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Delightful Popcorn Facts Revealed About America's Favorite Snack Food!

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Popcorn is the official snack of Illinois.

Butter popped popcorn, sweet popcorn, or salted popcorn taste delicious. Popcorn is the go to snack when going to the cinema.

Popcorn is made from popped corn kernels. Corn can be made into lots of different things such as sweet corn, corn syrup, and popped kernels. Popped popcorn can be made in different ways. Popcorn kernels can be added to a popcorn machine or air-popped in a machine. Even unpopped popcorn can be used in various dishes. People who like to eat whole grains can eat popcorn because this snack is high in fiber and antioxidants. In fact, popcorn can can be included in your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. Less than 2% of a popcorn kernel is used to make popped popcorn. Whole grains in these kernels contains only a small amount of water, so when this water turns to steam the kernel is heated. The kernel finally explodes and turns into popcorn.

The most convenient form of popping popcorn is microwaveable popcorn. National Popcorn Day is celebrated on January 22 every year. It is interesting to know that popcorn can actually keep you healthy and make your skin feel great.

Popcorn is a part of our lives as it is fun snack, so people thought that there needed to be a special day to celebrate this snack that is so popular. Popcorn has been used in so many forms like popped kernels, as a base of various treats around the world. This day helps us all recognize this special snack.

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Why do people enjoy popcorn?

It is amazing how a small piece of popped corn can bring a smile to somebody. People of all ages from children to parents to the elderly all enjoy eating popcorn. Popcorn is also low in calories so people who are health conscious can enjoy this snack too.

Popcorn differs in taste depending on the way it has been made. If it is popped in the microwave, then it will taste different to popcorn made in the cinema. If coated in butter, then popcorn will be silky soft.

There are two basic shapes of popcorn, butterfly and mushroom. The butterfly shape kernel is the irregular and softer version. The mushroom shape is the rough one. Whole grains are used to make mushroom popcorn. Americans love the taste of this snack so much that it has been made the official snack of Illinois state.

Popcorn became popular in the 30s and has continued to be a popular choice for many people. The snack has made its way to the movie theater, beaches, fairs, games, and festivities. Another reason why popcorn is a popular snack is because it is low in calories. There are around 31 calories in each serving, so people who are dieting or who want to eat a healthy diet prefer popped popcorn as a quick snack. A similar sized serving of potato chips contains 139 calories, showing that popcorn is a healthy snack. However, as long as you eat snacks in moderation, it does not matter how many calories they contain.

Another added advantage is that popcorn is allergen-free. People who are allergic to gluten, or wish to eat gluten-free can eat popcorn. There is no soy, dairy, nuts, or eggs in popcorn kernels that can cause allergies. However, this will change depending on the toppings that are added to popcorn such as butter. Air-popped kernels are also delicious. Simply adding a pinch of salt makes popcorn so delicious, however you can always try out new flavors like caramel, sea salt, pepper, and cinnamon sugar.

Here are a few popcorn facts for you. There are around 1600 kernels of unpopped popcorn in a cup and when a kernel pops, it can go as high as 3 ft (0.9 m) in the air. Amazingly 70% of popcorn is eaten at home, showing how much people love eating popcorn. People's love for popcorn led to the popcorn board declaring National Popcorn Day.

When was popcorn invented?

Humans have been eating corn for more than 10,000 years.

There is proof of farming corn in the area that is now Mexico. Corn was a staple for people who used to live in this region, and even fossils have shown proof that corn has been eaten for ages. A site in Peru shows that humans used to eat popcorn in 4700 BC. It can be said that it is not just modern society that has fallen in love popcorn, but it has been a staple snack for thousands of years.

In the 19th century, popcorn was only made on stove tops because a popcorn machine had not been created at that time. Kernels were sold as pearls. The term popped corn was added in the dictionary in 1848. The first popcorn machine was invented in 1890 and credit for this invention goes to Charles Cretors. Soon after, there were street carts selling popcorn on street corns' corners.

Popcorn had now reached everyone after the invention of this machine. Cretors was a famous candy store owner known for creating and inventing machines. He had earlier made devices to make roasted nuts, so he applied the same theory and made popcorn popular among the masses.

To begin with, popcorn was pocket friendly and they bags of popcorn were sold at five cents each. Even when there was a recession, popcorn was raising interest and became a lucrative business. The popularity of popcorn also raised the income of farmers who grey popcorn kernels. Popcorn slowly became a snack at parties and carnivals, eventually becoming the staple snack at a movie theater.

During World War II, there was a ration applied to sugar. The candy industry was hit, but this was a boom for popcorn. It was now being consumed three times more. Popcorn machines were installed in movie theaters. There was a profit increase due to the introduction of this snack.

In 1970, popcorn bags were launched. General Mill was the first company to come up with this design of a paper bag for popcorn. There was a craze for these bags that meant people could make fresh popcorn at home. .

Movies are incomplete without a bowl full of popcorn, be at home or at the theater.

What is popcorn made from?

Popcorn is just popped whole-grain corn.

In each kernel of corn, there is a small amount of moisture and oil. When the hull is strong, the moisture does not escape easily. The starch is concentrated and hard. All this makes a popcorn kernel a perfect thing for popping. When heat is applied, corn kernels burst open and popcorn is created.

Popcorn is soft and pliable. This snack is easily the favorite of people of all age groups. It is very easy to eat meaning kids, as well as the elderly, can also enjoy this snack. Kids can love popcorn covered in caramelized sugar, the elderly prefer it with butter. Popcorn can also be eaten plain for those who have allergies.

However, not all types of corn pop well. The specially cultivated variety for making popcorn is called Zea mays. They have very little unpopped popcorn. The taste is awesome and pops quickly when heat is applied. The protein content in Zea mays is suitable for making microwave popcorn as well. The kernels are cooked and pop very quickly. There is little wastage due to unpopped popcorn.

Benefits Of Eating Popcorn

The most important benefit of eating popcorn is that is it a healthy snack. Popcorn kernels are loved by all.

Another yummy fact is that you can never eat too many popcorn kernels. If you do not add butter, then popcorn is as healthy as fruits in regards to the antioxidants it contain. A kernel of popcorn is packed with vitamin B, Manganese, fibre, and magnesium. Popcorn fiber helps bowel movements and digestion. It is also known to help control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, like any snack it should be eaten in moderation.

The high levels of antioxidants found in popcorn are said to help prevent certain diseases such as cancer, However, there has been no concrete evidence on this yet. It is a yummy snack to stay fit.

Amazingly the kernels of popcorn contain polyphenols that are useful in reducing inflammation in the body. There are multiple health benefits of munching on popcorn when sitting at the movie theater. The extended benefits can reduce the chances of Alzheimer's disease, wrinkles, and even hair loss. However, there has been no scientific proof that popcorn can prevent these issues.

Nutritional Facts About Popcorn

Can a snack be nutritious? Certainly yes.

Popcorn us very healthy due to the presence of antioxidants, fiber, polyphenols, vitamin B, and magnesium. Many nutritionists actually prescribe eating popcorn. Popcorn is healthy when you eat it plain. If you add caramel or butter every time, it will make popcorn unhealthy. However, it is all about eating snacks in moderation.

The daily requirement of fiber can be fulfilled by eating popcorn. The levels of roughage is high but easy to digest. Popcorn us not going to sit around in your tummy and cause trouble. It is actually going help clean the stomach and intestines, improving the health of your intestines. Popcorn is not just low on calories and fat, but it also good for the skin.

Its gluten and allergen-free qualities make popcorn fit for all sorts of gatherings because it is something everyone can eat You will not have to worry about soy, dairy, or gluten. However, it is important to check ingredients on pre-packaged popcorn because it is likely different flavorings and preservatives have been added which could contain certain allergens.

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