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Dee Ocleppo is a fashion designer and a businesswoman.
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About Dee Ocleppo

 Dee Ocleppo is a fashion designer, businesswoman, and model.
Her birth name is Deniz Caroline Erbuğ. Ocleppo Hilfiger's brand brought her a lot of attention.
Ocleppo presented her first handbag in the Harrods store. She is a co-owner of Judith Leiber, a well-known brand recognized for its innovative convertible handbags. She is the designer in charge of the project. She has once collaborated with Lady Gaga's longtime stylist, Brandon Maxwell.
Dee Ocleppo received the 'Rising Star Award' for her luxury handbags.
She married Tommy Hilfiger who's a famous fashion designer in 2008.

Dee Ocleppo Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dee Ocleppo’s net worth?

Her net worth is believed to be $1.5 million, based on her successful career as a fashion designer, business owner, and model.

How much does Dee Ocleppo earn per year?

Dee Ocleppo's annual earnings are influenced by the number of companies with whom she works as a fashion designer. Her exact annual earnings are uncertain.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dee Ocleppo?

Dee Ocleppo's height is 5 ft 10 in (177 cm).

How old is Dee Ocleppo?

Dee Ocleppo was born on November 24, 1966, in Cleveland, and is 55 years old.

Childhood And Education

Dee Ocleppo was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States and grew up in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
Her parents relocated to the United States to pursue academic opportunities. Her father is an Istanbul-based radiologist. Her mother is a Birmingham-based microbiologist. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dee Ocleppo’s partner?

Dee Ocleppo married Tommy Hilfiger, a well-known fashion designer, on December 12, 2008, and they have a son named Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger.
In 2005, she met Tommy Hilfiger at Saint Tropez when she was on vacation with her two sons. 
They became friends, and their relationship grew stronger over time. They later got engaged in New York. Russell Simmons, Anna Wintour, and Harver Weinstein were among the celebs who attended their wedding celebration.
Dee Ocleppo was previously married to Gianni Ocleppo when she was 26 and got divorced in 2003. They had two sons, Alex and Julian, who were raised in Monte Carlo.
Her son, Julian Ocleppo, is an Italian professional tennis player and model.
During her college years in the ’90s, she dated Mick Hucknall.

Career And Professional Highlights

How did Dee Ocleppo start her own brand?

At first, Dee suggested her husband launch a collection under his label, but he persuaded Ocleppo to launch a collection for her brand of vintage-style luxury handbags. 
In 2012, Dee Ocleppo established her brand. D.H Design LLC and HSN CEO Mindy Grossman played a big role in her brand's establishment. Her first design from her collection was sold at the mega-retail luxury store Harrods. After that, she decided to start her own storefront. Her first store was established in Manhattan's Trump Tower, and it's at Paris' Galeries Lafayette Flagship Shop as of 2022.
Dee Ocleppo designed a classic handbag collection called 'Bag Bar' in 2015.
The collection was an accessory system for classic handbags that was later bought by Kate Spade & Company.
In January 2017, Ocleppo Hilfiger decided to partner her brand with Judith Leiber. 
Judith Lieber is owned by Authentic Brands Group and Licensing Conglomerate in Manhattan. The brand also owns Jones New York and departmental stores including Macy's, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and the famous Bloomingdale's. She then became the co-owner and started working as the brand's creative director and worldwide ambassador.

What awards has Dee Ocleppo won?

Dee Ocleppo was named 'Moms 4 Mom' by Autism Speaks on Mother's Day in 2013. Along with Liz Rodbell, Joanna Coles, and Meredith Vieira, she earned the 'Outstanding Mother Award' from the National Mother's Day community in 2015.
Fashion Group International awarded her 'The Rising Star Award' in 2016, which is a non-profit focused on fashionable clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and home goods. Famous celebrities such as Pippa Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Beyonce, and Alicia Key promoted her company's products.

Other Interesting Dee Ocleppo Facts And Trivia

  • Dee Ocleppo was inspired to pursue a modeling career by Jean Renard, a successful photographer, filmmaker, and talent manager.
  • Dee Ocleppo's maternal cousin is Brice Stratford, the Shakespearean actor-director.

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Dee Ocleppo Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Dee Ocleppo

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Cleveland, Ohio



178 cm


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Tommy Hilfiger
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