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Difference Between A Frog And A Toad: Shocking Facts You May Not Know

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Do you find it difficult to tell the difference between a frog and a toad?

Frogs and toads are quite similar in appearance, which makes it difficult to tell them apart. But several differences can be found in their small physical descriptions.

First of all, if you can't tell the difference between frogs and toads, you aren't alone. Different species of frogs and toads are present across the world. In general, they look alike in their overall appearance and also belong to the same order as Anura. One of the common factors among these animals is that they do not possess a tail. But they differ in many factors. These animals are both amphibians but from separate animal families. While they may be related in many ways, some key differences between frogs and toads can be made through their physical description. Let's dive into this amazing fact stated by Penn State University, that all toads are considered as frogs, while all frogs are known as toads. So in simple terms, a toad is considered to be a classification of a frog. Even though they seem similar, frogs have strong and long hind legs, which supports them to leap, but toads have a short hind leg to help them in walking rather than for hopping. Another difference is their eyes, where frogs have bulging, big eyes, and toads with a subtle eye appearance. The texture of their skin also greatly differs because frogs have slimy, moist and smooth skin, whereas toads have bumpy, thicker skin which is also usually dry. This is due to their survival environment factors. They are both mostly found near water bodies.

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What are frogs?

Any type of tailless amphibians that belongs to the order Anura are known as frogs. The term is used quite limited among members of any family of Ranidae, also known as true frogs. But, in broad terms, it is often used to differentiate them from warty, hopping, squat ones, known as a toad. Frogs, in general, have webbed, strong hind legs, with no tails, and bulging eyes. They are adapted to swimming and leaping.

Frogs possess smooth, wet, and slimy skin and many of these species are aquatic in nature, but some have been observed to live among trees, land, and even burrows. They can live partly in water and partly on land whenever they wish to, but they are rarely seen spending their life away from water. Frogs are cold blooded animals, which means that their body temperature can change according to their surrounding temperature.

What are toads?

Similar to frogs, toads are amphibians. But they differ from frogs species in many ways. True toads are being referred to as the Bufonidae family. Toads have dry looking skin, and they possess crests and warts behind their eyes and on their body among some. Parotoid glands are present in toads species that are known to produce secretion which is toxic and poisonous to defend themselves from predators. The bufotoxin substance can cause death to other animals and an allergy to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and tell the distinction between frogs and toads for your safety.

One of the interesting facts about toads is that they are camouflage, and can turn into the color of their surroundings to protect themselves. For instance, their body coloration turns green when they are among green surroundings. They also tend to puff their body up to appear bigger and inedible to predators. Toads tend to spend their time and move on land, and away from water, compared to frogs.

How are frogs different from toads?

Generally, one can understand and tell the difference between a toad and a frog. You can find all the toad vs frog details below.

Firstly, you can tell a frog from a toad through the common fact that frogs have longer legs than their head and body, while toads have shorter legs. A frog spends most of its time in the water, while a toad spends most of its time on land, and only during the breeding season, they return to the water, to reproduce. When it comes to their skin differentiation, frogs have moist, slimy, wet skin, whereas toads have dry, warty skin. Frogs often like hopping and leaping, but toads prefer to move around by walking, rather than leaping due to their legs being shorter. In terms of their eggs laying patterns, toads lay their eggs at a long strand, while frogs lay eggs in clusters, resembling a grape bunch. Frogs are more athletic in nature, especially the shape frogs species, compared to toads. One of the most crucial differences to consider among these two are that toads are poisonous, but frogs are not poisonous. Since there are similarities between a frog and a toad, true frogs are scientifically referred to as Ranidae, and true toads are known as Bufonidae.

Marbled toad on muddy ground

Similarities between frogs and toads

Apart from all their differences, frog and toad have many common features.

Frogs and toads do not have tails.

They are both amphibians.

The wildlife of a frog and toad are alike.

They both belong to the order Anura.

Frog and toad are camouflage in nature.

Their eggs look alike.

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