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Known for working with Dolce and Gabbana, David Gandy is one of the English models born in England.
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About David Gandy

David James Gandy is a British model who has been in the industry for over 15 years.
With his chiseled jawline and piercing blue eyes, Gandy has become one of the most coveted male models in the world.
He is known for his work with Dolce and Gabbana, as well as his appearances in magazines such as Vogue and Men's Health.
Gandy has also dabbled in acting, featured in films such as 'Away We Stay,' a promotional movie with Helena Christensen, and 'David Gandy's Goodnight,' a fashion film released by a British shoe label, Bionda Castana.
Gandy is also an advocate for Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and has fronted a number of campaigns to raise awareness for the cause.
In 2012, Gandy launched his own menswear line called David Gandy for Autograph. The line is available exclusively at Marks and Spencer.
In 2013, Gandy was named one of the 100 most influential people in Britain by Britain GQ. He was also listed on the Evening Standard's list of London's 1,000 Most Influential People in 2011 and 2012.
David Gandy is undoubtedly one of the most successful male models of our time. With his good looks and great work ethic, there's no doubt that David Gandy is a force to be reckoned with.

David Gandy's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is David Gandy's net worth?

Gandy has an estimated net worth of around $16-20 million. He has earned his fortune through his successful modeling career and his various business ventures. These include an underwear line, a tailoring range, and a fragrance collection.

How much does David Gandy earn per year?

While David Gandy's annual income is unestimated, he is known to have earned his wealth mainly through his modeling career. He has modeled for several fashion shows and magazine covers. In addition to being a successful model, Gandy has also ventured into business. In 2011, he launched a range of underwear with British clothing retailer Marks & Spencer. The line was so successful that it became one of the most significant selling items in the history of the store. In 2014, he launched his own tailoring range with the Australian menswear label R.M. Williams. The collection was very well received and led to Gandy being appointed as the creative director of the brand. He is also an active philanthropist, working with a number of charities and causes.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is David Gandy?

David Gandy is approximately 6 ft 2 in (191 cm) tall and has a slim build. He is a British model with blue eyes and dark hair. He is considered to be one of the world's sexiest men alive by People magazine.

How old is David Gandy?

David Gandy is 41-years-old, as of 2021. On February 19, 1980, he was born in Billericay, Essex, England.

Childhood And Education

On February 19, 1980, David Gandy was born in Billericay, Essex, England. He is the son of Christopher A. Gandy, his father, and Brenda Janet Gandy, his mother. He is known to have a sibling named Claire Gandy, his sister. Gandy attended Sunnymede Junior School and the Billericay High School in Billericay before going on to study multimedia marketing at the University of Gloucestershire. However, he dropped out after one semester to pursue his modeling career. While he aspired to be a veterinarian, he started his career by working in the advertising industry since his grades did not do justice to his aspirations.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Gandy's partner?

David Gandy's partner is barrister Stephanie Mendoros. While no reports confirm their marriage, they have been known as the inseparable couple and are also parents to two daughters, Matilda and Tabitha, and a lovely pup, Dora. The couple has set some major love goals.

Who is David Gandy's family?

David Gandy is the son of Christopher A. Gandy and Brenda Janet Gandy. He has one sister, Claire Gandy. As of now, he is married to barrister Stephanie Mendoros, and the couple is known to have two daughters, Matilda and Tabitha. David Gandy is also known to have a cute dog named Dora. She is a little Yorkie terrier, known to be his rescue pup.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

David Gandy started his career as a model while attending the University of Gloucestershire. Gandy has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana and fashion houses such as Zara, Russell and Bromley, 7 For All Mankind, Gant U.S.A., H&M, Marks and Spencer, Hugo Boss, and Dolce and Gabbana. He has been the face of D&G's Light Blue fragrance campaign since 2006. In 2013, he was chosen as one of British GQ's 100 Most Influential Men in Britain. As well as appearing in mainstream magazines such as Vogue, David Gandy has modeled for many styles and fashion publications such as Glamour magazine, Vogue, British GQ, and Evening standards. Also, he is known to have released 'Escapism,' a short film with Jaguar featuring Gandy's driving models.

Charity Work

David Gandy is also an active philanthropist, working with a number of charity works and causes. He is a patron of the Blue Marine Foundation, an organization that works to protect the world's oceans. He is also the brand ambassador for the British Fashion Council's Save the Children charity initiative. In 2016, Gandy was appointed as a trustee of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. He has also fronted campaigns for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, an organization that works to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer.

What awards has David Gandy won?

While David Gandy may not have received several awards, he has been recognized by several fashion publications. Gandy has been a perfectionist around all his niches, from acing the fashion show to working for charities and various social causes. He has been nominated for several modeling awards. Also, he has been named the sexiest man in the world and one of the most influential men. However, he has not just been appreciated for his good looks but also for his amazing work ethic and dedication to everything he does.
David Gandy has won numerous awards for his modeling work, including the prestigious Model of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards in 2010. He has also been named one of the world's sexiest men by magazines such as People and GQ.

David Gandy's Hobbies And Interests

Gandy is an avid collector of vintage cars and has a passion for gardening. He also enjoys cooking and has written a column for British Vogue. Gandy enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing with his dog, Dora, in his free time. Also, Gandy has used his platform to launch a number of successful businesses, including an underwear line and a fragrance collection. He is also an active philanthropist, working with a number of charities and causes. David writes a column for British Vogue and is a contributing editor for British GQ.

Other Interesting David Gandy Facts And Trivia

While he aspired to be a veterinarian, David Gandy worked in the advertising industry before becoming a model.
He then won a televised model-search competition in 2001 and went on to have a successful modeling career and gathered love and fame from fans across the world.
He has since ventured into business, launching his own underwear and tailoring ranges.
He is also an active philanthropist, doing charity work and helping needy people.
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David Gandy Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Billericay, Essex



191 cm

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Stephanie Mendoros.


Brenda Gandy, Chris Gandy


Claire Gandy
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