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(David Threlfall has had a career that spun decades and began during the '70s.
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About David Threlfall

England has produced some of the finest artists to grace the stage of a theater, as well as the world of television and films.

Among these artists from England is David Threlfall. David Threlfall has had a lengthy acting career, and he is among the finest artists from all over the world.

David Threlfall's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is David Threlfall's net worth?

The net worth of the television director David Threlfall is estimated to be somewhere in the region of $8 million.

How much does David Threlfall earn per year?

Details of the annual income of David Threlfall are not known. However, the primary source of his income comes from his lengthy career as a television actor.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Threlfall?

David Threlfall is 6 ft (182.8 cm) tall.

How old is David Threlfall?

David Threlfall is 68 years of age. He was born in the October of 1953, and the television director turns 69 years of age in 2022.

Childhood And Education

David Threlfall was born on October 12, 1953. At birth, his name was David John. He was born to parents Tommy Threlfall and Joyce Foulds and was born in Crumpsall, Manchester, Lancashire, England. The family first lived in Blackley; subsequently, they moved to a region called Bradford and finally relocated to Burnage.

He went to Wilbraham High School, and it was here that he fostered a primal interest in acting and was encouraged by his English teachers. Moving on, he attended Sheffield Hallam University for one year. He regularly used the train to go to the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre. At the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre, he honed his acting skills.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Threlfall's partner?

David Threlfall's partner is Brana Bajic. Brana Bajic is the wife of David Threlfall. The pair got married in 1995. Brana Bajic is an actress who found fame for her work in 'Stranded and Thorne: Sleepyhead.' David met Brana in 1994. This occurred when he was working at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester on the production of 'The Count of Monte Cristo.'

Shortly after, the pair finally began dating. David Threlfall and Brana Bajic got married in 1995. It was a private ceremony that included some of their friends and family. The couple also has two children. However, the identities of these children are kept private by the family.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The beginning of his career came with the television film 'The Kiss of Death' in 1977, which Mike Leigh directed. In the same year, he played the role of Archer in the 'Play for Today' production of the movie called 'Scum.'

In the '80s, David played the role of Smike in the play 'The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.' The British stage theater was a crucial part of David's career. It would see him play on a British stage in London, as well as in New York. The show was adapted into a TV drama, and David Threlfall would be a part of it.

Other performances in the world of theater would be 'Oedipus,' 'Riddley Walker,' and 'Macbeth.' Following this, he would be a part of the TV series 'Nightingales' and the movie called 'Patriot Games.' Subsequently, he had the role of Prince Charles in 'Diana: Her True Story.' He was also a part of a production called 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age.' 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' saw David work with Cate Blanchett. The production of 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' was a very prominent part of his career.

One of the popular roles of David Threlfall was as Frank Gallagher. He played the role of Frank Gallagher for about nine years. He played Frank Gallagher in the show called 'Shameless.' David also played the role of Prince Philip in 'The Queen's Sister.' He would also play the role of Len Harper in 'What Remains.'

The prominent film role of David came when he played the title role in a movie based on the comedian called Tommy Cooper. He played the title role in a movie called 'Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This' in 2014. He also appeared in the movie called 'Black Sea.'

In the March of 2016, David would play the lead role in a production of 'Don Quixote.' It took place at the Swan Theatre, Stratford, for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Two years later, he also played a role in 'Troy: Fall of a City.'

What awards has David Threlfall won?

David would be awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Manchester Metropolitan University. Additionally, he would receive a nomination for Broadway's 1982 Tony Award for the Best Actor.

Other Interesting David Threlfall Facts And Trivia

  • David Threlfall is married to the famous actress Brana Bajic.
  • David Threlfall was a part of 'King Lear.'
  • Shakespeare's 'King Lear' saw him be a part of the show alongside Laurence Olivier. After 'King Lear,' he was a part of 'Paradise Postponed.'

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David Threlfall Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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David John Threlfall

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183 cm

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Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama

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Brana Bajic


Tommy Threlfall, Joyce Threlfall
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