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David Wright is a famous American baseball player who spent his entire career of 14 years with the New York Mets.
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About David Wright

David Wright is one of the most prominent American professional baseball third baseman for the New York Mets.
David spent 14 years of his playing career in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Mets. David made his debut at the Shea Stadium in July of 2004, three years after the New York Mets selected him to play for them in the 2001 MLB draught.
David was nicknamed 'Captain America' after his brilliant performance in the 2013 World Baseball Classic with a .438 batting average and an aggregate of 10 RBI in the tournament. However, several issues in his neck and shoulder marred the latter half of his career from 2015 to 2018, with spinal stenosis being the most severe one.
Finally, in 2018, David announced his retirement from professional baseball after doctors advised him that he wouldn't fully recover from spinal stenosis. By the time David hung up his boots, he had hit 242 home runs and had a .296 career batting average in his major league career. For most of his career, he played as a third baseman. The player is married to model Molly Beers.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is David Wright’s net worth?

David Wright's net worth is estimated to be $75 million. His high net worth is, in part, due to 0.5% of the company Vitamin Water's worth he earned when the company was sold to The Coca-Cola Company for $4.1 billion. The earning was a part of his endorsement deal with Vitamin Water.

How much does David Wright earn per year?

The baseball player David Wright earns $20 million per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Wright?

David Wright is 6 ft (183 cm) tall.

How old is David Wright?

With a date of birth of December 20, 1982, David Wright is 39 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

David's full name is David Allen Wright, and he was born on December 20, 1982, in Norfolk, Virginia. The name of his parents is Elisa Wright and Rhon Wright. His father, Rhon Wright, was a policeman by profession. David has three other siblings, while he is the eldest among the four children of Elisa Wright and Rhon.
David Wright has been a Mets fan since his early life. Since childhood, he played baseball and played on high school teams alongside future baseball stars Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds. David Wright graduated from Hickory High School in Chesapeake, Virginia, where he also played baseball.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Wright’s partner?

In his personal life, David dated model Molly beers for many years before being engaged in January 2013. In December 2013, they got married in La Jolla, California.
David and Molly Beers became parents in 2016. The name of his two children is Olivia Shea and Madison. He resides with his family in Norfolk currently.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 2001, David Wright was noticed by Mets coach Tom Robson during the supplementary round of the 2001 MLB draught. In the following three minor league seasons, David made progress in leaps and bounds, and by 2004, David had already reached the major leagues from the humble Triple-A Norfolk Tides and the Double-A Binghamton Mets. In 2003, David won the Sterling Award on the St. Lucie Mets in class A as the most outstanding player.
One highlight of his career was breaking Hubie Brooks and Mike Piazza's team record of 24 games hitting streak by hitting a 26-game streak in 2007. He started his 2007 season with a hit in all the first 14 games and ended his 2006 season with a hit in the last 12 regular-season matches. In April 2007, David Wright's 26-game hitting streak came to an end against the Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium on April 21 2007.
In 2005, the 22-year baseball player made 24 errors, the most errors by a third baseman in the major leagues. The same year, Wright played in 160 games and batted .306 with 27 home runs, 102 RBIs, 99 runs scored, 17 stolen bases, and 42 doubles. He led the team in average runs, on-base percentage, and more while finishing second in home runs to Cliff Floyd.
Wright has been one of the most prolific players of the game in the past three decades. His agility, strategy, and innate understanding of the game have made him of the greats of American Baseball.
Wright was chosen to represent the USA at the 2009 World Baseball Classic at third base. With the Americans facing elimination against Puerto Rico in the second round, Wright hit a game-winning walk-off single in the ninth inning against Fernando Cabrera. The win guaranteed Team USA a spot in the semifinal round.
In the 2013 World Baseball Classic, he was again selected to play third base. Wright hit a grand slam in the USA's game against Italy in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. It was the second time in the WBC competition that a US player had hit a grand slam. Wright had 5 RBIs in the second-round opener against Puerto Rico. David Wright has been one of the most successful players for the Mets. In 2015 he was billed as one of the world's highest-paid athletes

Charity Work

Since 2005, David has had a charity institution with his own name, the David Wright Foundation. The group works to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis disease and also gathers funds through various events for related groups.

What awards has David Wright won?

The baseball player won his first award in 2004, the Rookie of the Year at MLB.com Awards.
From then till 2012, David earned the Silver Sluggers Award, Wilson Team Defensive Player of the Year award, Gold Glove Award, and MLB Home Run Derby participant multiple times.

Other Interesting David Wright Facts And Trivia

  • For the Mets, David Wright has earned various franchise records. The records are in total bases, strikeouts, most career RBS, runs scored, walks, hits, and sacrifice flies.
  • His date of birth is in December, and David's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
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David Wright Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

David Allen Wright

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Norfolk, Virginia



183 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Baseball player


Hickory High School

Net Worth



Molly Beers


Rhon, Elisa

Annual Earnings

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