Denise Shull Birthday & Fun Facts

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Denise Shull Birthday & Fun Facts
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About Denise Shull

In her work with hedge funds and professional athletes, performance coach Denise Kay Shull integrates neuroeconomics and contemporary psychoanalysis.

She is well-known for founding The ReThink Group. She focuses on the beneficial role that sentiments and emotion play in making difficult choices.

'Market Mind Games' is one of her most popular works. It illustrates how Wall Street traders simulate Freudian transferences in response to market movements. According to Shull, the fractal geometry of nature is similar to the fractal elements of human perception. She started her Wall Street career in 1994 after working at IBM. She traded at one of the pioneering E-trading businesses in Chicago. She relocated to Schonfeld Securities before accepting a 1997 invitation to manage a desk in NYC.

Denise Shull established The ReThink Group in 2003 and via her membership at the Chicago Board of Trade. She continued to trade financial futures until 2009. She is an excellent communicator who has spoken at venues like Hendrick Motorsports in NASCAR, MIT, the US Ski and Snowboard Association, Harvard Business School, and Leaders in Sport. Additionally, she has made appearances on 'Squawk Box' and 'Halftime Report' on CNBC in both the US and Asia. She has been profiled in Forbes, WSJ, and Bloomberg Markets.

Denise Shull graduated from the University of Chicago in 1995 with a master's in neuro psychoanalysis. One of the first publications produced in neuro psychoanalysis was 'The Neurobiology Of Freud's Theory Of The Repetition Compulsion'. It was from her thesis study and was reprinted in 2003 in the Annals of Modern Psychoanalysis. She also graduated from the Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in 2009.

Denise Shull's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Denise Shull's net worth?

Denise Shull is a famous motivational speaker and neuro economist from America. She has an estimated net worth in the range of $1-5 million.

How much does Denise Shull earn per year?

Information regarding Denise Shull's annual income is not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Denise Shull?

Information regarding Denise Shull's height is not available.

How old is Denise Shull?

Denise Shull is 63 years old. She was born on September 17, 1959.

Childhood And Education

Denise Shull was born Denise Kay Shull on September 17, 1959. She was born in Akron, Ohio. She spent four months in foster care in Ohio. Finally, she was adopted by Wayne and Virginia, a couple who were looking to adopt a baby. She completed the Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance executive program at Kennedy School of Government. She graduated in 2009.

Denise Shull passed from The University of Chicago with a Master of Arts. One of the first articles ever produced in the newly developing discipline of neuro-psychoanalysis was 'The Neurobiology Of Freud's Theory Of The Repetition Compulsion'. This was her thesis study and was published in 2003 in the Annals of Modern Psychoanalysis.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Denise Shull dating?

Denise Shull is not known to be dating anyone as of November 2022. She kept her private life away from the spotlight.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 1994, Denise Shull started working for the Chicago Board Options Exchange as a short-term trader and trading desk manager. Subsequently, she joined the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and started trading futures there. She worked in the nascent multidisciplinary subject of neuroeconomics. During this time, she developed her neuropsychology-based approach to trading and investing at banks, hedge funds, and proprietary funds.

Denise Shull founded The ReThink Group in 2003 to address the issues of downturns, recurring errors, and confidence issues among traders and portfolio managers. Olympic athletes, seasoned poker players, and professional athletes joined the ReThink Group roster in 2016.

Denise Shull and The ReThink Group have created new tools and methodologies for comprehending and assessing decision-making. They refer to it as the Intuition Brain Game. A talent evaluation measure called HEADSx was also developed by Denise Shull to analyze prospective hiring.

Chinese translations of Denise Shull's 2012 book 'Market Mind Games' were made in 2013. In 'Investor Behavior: The Psychology Of Financial Planning And Investing', she was the primary author of the chapter on trading psychology. In 2004, her first piece, 'Freud's Path To Profits', appeared in SFO magazine. Since then, she has written for several hedge fund websites, including Thomson Reuters, CME Group, Hedge-Fund Intelligence, All About Alpha, and many more.

The New York Times, The Guardian, Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications have all featured her work. Denise Shull has also been featured in Fortune and appeared on Fox Business News with Liz Claman as a result of the success of 'Billions'.

Denise Shull has been on CNBC's 'Squawk Box' in both Asia and the United States. Additionally, she has made appearances on Bloomberg Television, PBS, CNBC, and Discovery Channel. She also appeared on CNBC's 'Halftime Report'. There, she examined the hidden objectives of the trading crew.

Denise Shull's Hobbies And Interests

Denise Shull is a pretty quick downhill skier and a lifetime Cleveland Browns supporter despite living in New York City.

Other Interesting Denise Shull Facts And Trivia

  • The Shull Method is a novel approach to mental abilities. It emphasizes emotion in the quest for peak performance and the removal of psychological obstacles.
  • It is the result of the author's unique blend of knowledge in neuroeconomics and modern psychoanalysis.
  • Denise Shull is highlighted on REAL VISION in 2019, the innovative financial TV start-up.
  • In order to address the issues of slumps, recurrent errors, and confidence crises in portfolio managers and traders, she formed The ReThink Group in late 2003.
  • Denise Shull has created exclusive coaching, training, and evaluation tools via ReThink to build the X factor in human performance under duress.
  • As of 2016, Denise Shull expanded her portfolio to include professional athletes, poker players, and Olympians.

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