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About Danny Duncan

Do you know who Danny Duncan is?
If not, you're in for a treat. Danny Duncan is one of the most interesting and unique YouTubers on the Internet.
He is known for his hilarious videos and off-the-wall antics. In this, we will discuss some of the most interesting Danny Duncan facts. We guarantee that you will be entertained! Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 1992, in Englewood of Florida. He spent most of his childhood with his family. He went to Lemon Bay High School in Englewood for his graduation. Danny Duncan is today a famous YouTuber, Internet icon, and known for his prank videos. His YouTube channel has around six million subscribers eagerly waiting for his YouTube videos.
Right after graduation, Danny got a job at the local Walgreens, but he soon left his post. His YouTube career started in 2014, just sometime after he left his job. Danny Duncan started by posting small and precise comical videos and they were anything like how to fix injuries for skaters or some skateboarding tricks to learn on his YouTube channel. He grew steadily, but in 2016, he started posting comical content and prank videos which increased his subscribers exponentially. Not just YouTube, Danny Duncan also posts some astonishing content on his other social media pages and has a lot of fans all over. Danny's video called 'Falling With 30,000 Pennies' which was posted in 2016 on his YouTube channel has over 30 million views today. He has many other videos with millions of views and that makes him one of the most popular YouTube personality and social media influencers today.
Danny Duncan wants to be a successful actor in the future and he believes that his videos on his YouTube channel will help him be recognized by the masses. He collaborated with Killer Merch to launch his own clothing line in 2019. Killer Merch has been a popular company used by many American celebrities to handle their operations. With his own clothing line, YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, regular ads and collaborations, and sales of merchandise, Danny Duncan is surely on his way to being more popular in the future. The aspiring actor is already well established in the world of social media.
Danny Duncan today lives in Los Angeles, California. He lives in a luxury home that he purchased in 2019 for $3.5 million. The luxury house is located in prime Beverly Grove, which is near West Hollywood.
It is not every day that you get to learn about an aspiring actor who is already making waves in the social media world, entertaining fans and critics alike with his brilliant tutorial videos as well as prank videos. He is a proper sketch comedian, an actor, as well as a vlogger who has done brilliantly these past few years and has the potential to do more in the coming future.
Learn more about this Youtuber from the US in the topics ahead.

Danny Duncan Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Danny Duncan’s net worth?

Danny Duncan is a popular YouTuber and it is believed that his net worth is around $7 million. From his YouTube channel itself, he earns a lot of money from endorsements and advertisements. He also collaborates often which leads to more revenue. His other social media accounts also have a lot of followers and he gets endorsements from them also. Most of his income comes from YouTube and views. He also has his own clothing line, which is an added revenue source. Danny Duncan also sells merchandise on his YouTube channel.

How much does Danny Duncan earn per year?

Although his annual income is not known, Danny Duncan is one of the most well-paid influencers in the world today. The YouTuber has a huge net worth and that means his annual income is also high.
It is estimated that just with the ads on his YouTube videos, he earns about $2000 daily.
Danny Duncan has also started getting a few roles in movies and TV shows. Danny started his career as a simple team member at Walgreens and today he is rich with his YouTube channel. Duncan in 2017, launched his own merchandise under the name of Virginity Rocks. He even went on a tour nationwide next year to aware people of his brand. The tour started in Los Angeles and finished in Chicago. You can check out his merchandise on his official website or his social media platforms.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).

How old is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 1992, in Englewood of Florida. As of January 2022, Danny is 29 years old.

Childhood And Education

On July 27, 1992, Danny Duncan was born in Englewood, Florida in the United States. Danny is the son of Susan Duncan. It was not a steady flow of childhood for Danny Duncan as his parents got separated when he was very young. Danny is also survived by a sister and a half-brother. His name is Matthew. Danny completed his high school education at Lemon Bay High School.
Soon after his high school graduation, Danny went on to work at Walgreens but soon left the job to start training under Jason Lee. Jason suggested that Danny should become an actor. Danny decided that the best way to go forward is YouTube and he began his social media career in 2014.
Danny was raised by a single mother and it was her struggles that motivated him to work harder by the day and create his own YouTube channel. With his earnings from YouTube, he even bought his mother a house and posted the video with the title 'Surprising My Mom With A New House!'.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Danny Duncan dating?

There is no information about who Danny Duncan is dating currently. He is possibly single.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Danny started his social media career in 2014. On March 6, he started his journey and posted videos about skateboarding and fixing ankle injuries. During the time, he was also discovered by actor Jason Lee. Jason was also a skateboarder earlier. Jason recommended Duncan try acting. It was he who asked Danny to build his YouTube base to get famous. Thus began Danny's journey to becoming one of the most popular YouTubers today. By 2016, Danny started getting more and more recognition and his video 'Falling With 30,000 Pennies' posted on June 6, 2016, went viral.
He also uses his family in the prank videos he posts.
Virginity Rocks is his own merchandise brand which he launched in 2017.
He is known for his comic videos and prank videos. Some of his most-viewed videos are 'Falling With 30,000 Pennies', 'Danny Duncan/Best Of 2019', 'Danny Duncan/Best Of 2018', 'Surprising My Sister With A New Car!', 'Grocery Shopping With Danny Duncan 4', and many others.

Charity Work

Danny has tried to do a lot for the masses. Near Christmas, Danny gifted many people $2500. Danny even gifted a woman a new car but he broke down at the moment. Danny also visited the office of the Charlotte County Sheriff to make a YouTube video in December 2020. They pulled over some cars on the road to help them with gifts.
Danny had earlier also helped a family with three months of rent and bought a Charros food truck for the teenager to start his business.

Other Interesting Danny Duncan Facts And Trivia

  • There was a fight scheduled in 'YouTubers vs. TikTokers'. It was a white-collar amateur boxing event in 2021. The fight was the battle between social media influencers to find out the best among them. Eventually, YouTubers won the fight.
  • Some famous people who appeared in the fight were FaZe Jarvis, Deji, Vinnie Hacker, Nate Wyatt, Tayler Holder, Michael Le, and DDG.
  • Danny was set to appear too. By just joining the fight, Danny was to make millions, however, he left and was replaced by Ryan Johnston.
  • As of April 2022, his growing YouTube channel has a total of 1,432,021,654 views.
  • His 93 ac (37.6 ha) property cost $3.69 million.

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Danny Duncan Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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