth of Dale Watson is estimated to be $1 million- $5 million.

How much does Dale Watson earn per year?

The yearly earnings of Dale Watson are not known. His main source of income, though, comes from singing.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dale Watson?

Dale Watson is estimated to be 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Dale Watson?

Dale Watson is 59 years old as of April 21, 2022.

Childhood And Education

The singer and songwriter, Dale Watson rarely talks about his childhood, and his certifications are not known.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dale Watson’s partner?

Terri Herbert was Dale Watson's prior girlfriend. Terri passed away tragically in a vehicle accident.
Raquel Cain and Dalynn Grace are his two daughters.
On June 13, 2020, Dale Watson wedded Celine Lee. While making her record 'Cat-Eyes', Celine and Dale began to see each other seriously. 

Career And Professional Highlights

What awards has Dale Watson won?

Dale Watson has received country awards in the Netherlands and Spain, as well as a British Country Music Award for 'Best International Artist on an Independent Label'.
Dale Watson won the Favorite Box Sets Award for 'The Truckin Sessions Trilogy' in 2014, Favorite Country Albums Award for 'Truckin’ Sessions, Vol.3' in 2015, and Favorite Country Albums Award for 'Call Me Lucky' in 2019.

Other Interesting Dale Watson Facts And Trivia

Dale Watson has brown eyes.
The sun sign of Dale Watson is Libra.
The zodiac sign of Dale Watson is Libra.
The moon sign of Dale Watson is Capricorn.
The rising sign of Dale Watson is Sagittarius.
Dale Watson used to play in local Houston clubs along with his brother, Jim.
In the early 1990s, Dale Watson began his music career.
Traditional country music is what makes Dale Watson so well-recognized.
On the US Country Chart, the album of Dale Watson, 'El Rancho Azul', was ranked number 57.
Dale Watson promotes 'Ameripolitan' as a new original music soundtrack.
Dale Watson performed a major role in 'Yellow Rose', an indie short film project.
'Austin Angel', a biopic released in 2007, was about him.
Dalynn Watson, Dale Watson's daughter, was featured in Watson's 2007 video for 'Hollywood Hillbilly' alongside Luke Wilson, Johnny Knoxville, as well as Knoxville's daughter Madison.
Raquel, daughter of Dale Watson is a film actress.
Dale can be found on Instagram under the handle thedalewatson.
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Dale Watson Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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