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David Gulpilil is a famous actor and dancer. Learn more about his birthday and net worth.
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About David Gulpilil

David Gulpilil has acted in several movies since the 1960s and has been a splendid dancer.
David Gulpilil is also known as David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu. He is a famous actor popularly known for his role in ‘Walkabout.’
He spent his young days in the Australian bush; David Gulpilil also has a documentary on his life. He was born to Australian parents in Arnhem Land, Australia, on July 1, 1953. In 2017, David was identified with terminal lung cancer, and on November 29, 2021, he died during the treatment. David was also honored by indigenous Australian leaders, lifetime achievement awards, artworks, and books.  
David Gulpilil AM was born and brought up in the traditional style of Arnhem Land, and he was raised by his parents, Nee Abloh and Eunice Abloh. He was born with a twin sister Mary Dhapalany and had four other siblings, Djelirr, Peter Minygululu, Evonne Munuyngu, and Belinda Gunydjulma.
David was a skillful dancer and started acting at a very young age. He was well known for performing in 'Ten Canoes,' 'Walkabout,' and 'Storm Boy.' Not only in movies, but he also acted in several television series such as 'Naked Under Capricorn,' 'Homicide,' 'The Outsiders,' 'Rush,' 'The Leftovers', and many more. David believed in hard work and worked all his life.
Please continue reading to learn more about this Aboriginal Australian actor and dancer, including information about his early career, net worth, and personal life.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was David Gulpilil’s net worth?

David started working at a very young age of 16 and has gained huge success in his career. According to the report, his net worth at the time of his death was approximate $1-5 million.

How much did David Gulpilil earn per year?

David Gulpilil was not only a talented actor and dancer but also a great painter and writer. He was one of the wealthiest people in Northern Australia. However, information regarding his per-year earnings is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was David Gulpilil?

David Gulpilil was 5 ft 8 in (176.78 cm) tall.

How old was David Gulpilil?

David Gulpilil was born in Northern Australia on July 1, 1953, and died at the age of 68 on November 29, 2021.

Childhood And Education

According to David’s documentary, ‘My Name Is Gulpilil,’ he didn’t remember which year he was born, but it is estimated that he was born on July 1, 1953. The actor belonged to the Yolngu clan and was a man of Mandjalpingu. David was born in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia, and was brought up in traditional style. Although his homeland was Marwuyu, he was a native speaker of Australia and was a skilled tracker, ceremonial dancer, actor, and hunter.
David completed his studies at Maningrida, North East Arnhem Land. He was not influenced by non-aboriginal Australia. After his first movie, he became proficient in English which added to his linguistics, including other aboriginal languages.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was David Gulpilil’s partner?

David Gulpilil had a history of dating and marriage. He had three wives; he married Robyn Djunginy in 2003 but got separated after a year. Later, he also tied the knot with Airlie Thomas and got divorced. Lastly, David Gulpilil married Miriam Ashley in 2004, which lasted till his death.
David Gulpilil had seven children, Milan, Jamie, Jida, Makia, Phoebe, Malakai, and Andrew, who are equally talented as their father.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

David Gulpilil thoroughly influenced people with dance and movies, but he was well known for displaying his traditional culture. Some of his popular works are ‘Walkabout,' ‘The Last Wave,’ and ‘Storm Boy.'

Charity Work

There is no information related to the charity work of David.

What awards did David Gulpilil win?

David had been respected all his life and had won numerous awards. In 1987, he was once appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia. David won the best actor in leading role twice and received awards, including AFI Award, Don Dunstan Award, Helpmann Award, Archibald Award, Red Ochre Award, the Cannes Film Festival, lifetime achievement awards, and the list continues.
One of the best things was that he was honored with Winton’s Walk of fame star. His face has also been projected on the 'Sydney Opera House.' In fact, after his death, he received many tributes from indigenous Australian leaders and ministers.

David Gulpilil’s Hobbies And Interests

David Gulpilil was a very hardworking and talented actor. He was a skilled hunter and had a keen interest in cultural dance. In addition, he was a great storyteller and used to write books on children’s stories.

Other Interesting David Gulpilil Facts And Trivia

  • After David's death, the family of David Gulpilil requested the media to refer to him as David Dalaithngu/David Gulpilil/David Gulpilil AM.
  • As an accomplished actor and dancer, David Gulpilil grabbed the attention of Nicolas Roeg, a British filmmaker who offered him his first film, ‘Walkabout’ in 1971, which marked the starting of his career rosing him to fame and name.
  • This groundbreaking movie provided him the popularity amongst non-aboriginal Australians, and in an instant, he became a well-known celebrity.
  • The actor has also played a lead role in movies such as 'Storm Boy' in 1976 and voiced many films such as 'Ten Canoes,' Rolf de Heer's films, and more.
  • He also played major roles in Richard Friar’s independent documentaries named ‘Think About It!’ and ‘Another Country.’
  • Later, not only one but two of his documentaries were released, ‘Gulpilil: One Red Blood’ and ‘My Name Is Gulpilil’. The documentary was released at Adelaide Festival 2021 and was loved by the fans.
  • Besides dancing and acting, Gulpilil was also a writer and painter. David wrote two books on Yolngu beliefs, which are still in collections at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

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David Gulpilil Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Date of Birth


Date of Death




Place of Birth

Arnhem Land


176 cm

Eye Color

Hazel Brown

Child Star?



Actor, Dancer

Net Worth



Miriam Ashley


Nee Abloh, Eunice Abloh


Mary Dhapalany, , Djelirr, Peter Minygululu, Evonne Munuyngu, Belinda Gunydjulma.
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