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Dillon Francis has also starred in TV shows and films like 'What Would Diplo Do?' (2017) and 'We Are Your Friends' (2015).
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About Dillon Francis

If you haven't already listened to the latest album of Dillon Francis then grab your copy of 'Happy Machine' and get grooving to the music!
Do you know that Francis also produced a soundtrack for a film? It was for 'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part'.
Dillon Francis has earned fame as a record producer, electronic musician, and DJ based in Los Angeles, California. He has made invaluable contributions to genres like moombahton, moombahcore, dance-pop, trap, and others.
He has produced numerous hits and worked with some of the most eminent musicians throughout his career. If you are a fan of electronic music then you should explore some of his famous songs like 'Lost My Mind', 'Need You', and 'Get Low'.

Dillon Francis Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dillon Francis’s net worth?

In 2022, the net worth of Dillon Francis has been evaluated at $9 million.

How much does Dillon Francis earn per year?

The annual income of Dillon Francis has not yet been determined but it is evident that the DJ is entitled to a handsome income per year depending on the projects he undertakes.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dillon Francis?

The height of Dillon Francis is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm).

How old is Dillon Francis?

Since Dillon Francis was born on October 5, 1987, he is currently 34 years old.

Childhood And Education

Christened Dillon Hart Francis, the famous American electronic musician was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California on October 5, 1987. His American father, Robert Drew Francis was a doctor while his mother belonged to a Serbian-Croatian background. He also has a brother. Currently, the professional DJ is residing in the United States.
Francis was exposed to music from a very young age. He grew up listening to punk as well as electronic music from the time he was a teenager. However, in his youth, Francis was more focused on mastering visual arts like graphic design, photography, and printmaking.
After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts which offered him the chance to learn Ableton under the mentorship of Cory Nitta and experiment with the techniques of music production. Eventually, he dropped out of school and focused all his attention on creating music.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dillon Francis dating?

No specific detail is available about the dating history or partner of Dillon Francis and according to reports, he is currently single.

Career And Professional Highlights

In 2010, Dillon Francis debuted as a disc jockey collaborating with Dirty Nasty aka Simon Rex, the rapper on Detroit Grand Pubahs' song 'Sandwiches'. However, his career in the music industry flourished after he was spotted by Diplo, an American producer, and when his collaboration song with Maluca, 'Que Que' was released. In the same year, he produced the album, 'Swashbuckler EP'.
In 2012, his two major singles include 'Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)', and 'I.D.G.A.F.O.S.', and in 2014, his song 'Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)' from the album 'Meow That's What I Call Dillon Francis! 69' became highly popular.
His first studio album 'Money Sucks, Friends Rule' was released in 2014, earning him global acclaim.
In 2015, Francis released his 'This Mixtape Is Fire', his fourth EP where he collaborated with Calvin Harris, Kygo, and Skrillex. 'This Mixtape Is Fire' made it to the first position on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums list of Billboards.
In 2017, his single named 'Say Less' featuring G-Eazy, was released and within a short span, Francis declared via live stream that he was no longer associated with Columbia Records. He would rather prefer to be an independent artist and produce an album.
After 'Money Sucks, Friends Rule', his second studio album 'Wut Wut' came out four years later in 2018 which marked his return to moombahton roots. 'Happy Machine' (2021) was his third album.
On January 25, 2019, Francis and Alison Wonderland collaborated and released 'Lost My Mind' and they set out for the Lost My Mind Tour which covered the United States. Later, he embarked on several tours including the Wet & Reckless Tour, Wurld Turr, and Friends Rule Tour
Francis has worked under various labels like 'Mad Decent', 'Owsla', 'Fool's Gold', 'Zee Music Company', 'Fly Eye', and Dim Mak Records'. He also performed at several festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Camp Bisco, Ultra, Coachella, Electric Zoo, and Tomorrow World.
Francis is not only known for bringing moombahton to light but also contributing generously to moombahcore.
Francis has also starred in a few TV series like 'Like And Subscribe' (2018), 'Typical Rick' (2017), and 'What Would Diplo Do?' (2017). He has played the role of Devin Andrews in the drama film 'We Are Your Friends' (2015) and a DJ in 'Scouts Guide To Apocalypse' (2015). He also featured in the opening season of the game show named 'Taskmaster U.S.' with personalities like Ron Funches, Kate Berlant, Lisa Lampanelli, and Freddie Highmore.

Best Known For…

Dillon Francis has earned global acclaim for popularizing the moombahton genre while also upholding dance-pop and trap music. However, the renowned DJ didn't limit himself to any specific genre, he loved to work with different kinds of music genres.
Early in 2012, Francis topped the Beatport charts and qualified as the first moombahton pioneer with his 'Something, Something, Awesome'.
The following year, he was listed among MTV Clubland's Artists to watch. He was also ranked number 73 on the DJ Mag Top 100.
In 2014, Francis achieved a breakthrough with the release of his debut album named 'Money Sucks, Friends Rule' which instantly became a huge hit and ranked among Rolling Stone's 'Top Electronic Albums of 2014'. In this album, he worked with Major Lazer, Twista, and others, while also collaborating with the famous French songwriter and record producer, DJ Snake on the hit single called 'Get Low'. His debut album landed the number two position on the U.S. Dance chart.

Charity Work

Dillon Francis also invests his time in charitable ventures. For instance, he has joined hands with PIZZASLIME, an apparel company to extend support to La Poubelle Bistro as well as food insecure and homeless people in Los Angeles. He helped to raise a huge donation amount of more than $72,000. He is involved with several charitable organizations as well.

What awards has Dillon Francis won?

Owing to his outstanding contributions to music, Dillon Francis became the nominee for the Latin American Music Award as well as Latin Grammy. The song 'Sexo' from 'Wut Wut' was nominated under the Favorite Video and Best Short Form Music Video categories respectively. In 2016, Francis won the Berlin Music Video Awards for his number 'Not Butter'.

Dillon Francis’s Hobbies And Interests

Dillon Francis is an enthusiastic traveler who is interested in exploring new places.

Other Interesting Dillon Francis Facts And Trivia

  • Dillon Francis is very active on social media and has a large group of followers. His Instagram handle has around 2,700,000 followers while on Twitter he has over 1,000,000.

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Dillon Francis Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Dillon Hart Francis

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Los Angeles



180 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Record producer, DJ, electronic musician


Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Net Worth



Robert Drew Francis
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