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About Dan Futterman

Dan Futterman is a famous American actor, executive producer, and screenwriter.
He is known for having written the screenplay for some of the most striking projects and has also won many accolades for his work. Dan Futterman has earned a few Academy Award nominations for his work and has also won many awards for several projects.
Dan Futterman was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. However, he and his three siblings grew up in the city of Larchmont, New York. Futterman's father was a lawyer and his mother was a psychoanalyst. Naturally, Dan Futterman was also intellectually inclined. He attended Columbia University and started working as a stage actor in 1991. His first movie project was also released in the same year. After this, Dan Futterman played small and big roles in television shows and movies for some years and earned credibility in the Hollywood industry.
His big break into the industry was through the role of Val in a comedy project named 'The Birdcage'. This out-of-the-ordinary role of a straight person raised by gay parents was a great way for Dan Futterman to make his entry into the movie and television industry. He eventually was cast in a CBS drama series, 'Judging Army'. His acting as Vincent Gray on the show was very highly regarded. Futterman also worked as a screenwriter for the movie, 'Capote' and was nominated for an Academy Award as well. However, he could not win in this instance.
Keep reading to learn more facts about Dan Futterman, his career as an actor and screenwriter as well as his personal life!

Dan Futterman Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dan Futterman’s net worth?

Dan Futterman has had a very successful career as an actor, screenwriter, and executive producer so far. He has won many awards and nominations for his work. Hence, Dan Futterman also enjoys a great net worth. Futterman's net worth currently stands at $4 million and is likely to rise as and when Dan Futterman becomes even more famous and successful.

How much does Dan Futterman earn per year?

Dan Futterman is yet to disclose his annual earnings to the media. However, it is understood that an artist like himself would have a variable income depending on how much work he does in a year and how well those projects do.
Simultaneously, we must also acknowledge that he has a good net worth, which can only be gained with a substantial income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dan Futterman?

Dan Futterman is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Dan Futterman?

Dan Futterman was born on June 8, 1967. He is currently 54 years old and will turn 55 years old in June 2022.

Childhood And Education

Dan Futterman was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, and was brought up in Larchmont, New York. His family life revolved around his parents and three siblings. Since his parents, Stanley Futterman and Linda Lee Roth, were both intellectuals, Dan Futterman was also encouraged to become an intellectual. He attended Mamaroneck High School before going to Columbia University. After this, he started working as a stage actor and also worked on Broadway.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dan Futterman’s partner?

Dan Futterman is married to a screenwriter named Anya Epstein. The couple has two daughters together, named Eve Futterman and Sylvie Futterman.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dan Futterman is best known for playing the central character of Val in a comedy project named 'The Birdcage'. This was also his breakout role.
He got his first film role in 1991 and has been working as an actor ever since. Futterman is also famous for playing the role of Vincent Gray in CBS drama series, 'Judging Army.
Dan Futterman has also written the film script for a movie based on a novel. For his screenplay of 'Capote', Dan Futterman was nominated for an Academy Award.

What awards has Dan Futterman won?

Dan Futterman has won many awards. Some of them include the Boston Society of Film Critics Award, the Los Angeles Film Critics Award, and the Independent Spirit Award.

Other Interesting Dan Futterman Facts And Trivia

Dan Futterman became famous by playing the role of Vincent Gray in a CBS drama series named 'Judging Army'.
Before this, Dan Futterman was also famous for playing the role of Val in a show named 'The Birdcage'.
In 'The Birdcage', he played the role of a straight son raised by gay parents. This comedy show is considered to be Dan Futterman's big breakout role.
Dan Futterman is also famous for making frequent guest appearances on primetime television shows.
He worked in a recent film alongside Angelina Jolie.
He attended the coveted Columbia University.
Dan Futterman has been nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Adopted Screenplay.
He was recently all set to be the executive producer and writer for a show based on the radio show, 'This American Life'.

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Dan Futterman Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Daniel Futterman

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Place of Birth

Silver Spring



175 cm


Actor, screenwriter


Columbia University

Net Worth



Anya Epstein


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