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Delicious Facts About Argentina Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water

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Argentina stands to be the second-largest country in the continent of South America, with its capital city as Buenos Aires.

Numerous countries border Argentina, like Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, and Paraguay, on the border of which you will encounter the majestic Iguazu Falls. On your visit to Argentina, you can expect to be addressed in Spanish, although the dialect of Spanish spoken here is quite different from the one in Spain.

When we say Argentina, what comes to your mind in the first instance? Is it Lionel Messi or the Tango dance? For the world's foodies, it is the delicious Argentina food that is a clear winner of this rapid-fire. If you are a travel-eater who is in search of scrumptious and mouth-watering food, Argentina will not disappoint you. From beef to cheese and other vegetable dishes, there is a choice for everyone! Apart from their tastiest food dishes, did you know Argentina is also a top exporter of soybean meal?

Read on to get some delicious facts about the gastronomy of Argentina!

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Argentina Food Culture

The local cuisine of Argentina is dominated by their meat preferences and numerous delicious sweet dishes.

If you are in Argentina, then you are in for a treat. Argentine food culture is perhaps one of the unique ones in entire South America. Why? Because apart from the rich Spanish influence, you will find other European culinary tastes in their food. The food of this country is always delicious with lots of local flavors, irrespective of the region you are in. Argentinian food culture is very much in tune with their heritage which is heterogeneous. Food in Argentina is primarily influenced by indigenous flavor and culture and adopts some of its flavors from many countries like Spain or Italy.

Beef is an integral part of Argentine food. If you visit any traditional restaurant in Argentina you will find all sorts of beef, be it ribs or steak. Foods in the restaurants of this country are served in generous quantities, so make sure your appetite is up for it! The people of Argentina also love the warmth of an open fire or grill to cook the meat, predominantly the afternoons, because lunch is their most sought-after meal among the three meals they have. You will notice that many Argentines have created a unique structure in the backyards of their home to prepare barbecued meat or grilled meat. They operate their grill themselves to prepare lots of delicacies. Apart from being meat-lovers, Argentinians also consume lots of Alfajores', which you might know from the Arab world. Found all over South America, Argentines love this shortbread, but do you know what they also love? Cheese! They combine cheese with any type of meat, be it ham or chicken! Potatoes are yet another ingredient that the Argentines love. Their food culture is rich in corn accompanied by these sweet veggies.

Argentinian Food Recipes

Argentina is rich in unique culinary forms, and some of the tastiest recipes include Provoleta, Fugazza, Tira de Asado, and many more! These platters are world-famous and will leave you asking for more helpings.

Your next trip to this fantastic land will be left incomplete if you miss out on the Argentine dishes. These dishes are loaded with flavors and show their love for meat.

Asado: You love barbecues? Then Asado is the one you should try in Argentina, which is barbecue taken to the extreme! Delicious meat is barbecued on a grill, and even vegetables are combined with it! Numerous varieties of grilled meats are cooked in Asado, from pork to lamb or sausages! In some parts of Argentina, Asado is also prepared with fillings of goat. Tira de Asado is a variety of Asado which is prepared by grilling beef ribs. And do you know what it is served with? Lip-smacking Chimichurri sauce!

Pastelitos Criollos: These are deep-fried pastries hailing from Argentina, which come in a star shape. They are fried deep, followed by a generous coating of sugar glaze. You might also come across some of these pastries with dulce de leche fillings and cute sprinkles on top!

Carbonada Criolla: This is a fantastic beef stew, which comes with a twist. In this dish, sweet potatoes are combined with sweet, dry fruits to bring out intense flavors of beef.

Empanadas: Empanadas, which have a Spanish origin, are tiny dough packets which you can literally fill with anything! Beef, pork or cheese, and even fish, all these fillings go exceptionally well with these pastries. These pastries can be baked as well as fried deep, and the filling is tucked inside nicely. It can also have some fresh vegetables along with it, like carrots or corn. When empanadas are served as savory dishes, you can expect exotic fillings of spiced ground beef. But since there is a dearth of beef in specific zones of this country, especially the southern parts, goat or lamb forms the perfect substitute.

Chimichurri: If you are looking for a tasty Argentine salsa dish to cook, well, Chimichurri it is! Made with tons of garlic, olive oil, onions, chili flakes, pepper flakes, lemon, oregano, and parsley, this sauce will be a perfect complement to be served alongside meaty platters.

Dulce de leche: The list of amazing recipes can not be complete without a special mention of this delicious dessert. This culinary treasure is prepared from condensed milk and is a slow-cooked dish. The milk is mixed with cinnamon sticks, ample corn syrup along with a pinch of baking soda. When it turns a bright gold color, you can drizzle it over your favorite ice cream or cookies!

Food in Argentina is primarily influenced by indigenous flavor

Most Famous Foods In Argentina

On your next trip to Argentina, make sure that you try out their lip-smacking delicacies. They have an array of world-famous dishes like Choripan, Locro, Humitas, or Matambre that will make you ask for second helpings.

If you leave the country without trying out their Asado or other meat dishes, well, the loss is yours. Argentina is famous for its meat-loving nature. You name the dish, and they have it. They have a unique meat dish named Matambre Arrollado, which is actually a wrap! Thin beef slices are wrapped around assorted vegetables and served with eggs. The following famous dish in line is the Milanesa Napolitana. It is actually a beef cutlet, which comes with a tangy tomato sauce and generous helpings of mozzarella cheese! It will give you the taste of Italian cheese. Finally, if you are like Joey from 'Friends', who loves sandwiches, then you should try out the Argentina version of it called Choripan. Food trucks are loaded with Choripan, which is a sandwich with stuffings like sausages and lots of spicy sauce. They call it 'gauchos' in the rural areas. You can also ask for some Chimichurri dressing to go with a choripan.

You can also try out their famous pastries or Empanadas, which are served baked or grilled and come with multiple filling options. Chicken, pork, cheese, corn, vegetables, or lamb, the list goes on. If you want to quench your thirst, then your best options will be Mate tea, Corn Ulpada, or El Submarino. Mate tea, which is also popular in Uruguay, is a special tea that is infused with lots of yerba mate herbs. You will drink this tea from a metal straw, which the locals have named Bombilla. Who doesn't love hot chocolate, right? Well, you should try the Argentine version of it then! El Submarino is what we are talking about, where you will find chunks of delicious dark chocolate immersed in hot milk. Just stir the drink, and you have hot chocolate. If you are in the mood for something sweet, then also Argentina comes with a variety of it. This country has a fabulous collection of desserts, like the Alfajores or Facturas, and the very famous dulce de leche desserts. This sweet milk is used in practically every dish of Argentina, be it dessert or savory. Among desserts, Chocotorta, which is actually a chocolate cake, makes generous use of Dulce de leche. Among other desserts, specialties are the Alfajores. Do you know what it is? It's a cookie! You can treat yourself to Alfajores with mate tea, and it is sold by almost every bakery across Argentina.

Argentina Traditional Food

The Argentine people have a platter of traditional dishes like Asado, Alfajores, Empanadas, and drinks like Yerba mate. In sweet dishes, the delicious Dulce de leche desserts are famous all over the world.

Among the vast collection of traditional dishes of Argentina, Asado is the first dish that is perfect to describe the country's love for meat and barbecue. The following traditional dish of Argentina is their pizza or Faina. Like the Italian pizzas, Argentines also add generous quantities of cheese to their pizza, but it comes with its own twist. If you order a Faina, your pizza will come as a thin and crunchy flatbread, which is created from chickpea flour! Another delicious traditional platter of Argentina includes the Milanesa, which also has an Italian influence. You can have Milanesa for lunch, and don't be surprised to find ample amounts of chicken inside the breadcrumbs! You can also try Cazuela, which is a traditional stew. Although Cazuela varies depending on which part of the country you are in, in the north, you will be served Cazuela with Llama!

The list of traditional dishes would be left incomplete without a special mention of grilled dishes of Argentina. From Provoleta to Asado, the Argentines love the taste of grilled meat. Chimichurri sauce is a classic example of an Argentine mixed grill, which you can pair with a number of these lip-smacking platters. Do you love bread? Then you must try the traditional slices of bread of Argentina, which is Chipa. This bread is also quite popular in Brazil or Bolivia and is tasty street food. Argentines make chipa with cheese and put fillings within it like ham or vegetables. For croissant lovers, the traditional Medialunas of Argentina are worth a try. Unlike the French, Argentines do not make their croissants too sweet, and the size is also smaller.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for facts about Argentina food then why not take a look at Dominica facts, or Fiji with kids.

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