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Debra Jo Rupp is one the most versatile artists that have been around in the history of performing arts.
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About Debra Jo Rupp

One of the finer things to enjoy in life is the art portrayed on the television screen, as well as on the stage.
This brings us to the finest artists to weave the tapestries that become the popular shows and movies that we all come to love, Debra Jo Rupp. Debra Jo Rupp is among the few who have worked on the sets of Broadway, as well as in movies and television series.
Debra Jo Rupp's career is one that has seen her work for decades. She succeeded in creating a name for herself when she started working young, putting in the hours and benefitting from the talent that she had!
Continue reading to find out more about Debra Jo Rupp's life and career.

Debra Jo Rupp's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Debra Jo Rupp's net worth?

The acting career of Debra Jo Rupp has led her to amass a vast net worth. As of the March of 2022, Jo Rupp has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Her professional life of television projects and film projects has provided her with massive wealth.

How much does Debra Jo Rupp earn per year?

While details of the annual income are not known, it is certain that she makes quite more than the average American actress. Her income is composed of several different avenues of revenue such as media appearances, television shows, theatrical projects as well as brand endorsement deals. She has also lent her voice to some characters in different animated series.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Debra Jo Rupp?

Debra Jo Rupp is 5 ft 2 in (157.4 cm) tall.

How old is Debra Jo Rupp?

Jo Rupp is 71 years old, born on February 24, 1951.

Childhood And Education

Debra Jo Rupp was born on February 24, 1951, in Glendale, California. Born to parents Margaret A. Williams Rupp and John E. Rupp Jr, Jo Rupp spent a large part of her childhood and her early life in Boston, Massachusetts. She has two siblings, Robin Lee Rupp and Rebecca Louise Rupp.
Another part of their personal life is their education. Jo Rupp completed her schooling in the Masconomet Regional High School in the year 1969. She worked on a BA degree from the University of Rochester in the year 1974. This is the beginning of her career in acting. While she had wanted to be an actress from early on, her parents insisted on her studying. During her years at college, she joined the Drama Club.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Debra Jo Rupp dating?

Another aspect of her personal life is the dating life of Jo Rupp. Debra Jo Rupp is not dating anyone. She has not been married, nor does she have children.
She spends her time in two places, one in her house in Lee, Massachusetts, and the rest of the time in Los Angeles. Her time in Massachusetts sees her work on her theatrical projects, while when she is in Los Angeles, she works on movies and television series.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Debra Jo Rupp has had a long career. The beginning of her work came in 1979. This was when Debra Jo Rupp moved to New York City to really launch her acting career. Before landing her first big break, Debra Jo Rupp worked in different advertisements and commercials. Her first big television role was as Sheila in the 1980 sitcom 'All My Children,' which was a daytime drama. She also played the part of Helen in New York's Nat Horne Theater, where her role was of the wife of a cheating husband.
She worked in different stage shows such as 'The Middle Ages at the Whole Theater Company,' 'Clair de Lune', and 'A Girl's Guide to Chaos.'
This was only the beginning of a long career. She continued to dedicate herself to her acting career through the '80s. She also played a part in the Broadway production of 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.' Her television work soared, with roles such as Ms. Higgins, as well as Mary Incarnata.
Her film debut came in a Tom Hanks movie! She played the role of a timid secretary, Miss Patterson, in the 1988 comedy movie ‘Big.’
Another one of her popular roles was when she lent her voice to an animated series and became the voice behind the famous character Lana Lionheart.
What is really thought to be one of the most famous works of Debra Jo Rupp is when she made an appearance in the comedy series 'Friends'. She played the role of Alice Knight Buffay, who was a recurring character on the show. However, her most famous role was as Kitty Forman. Kitty Forman was a character on a popular Fox sitcom, 'That 70s Show'.

What awards has Debra Jo Rupp won?

With a career as big as the one Debra Jo Rupp has, there are bound to be several awards. She had a nomination in the category of the 'Best Guest Actress – Comedy' for her role in the series 'He's With Me', at the Indie Series Awards. She was also nominated for the 'Best Actress in a New Comedy Series', at the OFTA Television Awards. Furthermore, Debra has received several awards at film festivals all around the world.

Debra Jo Rupp's Hobbies And Interests

Among her many interests, Debra enjoys gardening, among other hobbies. She continues to work on her theatrical projects in her free time.

Other Interesting Debra Jo Rupp's Facts And Trivia

Debra Jo Rupp is not married, nor does she have any children. She spends her time between her houses in Lee, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles.
One of the shows that Debra Jo Rupp appeared on was Seinfeld. She plays the role of Jerry Seinfeld's manager, Katie.
Debra Jo Rupp did indeed wear a wig while playing the role of Kitty on the 'That 70s Show'. She continued to do so from the second season of the show until Kitty got a new hairdo after accidentally setting her hair on fire.
Debra Jo Rupp is 5 ft 2 in (157.4 cm).
Guest roles have also been part of Jo Rupp's career as she played a part in a special episode of 'Law & Order''
Debra began her work in 'That 70s Show' when she was 47 and was about 54 when the show came to an end in 2006.
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