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Dinosaur Facts

Learn to spot your T. rex from your triceratops, your brontosaurus from your baryonyx, and discover some weird and wonderful facts about these fascinating creatures.

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for 165 million years, until a catastrophic asteroid struck the planet and wiped out almost all creatures 66 million years ago — but they have some modern-day relatives you might not expect.

Over the centuries, paleontologists have dug into the history of these remarkable creatures, and come to conclusions about what they ate, their habits and geographical locations, and what they looked like. Fossils have been found all across the globe, reminding us that dinosaurs lived both before and after the supercontinent of Pangea broke apart into the seven continents we know today.

From the tiny Micropachycephalosaurus, to the winged Herbstosaurus and the intimidating Dynamoterror, check out these fact files and learn more about the creatures that once ruled the Earth

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