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At one point in time, Demond Wilson contemplated becoming a Catholic Priest.
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About Demond Wilson

Grady Demond Wilson, a very popular American artist and writer, was born on October 13, 1946, in Valdosta, Georgia, United States.

Grady Demond Wilson had grown up in the famous city of New York, and it was here where he learned tap dance and ballet. He was born in the town of Valdosta, located in Georgia but now resides with his wife at his plus home in Palm Springs.

Grady Demond Wilson made his Broadway debut at the age of four, and he even performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem at the age of 12. Over the years Demond Wilson has appeared in a range of TV series but none have gotten him the recognition and appreciation that he got for the ABC sitcom 'The New Odd Couple'. the popular series 'The New Odd Couple' was based on the original series that aired on the ABC network between 1970-75 that starred actors like Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Apart from the 'The New Odd Couple', he made appearances in several TV series including a recurring role in the hit series 'Girlfriends' between 2004-05. His work in the series 'Girlfriends' is often cited as a guest star as he played the role of biological father for the character of Lynn.

In the year 2011, Grady Demond Wilson started featuring in the play 'The Measure of a Man' which was set in a small town in South Georgia. Herein he starred opposite Nina Nicole and toured with the play across different cities. 'The Measure of a Man' was authored by writer Matt Hardwick.

Other important roles that the actor has portrayed over the years are Isaac's Uncle (The Love Boat), Cabbie-Busdriver (Full Moon High), Oscar Madison (The New Odd Couple), Kenneth Miles (Girlfriends), Agent Schamper (Me and the Kid), Raymond Ellis (Baby... I'm Back!), and Morgan Rivers (Hammerlock).

Demond Wilson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Demond Wilson’s net worth?

Grady Demond Wilson has a net worth of about $1.5 million.

How much does Demond Wilson earn per year?

The information about Grady Demond Wilson's earnings is not yet revealed. But it is known that he is a successful actor who works in Theatre, Movies, and TV as well as is a noted author. Hence, his income must originate from different sources and therefore is slightly difficult to predict.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Demond Wilson?

Grady Demond Wilson is 5 ft 9 in (176 cm) tall.

How old is Demond Wilson?

Demond Wilson is 75 years old as he was born on October 13, 1946, in Valdosta, Georgia, United States.

Childhood And Education

Grady Demond Wilson, an American viral artist, and writer were born on October 13, 1946. Wilson had grown up in the famous city of New York; it was here where he learned tap dance and ballet. He was born in the town of Valdosta, located in Georgia. Demond Wilson is a cool and amazing actor and a well-educated and certified writer in his area.

Wilson had then decided to make his first ever-surprising Broadway surprise appearance at the age of four. According to several sources, not much information regarding his schooling or college is revealed, but according to certain sources, it is likely that he had studied ballet as well as tap dancing. He had even participated in some dancing events at the Apollo Theater in Harlem at the age of twelve.

Along with his Catholic altar friend, Wilson had spent his summers in Georgia with a very caring Christian grandmother. Demon earlier thought about following the path of becoming a priest but instead chose to pursue a career in acting. Wilson's appendix collapsed when he was thirteen, fatally wounding him. Wilson pledged at the moment to serve God as a grownup and to take the path of a preacher.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Demond Wilson’s partner?

Demond Wilson's partner is Cicely Johnston. Cicely Johnson was a popular model of her time and the couple took vows in 1974 and have been happily married since then. The couple is parents to six children, whose names are not available in the public domain.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Demond Wilson is one of the most popular actors of his generation. He is best known for being an amazing actor and serving the nation by being a part of the Army. Grady Demond Wilson was a very well-known and dedicated soldier belonging to the Army of the United States from 1966 to 1968. Furthermore, he had also served in Vietnam with the Fourth Infantry Division, in which he was severely wounded.

Before entering Hollywood, he appeared in several Broadcast and off-Broadway theatrical shows after coming back home as a decorated soldier in the fall of the '60s. While living in Hollywood, he appeared in guest appearances on TV shows, including Mission: Impossible and All in the Family. He also appeared in The Organization (in 1971) and Dealing (in the subsequent year 1972). Following his appearance as a thief in the show All in the Family, he and Cleavon Little were cast as Lamont Sanford in one of the comedy shows on NBC called the Sanford and Son.

Nevertheless, Johnny Brown was the first choice for the part, but owing to his obligation towards the show Laugh-In, Demond was chosen. Wilson played Lamont throughout the whole run of the show, and when Redd Foxx left the set because of some financial dispute with the producers, his character was written out for the rest of the season, and Wilson took over as the show's star. The following year, Foxx made a comeback, and the two collaborated.

When questioned in 2014 if he maintained contact with Foxx, who passed on October 11, 1991, he said that he only met him once before his death in 1983. He was playing sports, and tennis, at the Malibu Racquet Club, and he said some directors approached him about making a Redd Foxx golden Jubilee Special. He hadn't said anything, so he called the club where (Redd) was playing. They next met at Redd's office, where Redd was unpleasant.

Demond told the men that was a bad idea. Unlike Redd, Demond never really quarreled with him. People even said in Demond's book (Second Banana) that he was possessive of Redd Foxx. Demond is also known for his amazing writing capabilities; the melancholy recollections of the Sanford and Son years, Second Banana!, a book by Demond, a behind-the-scenes look at the classic series that the general audience was unaware of.

He further added that 'Fans of Sanford and Son from all over the world will want to read this book! Finally, the truth regarding the 'Sanford and Son' years has been revealed. Not just for myself and the first banana, Mr. Redd Foxx, but also the second banana. The Second Banana Personalized Book is created with unbiased affection. It's also an unusually honest look into the start of the series and what Redd and I went through to pioneer the early days of television for black people.'

For his roles like Cabbie-Busdriver (Full Moon High), Oscar Madison (The New Odd Couple), Kenneth Miles (Girlfriends), Agent Schamper (Me and the Kid), Raymond Ellis (Baby... I'm Back!), and Morgan Rivers (Hammerlock).

Wilson has written several Christian books concerning the New Age Movement and the hidden dangers he believes it holds for society.

Charity Work

Grady Demond Wilson has achieved incredible things in the worlds of cinema and television, and philanthropy. Demond Wilson had made significant contributions to the rehabilitation center, where inmates are educated and assisted in becoming good and realizing their faults. Demond Wilson has also made significant contributions to the cause of African-Americans who are discriminated against and prevented from realizing their full potential. He paved the way and established the groundwork for future black individuals who desired to pursue careers in acting and television. He is also recognized for making large gifts to numerous orphanage homes and assisting many children in continuing their education. He's also been observed donating to multiple nursing facilities for the elderly. Demond also held some fundraising charities very often.

What awards has Demond Wilson won?

Not much is known about Demon Wilson winning awards but it has been rumored that he did win several nominations for an Emmy award; apart from that, Wilson is a brilliant and amazing American actor and an author.

Demond Wilson’s Hobbies And Interests

Demond Wilson has a lot of hobbies, including reading books and playing tennis. Tennis was his one favorite sport he could never give up. Demond likes to sit in a quiet and calming place in his free time to think of ideas to write for his novels. He loved to look at nature and feel its warmth while thinking of ideas in his books. Demon also loved spending time with his dog, which he considered his best friend and his partner in crime.

He also had six kids, it was hard to manage enough time for each of them, but our hero never failed to give them time and support. During vacations, he would always take them out for dinner or to watch a movie. He even read the books to increase their knowledge and vocabulary. They were greatly motivated by their father. Demond Wilson was also pretty fond of cooking; he had helped his wife several times cook delicious meals. Apart from everything, our Demond is also a very kind-hearted philanthropist; he has helped a lot of people around the globe to have a meal or even to afford their education. therefore helping people is also a hobby for Demond

Other Interesting Demond Wilson Facts And Trivia

  • According to Demond Wilson's biography, he was born on October, around the date of 13 in 1946, and then he went on to become a preacher. Grady Demond Wilson was the name he had during birth. Although he was born in Valdosta, Georgia, he grew up in the famous city of New York.
  • Demond Wilson can now be considered an experienced preacher with a genuine desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Demond Wilson, who was formerly renowned as an actor, is a man who has seen everything from the very beginning. His highs and lows have shaped him into the powerful figure he is today.
  • When he abruptly changed gears and became an ordained preacher, his career as a Hollywood actor was prospering. Many individuals were taken aback by this odd approach. Wilson resided in Conroe in Texas for a long time; it was until 1984, that he fulfilled a boyhood vow by becoming an ordained priest.
  • After that in 1995, he launched Restoration House, a place that provides mentorship, spiritual direction, and vocational education to former prison convicts. Wilson has published several Christian publications about a famous movement called the New Age Movement and its societal concerns. Then on December 1 in 1998, CAP Publishing & Literary Co. LLC released New Age Millennium. (On some book publishing websites, Demond's given name was spelled as spelled 'Desmond'.)
  • Wilson began the book as an 'exposé' of some New Age 'symbols and phrases', as he has done with previous kid's literature. Wilson has been developing and acting in a melodramatic family picture inspired by one of the most famous plays, the play of Faith Ties, since 2010. Wilson says that the character in the play is a broken-down old drinker who has lost his wife and daughter and has given up the hope of leading a good life again. The main hero is a preacher caught in the midst, watching as people's lives crumble around him.
  • Demond got married at the age of 28 years to the popular model Cicely Johnston. He and Cicely Johnston were married back in 1974 and the couple is still going strong.
  • His role as Oscar Madison in 'The New Odd Couple' won him appreciation from all corners of the world. To date, this role remains one of his most popular works.
  • But without any doubt, his most famous role was that of Lamont Sanford in the popular series of the 70s, 'Sanford and Son'. As a matter of fact, the character of Lamont Sanford is still widely remembered by audiences across he world.
  • Demond Wilson is an ordained minister and now also works as a pastor. He was raised in a devout catholic family and at one point in time considered the priesthood as the career path, but took up acting instead.
  • At the age of 13 years, his appendix ruptured which almost killed him. At that time, the young Wilson vowed to somehow serve God as an adult in some ministerial capacity.
  • Demond Wilson was also part of the Vietnam War. He fought the war as part of the US Army under the fourth infantry division.

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Demond Wilson Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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