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About Dick Van Patten

An exceptionally versatile artist, Dick Van Patten made his mark in Hollywood as an eminent actor.
Van Patten was also a dramatist during his teenage years before becoming a part of the tv and film industry. He was also known for being a great animal welfare activist.
Some of his best films and television shows include 'Eight Is Enough, 'When Things Were Rotten Friar Tuck', 'The Rookies Waldon', 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights', and many more. Van Patten left us on June 23, 2015 in Santa Monica, California. He was laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, located in Los Angeles. Read on for more about Dick Van Patten's family life and professional highlights!

Dick Van Patten Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What was Dick Van Patten’s net worth?

Dick Van Patten earned an impressive net worth as an exceptional actor, model, and businessperson. His net worth, as estimated by Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and several other sources, was $5 million.

How much did Dick Van Patten earn per year?

The amount of money that Dick Van Patten earned every year is yet to be known. However, considering his net worth as a highly versatile personality, it is assumed that he made quite a generous amount of money. He earned his income through his work in TV and as a film actor, dramatist, and model, aside from appearing on nearly 600 radio shows.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall was Dick Van Patten?

Dick Van Patten's height was last documented when he was 87 years old. At that age, he was 5.9 ft (179 cm) tall.

How old was Dick Van Patten?

Born on December 9, 1928, Dick Van Patten would have turned 94 in 2022. He was 87 years old when he breathed for the last time. His demise took place on June 23, 2015 at the Saint John's Health Center located in Santa Monica, California. Sources have revealed that he died from diabetes.

Childhood And Education

Born with the name Richard Van Patten, who eventually took up the name Dick Van Patten, was born on December 9, 1928 in New York City, New York in the United States. His parents were Richard Byron Van Patten and Josephine Rose. He had two siblings named Joyce Van Patten and Tim Van Patten.
Dick Van Patten became a child actor at a very early age, hence, not much about his educational qualifications have been made known.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Dick Van Patten’s partner?

On April 25, 1954, Dick Van Patten tied the knot with Patricia Poole, a professional Broadway dancer. Eventually, they parented three sons: Nels Van Patten, James Van Patten, and Vincent Van Patten. All of their sons have grown up to become professional actors.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dick Van Patten gained immense popularity for his impressive career in over 100 films and television shows, as well as radio. However, Van Patten's most critically acclaimed work included his role of Tom Bradford, the father, in the comedy television series 'Eight Is Enough'. Another movie titled 'Spaceballs', where he had played a king, is also considered one of his best works.
Before coming to fame, Dick Van Patten kick-started his acting career at the age of seven in 1935 when he played the role of a child actor in his Broadway debut production called 'Tapestry In Gray' aside from appearing in numerous Broadway productions as a teenager. Moreover, he made his mark as a dramatist on the New York stage and appeared in several plays at the same time. Later, he was found in Los Angeles with the desire to work in the film and television industry. Van Patten's first CBS television series that upped his career was titled 'Mama' (1949-1957) where he was cast as Nels Hansen along with several famous actors, namely Peggy, Wood, Rosemary Rice, and Judson Laire.
Before landing in the film industry, Van Patten appeared in several TV series such as 'The Silent Service', 'Rawhide', 'Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer', and 'Young Doctor Malone'. His debut film, 'Violent Midnight', was released in 1963, and he played the role of Lt. Palmer. Eventually, he appeared in some of the most critically acclaimed feature films, including 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights', 'Freaky Friday', 'Joe Kidd', 'The Streets Of San Francisco', 'The Abbot', 'WIOU Floyd Graham', 'The Golden Palace', 'Opposite Day Jack Benson', and 'Charly'.

Charity Work

Dick Van Patten received immense acclamation as an animal welfare activist. In 1989, Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods, an American-based pet product manufacturing company, was founded by him. To raise awareness and capital in the United States for several schools dedicated to training guide dogs, National Guide Dog Month was founded by him as well.

What awards did Dick Van Patten win?

Among the various awards that Dick Van Patten bagged throughout his career as an actor, two of the most respected awards include the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Palm Springs, California Walk of Stars. He received a star on the former on November 20, 1985 and a Golden Palm Star in 2008.

Dick Van Patten’s Hobbies And Interests

Dick Van Patten was an eminent film star who was highly invested in theater arts. He kick-started his career as an actor and dramatist at the age of seven.

Other Interesting Dick Van Patten Facts And Trivia

Not only was Dick Van Patten a critically acclaimed television and film actor, but he also made his mark as a book author. Two of his bestsellers include 'How To Get Your Child Into Show Business' and 'Eighty Is Not Enough'.

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Dick Van Patten Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Richard Van Patten

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New York


176 cm

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Actor, Businessperson, Model, Author

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Patricia Poole


Richard Byron Van Patten, Josephine Rose


Joyce Van Patten, Tim Van Patten
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