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About Daniela Nieves

Daniela Nieves is a popular Nickelodeon Spanish actress.
Daniela Nieves is very popular for her role as Andi Cruz in the series 'Every Witch Way.' Nieves has also known for playing a part in ‘WITS Academy.’
Born on July 4, 1997, in Venezuela, Nieves is an actress. She is very popular for her recurring characters in various Spanish and English series, especially in the Nickelodeon shows as Andi Cruz and later in 'WITS Academy.' However, Daniela started as a child actress for many shows. Daniela is referred to as a jokester on her sets. Nieves' star sign is Cancer.
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Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Daniela Nieves’ net worth?

Daniela earned most of her net worth from her acting career. Daniela owns a fortune of money, around $1 million.

How much does Daniela Nieves earn per year?

Nieves worked on multiple acting projects every year and worked on various series. Besides being an actress, Daniela has made several public appearances. Nieves earned a fortune. Yet it isn't easy to estimate her yearly income as she has worked on different projects at different pay scales. But it is safe to say that Nieves is doing very well for herself.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Daniela Nieves?

Daniela Nieves is nearly 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) tall.

How old is Daniela Nieves?

Daniela Nieves was born on July 4, 1997, in Venezuela. Nieves will celebrate her 25th birthday in 2022 with her family, with whom she is very close.

Childhood And Education

On July 4, 1997, Daniela Nieves was born in Venezuela but moved when she was four months old to the United States of America. Currently, there is no information available on her parents, but she has an elder sibling. Daniela Nieves is very close to his brother, Dani Nieves, and usually posts her pictures on her social media handles.
Daniela was a Buffalo Gap High School graduate in Swoope, Virginia.
Daniela Nieves shared a photograph of her brother on Instagram in December 2017 when he graduated from Florida International University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Daniela Nieves dating?

Daniela Nieves's dating status is not available for her audience right now. But media has speculated that she is involved with Tyler Perez based on her posts on Instagram with her colleague.
Tyler Perez is a well-known professional in the entertainment sector and is very active as a singer. Both Daniela Nieves and Tyler Perez like to keep their personal life private and don't like to make any public statements even if they have known each other for a long time.
This is just a media speculation, and we guess people will only find out when Daniela Nieves is ready to tell people publicly about her relationship status.
Daniela Nieves does not have any children.
Also, there has been no account of any past relationships with Daniela Nieves for her audience. She has kept her personal life private.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Daniela Nieves started working as a child actress in 2006 when she was nine years old. This was for only one episode for a hit Spanish Columbian series named 'La Viuda de Blanco.' Daniela Nieves played the role of Patricia Giraldo.
Later in 2008, she earned her place in Spanish language shows and got a recurring role as Adriana Montiel for a TV series named 'El Rostro de Analia' and continued to do so for 109 episodes.
Daniela Nieves got her lead role in a show for Nickelodeon named 'Every Witch Way.' It was a teen sitcom in 2014, and the character's name was Andi Cruz. The show ended in 2015, and Daniela Nieves continued last for the entire season as Andi Cruz on Nickelodeon.
Later Daniela Nieves announced in July 2015 also on Nickelodeon a spin-off series named ‘WITS Academy.’
In 'WITS Academy,' Daniela Nieves played the lead role named Emma Alonso.
Emma Alonso is a guardian at the academy for training witches and wizards.
Daniela Nieves has made many guest appearances in 2011 and 2014 for shows like 'Una Maid en Manhattan' and ‘Mi Corazon es tuyo.’
'Una Maid en Manhattan' was a top-rated show.
Daniela Nieves reprised her character in 2014 as Andi Cruz in 'Every Witch Way: Spellbound,' a telefilm.
Later, Daniela Nieves appeared in the crossover episode for another sitcom named 'Every Witch Lola's' in the year 2014.
In 2015, Daniela Nieves was part of ‘Talia In The Kitchen.’
Daniela Nieves also made a guest appearance in 2018 for 'Lethal Weapon.' Daniela played the role of Charlotte in the crime drama for the TV series.
Daniela Nieves is also part of 'Five Points,' which is a teen drama web series on Facebook Watch. Daniela works in a recurring role of Ananda.
Nieves was part of 'Every Witch Way' with her cast members and good friends Paola Andino, Denisea Wilson, and Tyler Alvarez. Their characters' names are Emma, Katie, and Diego, respectively. All of them share a beautiful bond together.
In 'Every Witch Way,' Andi Cruz had frizzy hair with a purple streak for the first season and straight brown hair with another purple streak in the second. Later in 'WITs Academy,' Daniela Nieves decided to continue with the protagonist character but kept the hair light-colored this time.
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