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David Guetta is a French DJ famous for his biggest and rocking singles 'Titanium' and 'Sexy Chick.'
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About David Guetta

David Guetta (Pierre David Guetta) has more than 50 million record sales and 10 billion streams globally.
He is not only a DJ and singer but also a record producer and music programmer. He collaborated with several famous artists like Chris Willis, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne.
David Guetta is a DJ, songwriter, record producer, and programmer. He plays the genres like Electronic Dance Music (EDM), house, and dance pop in his songs. He worked with 13 music record labels, namely Big Beat, Virgin, Capitol, Ultra, EMI, and Parlophone.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is David Guetta’s net worth?

David Guetta's net worth is estimated to be around $90 million.

How much does David Guetta earn per year?

According to Forbes, David Guetta annually earn a whopping amount of $30 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Guetta?

The height of David Guetta is 5 ft 9 in (176 cm).

How old is David Guetta?

David Guetta is 54-years-old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

David Guetta was born on 7th November 1967 in Paris, France. His father, Pierre Guetta, was a sociologist of Moroccan Jewish descent, and his mother, Monique, was born in a Belgian family. He had a keen interest in music from childhood.
His half-brother Bernard Guetta is a well-known French journalist and his half-sister Nathalie Guetta is a French actress. Both are elder to him. He attended Paris Nanterre University, Nanterre, France.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Guetta dating?

In 1992, David Guetta married Cathy Lobe, a former French nightclub manager. The couple is blessed with two children. Their son was named Tim Elvis Eric (2004), and their daughter was named Angie (2007).
In 2014, David Guetta and Cathy Lobe got divorced. As per sources, David Guetta has been dating model Jessica Ledon since 2015. He always keeps his personal life private and away from the media.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

David Guetta is best known for having composed seven studio albums, 11 compilation albums, 42 music videos, 3 EPs, 88 singles, and 11 promotional singles throughout his music career.
His seven studio albums are namely 'Just A Little More Love' (2002), 'Pop Life' (2007), 'Guetta Blaster' (2004), 'One Love' (2009), 'Nothing But The Beat' (2011), 'Listen' (2014), and '7' (2018).
In 2002, he released his debut album titled 'Just A Little More Love.' This studio album received positive reviews, with more than 3 million copies sold worldwide.
David Guetta released his fourth studio album titled 'One Love' in 2009. This album was initially released in the United States through Virgin Records. Later, after the international release, it became a commercial success with over 3 million copies worldwide. The album included hit singles like ‘When Love Takes Over’. 'When Love Takes Over,' the biggest hit single, was nominated and won several awards.
He did guest appearances along with several performing artists. He was featured in 'Everything Wonderful' from 'The Beginning' (2010) album and Afrojack in 'Something For The DJs' from 'Planet Pit' album (2011). In 2018, he was featured along with Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Danny Ocean in 'Voodoo' in the 'Global Citizen EP' album.

Charity Work

In April 2020, David Guetta performed several DJs across the globe for the charity in Miami. He collected more than $700,000 in funds provided by several organizations. In 2021, he announced his NFT collaboration with UNICEF for the charity in Miami. These funds will be used to feed hungry Americans.

What awards has David Guetta won?

David Guetta has won around 20 awards throughout his career. In 2007, he received his first award Best DJ International. He received the same award for the following two years.
He won two Grammy Awards for his singles 'When Love Takes Over' (2010) and 'Revolver' (2011) in Best Remixed Recording and Non-Classical categories.
He received several awards for his fourth studio album, titled 'One Love,' including NRJ Music Award (2009), Hungarian Music Award (2010), and IFPI Middle East Award (2011).

David Guetta’s Hobbies And Interests

David Guetta loved singing and playing music from his childhood. Initially, he used to play only dance music, but later, he became interested in house music.

Other Interesting David Guetta Facts And Trivia

  • Born in Paris, located in France, David Guetta holds French nationality.
  • From 2006 to 2018, David Guetta was nominated over 19 times for DJ awards under four categories, namely Best DJ International, Best House DJ, Best Electro House, and Best Big Room House DJ.
  • From 2006 to 2012, he was nominated more than six times for Grammy Awards.
  • His second studio album, Guetta Blaster' was released in June 2004. In 2007, he released his third studio album named ‘Pop Life.’
  • In 2011, he released his fifth album named 'Nothing But The Beat.' David Guetta released his sixth studio album titled 'Listen' in 2014.
  • In 2018, his seventh studio album, '7' was released with mixed and more positive reviews. In the same year, his song 'Flames' became a super hit, being the most-played radio song in Europe.
  • In 2016, David Guetta was not only the official music ambassador for UEFA Euro but also composed the official song titled 'This One's For You' dedicated to the tournament.
  • In June 2021, he had signed a deal and sold his music catalog to Warner Music with a whopping amount of $100 million.

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David Guetta Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Pierre David Guetta

Date of Birth




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176 cm

Eye Color

Hazel Green

Child Star?



French DJ, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Music Programmer

Net Worth



Pierre Guetta, Monique


Bernard Guettan , Nathalie Guetta
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