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David Paul Olsen is an actor of Norwegian descent and has a degree in child psychology. Learn more about him here.
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About David Paul Olsen

David Paul Olsen is a famous actor as well as a stunt performer.

David Paul Olsen was born on January 2, 1976, in Moline, Illinois, in the United States. David is an American by Nationality. He is also famous because of his wife, Daniela Ruah, a renowned actress.

They have a son and a daughter together. David Paul Olsen has a twin brother who is also an actor. David Paul Olsen is best known for his work in movies and television series like 'General Hospital,' 'Swiss Army Man,' and several others. His success over the years has helped him amass an impressive net worth.  

Want to know more about this famous celebrity? Please scroll below and check our most recent updates about David Paul Olsen's net worth, salary, age, and profession. Also, discover more detailed information about his personal life and complete biography.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is David Paul Olsen's net worth?

The net worth of David Paul Olsen is about $1 million.

How much does David Paul Olsen earn per year?

There is no information available about his exact annual earnings.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Paul Olsen?

The height of David Paul Olsen is about 6 ft 2 in (188 cm).

How old is David Paul Olsen?

David Paul Olsen was born on January 2, 1976; as of 2022, he is 46.

Childhood And Education

David Paul Olsen was born in Moline, Illinois, in the United States. His father's name is Dr. Paul Olsen, and his mother was an actress named Jeanne D. Olsen. David Paul Olsen grew up with his younger brother named, Eric Christian Olsen, an actor in Bettendorf. There is no information available about the education of David Olsen.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Paul Olsen's partner?

David Paul Olsen married actress Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah on June 17, 2014. They started dating each other in 2010. Daniela Ruah is a famous Portuguese-American actress and director. David Paul Olsen is best known for playing NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye in the CBS police procedural series 'NCIS: Los Angeles.' They have a son and a daughter named River Isaac Ruah Olsen, born on December 30, 2013, and Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen, born on September 4, 2016.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

David Paul Olsen is a famous American actor and a stunt performer who started performing stunts in 2006. David was also a part of the famous movie 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.' David Paul Olsen became a part of other films, such as' Strike Force' and 'G-Force: Guardians of Space,' alongside Megan Fox, Julie White, Kevin Dunn, and Tyrese Gibson. David Paul Olsen was featured as a stunt performer with his younger brother Eric Christian Olsen in NCIS Los Angeles's reality show on CBS.

The skills he has learned and developed in performing stunts helped him get more and more good films. David Paul Olsen did a film named 'Backup Plan' in 2010. He also did another movie called 'The Last Boat' in 2014 and was also a part of another film named 'Swiss Army Man.' He is also famous for playing an essential role in the movie called 'Reminiscence' in 2021.

Charity Work

There is no information available about the charity work by David Paul Olsen.

What awards has David Paul Olsen won?

There is no information available about the awards won by David Paul Olsen.

David Paul Olsen's Hobbies And Interests

David Paul Olsen has always been interested in learning stunts and martial arts. This is the reason he has been offered many good action-packed films. However, his hobby is working out in the gym. He also loves to travel.

Other Interesting David Paul Olsen Facts And Trivia

  • David's wife Daniela is a co-star of his younger brother Eric Olsen in NCIS Los Angeles's reality series on CBS.
  • His favorite actor is Tom Cruise, and his favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.
  • David's favorite color is blue.
  • His favorite movie is 'Transformer: Revenge of the fallen.'
  • David's favorite cuisine is Italian.
  • He is of Norwegian-American ethnicity.
  • Daniela Ruah married David Olsen, the older brother and stunt double of Ruah's 'NCIS: Los Angeles' co-star Eric Christian Olsen, in an interfaith ceremony in 2014.
  • The zodiac sign of David Olsen is Capricorn.
  • He was a part of the movies and television series of 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' 'Never Have I Ever,' 'Silicon Valley,' 'Big Little Lies,' and many more.
  • He is famous for 'Reminiscence' (2021), 'Swiss Army Man' (2016), and 'G-Force' (2009).
  • His wife is very active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She has around 1.1 million followers on Instagram. The same can't be said for him as he is a very private person and is not present on social media platforms.

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