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Dan Rather began his journalism career even before graduating college, by working as a reporter for press and TV channels since 1950.
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About Dan Rather

Daniel Irvin Rather Jr., popularly known as Dan Rather, is an American journalist and a former anchor for 'CBS Evening News', from 1981-2005.

Dan Rather began his career as a journalist in Texas, even before earning a degree in Journalism. He eventually went on to become a national name, especially after his coverage of Hurricane Carla in September 1961, which helped save thousands of lives.

Dan began as a reporter with 'Associated Press' in Houston, in 1950. He then worked with 'United Press', 'Houston Chronicle', and various Texas radio stations, over the next two years. After graduation, he worked as a sports announcer and started his television career in 1959 as a reporter with an ABC news affiliated channel, KTRK-TV, in Houston. He was then promoted to director of CBS affiliated channel, KHOU-TV.

It was in 1961, while working with KHOU-TV, that Dan covered Hurricane Carla from the National Weather Center in Galveston. His reporting and sizing of the hurricane for the audience, earned him national fame and helped save more than 350,000 people. After this, Dan left for New York City in 1962, for initiation at CBS and was eventually made the chief of the channel's southwest bureau in Dallas, followed by New Orleans in 1963.

Dan was one of the first reporters to cover the assassination of John F. Kennedy and his coverage prompted CBS News promote him to White House Correspondent. After this, he was sent to London in 1965, as the channel's foreign correspondent, and then to cover the Vietnam War in 1966. In 1974, Dan was assigned the role of chief correspondent for 'CBS Reports', a documentary series, and in 1975, a correspondent for '60 Minutes', a Sunday news show. After successful reporting for the news show, Dan succeed Walter Cronkite as Managing Editor and anchor for 'CBS Evening News' and made his first broadcast in 1981.

Dan raised controversy in 2004 when he ran a report about the Vice President and Presidential nominee, George W. Bush, getting preferential treatment during his time in the Texas Air National Guard. However, there was no credibility to it. It was then that CBS News fired several members, retaining Dan until his contract expiration date, when he eventually left his anchor desk in 2005.

After retiring from 'CBS Evening News', Dan joined AXS TV, as a producer and host of 'Dan Rather Reports', which was on the air from 2006-2013. Additionally, Dan has also produced documentaries, in particular, about the US mental health system, the US Secret Service, and international adoption.

Dan is also an author of over nine books, including an autobiography titled 'Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News', which was published in 2012. Since 2016, he has been hosting an hour-long weekly radio program on Sirius XM, called 'Dan Rather's America', and a weekly 30-minute newscast, called 'The News with Dan Rather'.

Dan Rather's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dan Rather’s net worth?

Dan Rather's net worth is estimated to be over $70 million and he is known to be one of the richest journalists in the United States.

How much does Dan Rather earn per year?

Dan Rather was known to earn over $6 million per year while working with CBS. His current annual earnings are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dan Rather?

Dan Rather is 5 ft 8 in (187 cm) tall.

How old is Dan Rather?

Dan Rather was born on October 31, 1931. He is currently 90 years old and will turn 91 in October 2022.

Childhood And Education

Dan Rather was born on October 31, 1931, in Wharton, Texas, to mother, Byrl Veda Page and father, Daniel Irvin Rather Sr, the son of a pipe layer and ditch digger. The family eventually moved to Houston while Dan was still a child. Dan spent his early life in Houston and attended Lovett Elementary School and Hamilton Middle School, eventually graduating from John H. Reagan High School, in 1950.

Dan then went on to Sam Houston State University, in Huntsville, Texas, and gained a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. As a college student, he was the editor of the university's newspaper, 'The Houstonian', and a member of Caballeros, the founding team of his fraternity, Sigma Chi. Dan also worked part-time for KSAM-FM radio, anchoring football games for junior, high school, and Sam Houston State University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dan Rather’s partner?

Dan Rather married his wife, Jean Goebel, in 1957. The couple has a daughter, Robin, who is an environmentalist and community activist, working in Austin, Texas, and a son, Danjack, who is an assistant district attorney with the New York District Attorney's office in Manhattan, New York.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dan Rather is best known for hosting 'CBS Evening News' and covering issues such as the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal, and interviewing Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. He was popular for his analogies and descriptions during broadcasts called 'Ratherisms'. His work has been revered and studied by the Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas.

Charity Work

Dan Rather, as a columnist and journalist, has regularly spoken about corporations and governments' attempts to influence journalism. He has spoken in many conferences and charity events working towards free speech and has criticized news organizations and encouraged them to create 'good and valuable news'.

He has also assisted his alma mater by donating $200 million, the largest donation in the university's history, to encourage scholarships and programs on communications. Dan has also worked towards promoting internships and other avenues, to encourage journalism as well as scholarships for underprivileged and marginalized students.

What awards has Dan Rather won?

Dan Rather has won various Peabody Awards, which honor stories on television, radio, and online media that are invigorating, powerful, and enlightening. He won the Emmys Trustees Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. Dan has also been inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, in 2004 and is also the 2001 recipient of The Golden Plate Award, by the American Academy of Achievement.

Dan has also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, by Siena College in New York, for his lifelong contributions to journalism.

Dan Rather’s Hobbies And Interests

Dan has an interest in being up to date with the news and sharing his ideas about journalist integrity and other things, with his fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Other Interesting Dan Rather Facts And Trivia'

Dan got interested in journalism by watching his father read the news. He would love to listen to the radio as a child and follow current events with immense enthusiasm.

The 2015 film, 'Truth', starring Robert Redford, was based on Dan Rather's report on George W. Bush and his subsequent retirement from CBS.
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Dan Rather Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Daniel Irvin Rather Jr.

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178 cm

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Sam Houston State University

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Jean Goebel


Daniel Irvin Rather Jr., Byrl Veda Page


Donals Eugene, Patricia

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