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Daniel Jacobs is a two-time middleweight champion.
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About Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs is a former two-times middleweight title champion that hales from Brooklyn.
He's best known for his knockouts. He has really good statistics, with a total of 37 wins to just four losses.
Sadly, his stats did not mean much to cancer. But without wavering, he won that battle too and made a blazing return. He began as an amateur boxer and won the Junior Olympics. During his professional boxing career, he has fought reputed boxers like Jose Jesus Hurtado, who he fought in his first pro match against. Continue reading to learn about his net worth, birthday, career, and personal life.

Daniel Jacobs' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Daniel Jacobs' net worth?

Daniel Jacobs has become a noteworthy boxer. He has proved himself on multiple occasions that he is worthy of all the praise. His professional boxing career is what brought him all the wealth he has today. Daniel has an estimated net worth of a whopping $10 million.

How much does Daniel Jacobs earn per year?

There is no information available anywhere about how much the boxer earns per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Daniel Jacobs?

Daniel Jacobs has a height of 5 ft 9 in (182 cm). He fights in the middleweight category. The middleweight category is between 154-160 lbs. However, Jacobs also fought in the welterweight category in the under-19 division when he was younger. For this division, the weight range is between 140-147 lbs.

How old is Daniel Jacobs?

Daniel Jacobs was born in Brooklyn on February 03, 1987. He is now 31 years old.

Childhood And Education

He grew up in Brooklyn and New York City. He attended Erasmus High School, which is in New York City. Singers Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand studied in Erasmus High School too. Other than this, there's not much he has shared openly about his childhood.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who are Daniel Jacobs's parents?

Daniel Jacobs' mother is Yvette Jacobs. The name of his father still remains a mystery to the public. Daniel Jacobs was largely brought up in a matriarchal family by his mom Yvette Jacobs, his grandmother Cordelia Jacobs and his aunts.

Who is Daniel Jacobs dating?

Daniel Jacobs dated Natalie Stevens for a long time in the 2000s. They have a child together, who the couple welcomed in 2008. Their son's name is Nathaniel Jacobs. But the two parted ways shortly after.
In 2021, he started dating shoe designer and businesswoman Angela Simmons.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Daniel Jacobs's Twitter bio says that he is a two-time middleweight title winner, cancer survivor, and philanthropist.
He began as an amateur boxer. He had 137 wins to 7 losses. In 2003 he won the Junior Olympics National match. He has two PAL championships that he won in 2004 and 2005. He also won the 2004 US National Championship in the under-19 division and the National Golden Glove welterweight championship. He won the US Amateur middleweight championship against Shawn Porter two years later. He even almost made it to the 2008 Summer Olympics but faced a loss to Mexican-American boxer Shawn Estrada.
Daniel Jacobs entered pro boxing in 2007. He won his very first match against Jose Jesus Hurtado by knocking him out in the first round in just 29 seconds. He signed with the firm Golden Boy Promotions. Daniel Jacobs was one of the most sought-out players. In boxing, they called such players 'Blue-Chip Prospects.' In 2009 he replaced boxer James Kirkland in a match against Mike Walker, who was walking proud after winning the two-time world title challenger Antwun Echols. Jacobs's match took place in Las Vegas, and he won. His first loss in his professional career was to Dmitry Pirog. After this loss, he went on to win the next two matches.
This was when he was left paralyzed one morning because of cancer, more specifically, bone cancer. He was rushed to New York-Presbyterian, where the doctors operated and removed the tumor in his body.
After returning in 2012, he won in the first round with a knockout in the first match. In 2014 Daniel Jacobs won the WBA (regular) middleweight title. He went on to win many matches. Did you know? The one match he requested was to fight against Peter Quillin. He only got his chance in December 2015, when he took him out by a total knockout in the first round. Daniel Jacobs went on to win many boxers like Giovanni Lorenzo and Luis Arias. Amazingly, he continues to fight even now.

Charity Work

He founded Get In The Ring Foundation. It aims to provide support and care for children who are suffering from bullying, cancer, and obesity. After his personal experience with bone cancer, he hopes to reach out to as many children as possible and has made this happen by joining hands with health providers. He teaches them boxing. He says people often see him as a symbol of hope and inspiration.

What awards has Daniel Jacobs won?

Daniel Jacobs is the winner of the middleweight title twice over. He has also won the Golden Gloves middleweight championship four times during his amateur boxing career. In August 2014, a year after his return from beating cancer, Daniel won the World Middleweight Championship title. This was a big accomplishment for him as he was told he'd never be able to return to boxing due to his bone cancer (osteosarcoma).

Other Interesting Daniel Jacobs Facts And Trivia

  • Did you know? Daniel Jacobs took 19 months to recover from all the surgery-related complications but never gave up on his dream.
  • He's most known for his power-packed punches with an 82.8% knockout winning ratio.
  • In his professional career, out of 41 matches, he has won 37 times, and of those, 30 were by complete knockouts.
  • His nicknames are 'Miracle Man' and 'The Golden Child' because he returned to professional boxing, beating all odds of cancer and surgery.
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Daniel Jacobs Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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