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David Gregory is a well-known television personality. Learn more about his birthday and net worth.
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About David Gregory

David Gregory is a television journalist and political analyst.
David Gregory has been the host of 'Meet The Press,' the talk show on 'Sunday Mornings' on NBC News. He has been a political analyst on CNN since 2016.
David Michael Gregory was born in August 1970 and spent most of his childhood in various parts of Los Angeles. He has worked as a White House correspondent and is also the former moderator of the NBC show 'Meet The Press.' Gregory has covered the Presidential elections in 2008 and is a seasoned political analyst. In his journalistic career of about 25 years, David Gregory came to be known as one of the toughest questioners of the press corps.
David Gregory has a degree in International Studies and is married to a corporate secretary and former federal prosecutor. He has three children and lives with his family in Washington DC.
Please continue reading to learn more about David Gregory, including information about his career as a journalist, personal life, and net worth.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is David Gregory’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of David Gregory is about $12 million.

How much does David Gregory earn per year?

David Gregory earns about $82,210 in a year. Most of his monthly income is from his work as a political analyst for CNN.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Gregory?

David Gregory is an American television host who is about 6 ft 5 in (195 cm) in height.

How old is David Gregory?

Born in August 1970, David Gregory is 51-years-old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

The parents of David Michael Gregory are Don Gregory and Carolyn Fitzpatrick. His father worked as a movie and theatre producer, while his mother worked as an account manager. David Gregory was born on August 24, 1970, in the Tarzana locality of Los Angeles, California. It is not known whether he had any siblings. He spent most of his childhood in the Van Nuys and Encino areas of Los Angeles, California.
David Gregory studied at a public school in Lake Balboa, Los Angeles, known as Birmingham High School.
After completing his education at Birmingham High School, David Gregory enrolled in the American University, Washington D.C. In 1992 he graduated there with a degree in international studies.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Gregory’s partner?

In 2000, David Gregory married Beth Wilkinson, a federal prosecutor and corporate secretary. The couple met when Beth Wilkinson worked as a lawyer on the Hilary Clinton email scandal, and David Gregory was reporting on the Oklahoma City bombings. The names of their three children are Jed Gregory, Ava Gregory, and Max Gregory.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

David Gregory's passion for journalism started while he was still in college. While in college, he worked at ATV, American University Television, the campus TV station.
He then went on to work as a reporter during the summer at news channels in Arizona and California.
In 2000 he was assigned to the press corps by NBC to cover the campaign of George W. Bush. He then went on to become the NBC correspondent at the White House. He has covered the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and was with President Bush when he visited Ground Zero for the first time after the terror attacks of September 11.
Between 2003 and 2014, David Gregory filled in for Lester Holt on Weekend Today, a news and talk program on NBC.
Other programs that David Gregory worked on during this time were Today, Crosstalk NBC, and Newsfront. He also anchored Weekend Nightly News on the NBC News Channel and NBC Nightly News.
In 2008 he hosted Race For The White House on MSNBC during the Presidential Election. This show later came to be known as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Also, in this same year, David Gregory became the moderator on Meet The Press, a Sunday morning news show on NBC. This is one of the longest-running programs on television in the United States. However, due to a drop in ratings, David Gregory was replaced.
He was also the guest host for a program on MSNBC. This program could also be heard on WFAN, a commercial radio station, and was called ‘Gregory Live.’
In 2016 he became a political commentator for CNN during the Presidential Election.
This political analyst has also stirred up quite a few controversies. In 2013, he asked Glenn Greenwald a question about his involvement with Edward Snowden. This itself became a big news story with many known news personalities, including Frank Rich, an opinion columnist, commenting on it.
Another controversy was when in 2009, Ana Marie Cox of The Daily Beast used the name of David Gregory as a comparison or metaphor. She stated that the then-President Barack Obama had not found 'a David Gregory,' which could be someone who is focused on news or someone who is superficial.
In August 2014, an announcement by NBC stated that David Gregory would be leaving the network and Chuck Todd, a television journalist, would take up his role as a television host.
According to his social media accounts, David Gregory is now a lecturer in the Department of Journalism at Georgetown University. He is also listed as a faculty member of the American University, Washington D.C.

What awards has David Gregory won?

Although David Gregory has not won any significant award, he was named the Best White House Correspondent by the Media Research Center, a content and media watchdog in the United States of America.
The August 17, 2014 show of Meet the Press hosted by Andrea Mitchell acknowledged David Gregory's contribution to the NBC News network and programs.

David Gregory’s Hobbies And Interests

Among his hobbies and interests, David Gregory enjoys watching sports and is said to be a fan of baseball. Steve Garvey of the Los Angeles Dodgers is his favorite player and childhood hero.

Other Interesting David Gregory Facts And Trivia

  • In September 2015, 'How's Your Faith?', a book written by David Gregory, was released. The Wall Street Journal reviewed this book very positively. This book describes Gregory's spiritual journey as he came from an interfaith family.
  • At the time of his 30th birthday, David Gregory was covering the election campaign of George W. Bush. So, Bush had a party for him on the plane used for the campaign. This party had a cake, shimmering lights and overall was a grand celebration.
  • David Gregory has been said to be an outstanding dancer. In 2012 he was seen dancing on the Today Show when the singer Cee Lo Green performed.
  • Also, he has danced with PSY at the Toyota Concert Series by Today.
  • David Gregory was also given the nickname Dancing Man by George W Bush when he covered the presidential campaign in 2000.
  • Other artists that he seems to enjoy are Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown.

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David Gregory Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

David Michael Gregory

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Los Angeles



195 cm

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Tv Host

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Beth Wilkinson


Don Gregory , Carolyn Fitzpatrick
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