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Fun Spinophorosaurus Facts For Kids

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Spinophorosaurus' were sauropod dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth during the middle Jurassic period around 174-163 million years ago. Their skeleton remains were found in Niger and from there, it is assumed that they lived in Niger. Reconstruction pieces of this dinosaur are kept in museums in Europe. Spinophorosaurus' were big dinosaurs that had a long neck and really a long tail. They had strong legs for carrying their huge body and had a small head. They were in the dinosaur clade Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Sauropoda and Gravisauria. Spinophorosaurus' were herbivorous dinosaurs that ate plants. They had a really long neck so reaching tall trees was not a big deal for them.

This was just the introduction part. Ahead in the article, there are even more interesting and funny facts about this dinosaur which will make you amazed.

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Fun Spinophorosaurus Facts For Kids

What did they prey on?


What did they eat?


Average litter size?


How much did they weigh?

7 tons (6350.3 kg)

How long were they?

43-46 ft (13-14 m)

How tall were they?


What did they look like?

Big dinosaurs with long necks and tails with a small head

Skin Type

Rough skin

What were their main threats?


Where were they found?



Niger and surrounding places








Sauropod family

Scientific Name

Spinophorosaurus nigerensis

How scary were they?


How loud were they?


How intelligent were they?


Spinophorosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Spinophorosaurus'?

Spinophorosaurus' according to scientific reports were huge dinosaurs that lived on Earth during the middle Jurassic period around 174-163 million years ago. They were sauropod dinosaurs that had long bodies and had an enormous amount of weight. Pronouncing Spinophorosaurus is a bit tricky as it sounds close to Spinosaurus. Spinophorosaurus is pronounced as 'spy no pho ro saur rus'.

What type of dinosaur was a Spinophorosaurus?

Spinophorosaurus dinosaurs were a herbivorous sauropod dinosaur species that lived in Niger. They were big in size and had a long neck and tail. They belonged to the dinosaur clade Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Sauropoda, and Gravisauria. They were phylum Chordata and class Reptilia. Their genus name was Spinophorosaurus and their scientific name is Spinophorosaurus nigerensis. They were Jurassic sauropods that had spikes on their tail end.

In which geological period did the Spinophorosaurus roam the Earth?

This Jurassic sauropod dinosaur, Spinophorosaurus nigerensis, lived in the Niger territory. They were huge in size with a long vertebrae. These dinosaurs roamed the Earth during the middle Jurassic period around 174-163 million years ago. They were early evolution sauropods.

When did the Spinophorosaurus become extinct?

Spinophorosaurus' were present on Earth during the middle Jurassic period around 174-163 million years ago. They were there from the late Early Jurassic period and might have survived until the early Late Jurassic period. They had small evolutionary traits in them.

Where did a Spinophorosaurus live?

The Spinophorosaurus is a new basal sauropod species that has only been found recently. They were terrestrial dinosaurs that roamed the Earth and were found in the Niger territory.

What was a Spinophorosaurus' habitat?

Spinophorosaurus' were a sauropod dinosaur species that roamed the Earth during the middle Jurassic period around 174-163 million years ago. They were huge animals that were found in Niger. Their fossil remains have been excavated from there.

Who did a Spinophorosaurus live with?

Spinophorosaurus' were herbivorous dinosaurs that lived on land. Because they were herbivores, we can imagine them being social entities. Herbivore animals typically live in packs in order to assure security from predators and to find food more easily.

How long did a Spinophorosaurus live?

There is no information available on how long a Spinophorosaurus exactly lived. We can compare them to another even-sized basal sauropod, the Diplodocus that lived for around 70-80 years.

How did they reproduce?

Spinophorosaurus' were huge reptiles that lived during the middle Jurassic period. It doesn't matter whether they were big or small, what matters is that they were all reptiles. Reptiles lay eggs in order to bring their young to this world. Spinophorosaurus dinosaurs would also have laid eggs after breeding in their breeding season.

Spinophorosaurus Fun Facts

What did a Spinophorosaurus look like?

Spinophorosaurus' were Sauropoda dinosaurs from the middle Jurassic period. They lived in Niger and ate plants. Their skeletal remains were found there in harsh conditions and then they were taken to Europe. Their whole figure and posture were again digitally reconstructed and the reconstructions are still there. From those reconstructed skeleton fossils, their whole body structure was described. In the Spinophorosaurus model, it is observed that they had a really long neck, a very long tail, a small head, and a huge body which is a typical sauropod dinosaur's body. They had strong pillar-like legs to support their big body. The Spinophorosaurus skull was small in size and had a deep snout and between the frontals had a 0.4 in (10 mm) long pineal foramen. The braincase in the head held both the brain and the inner ear. The Spinophorosaurus had a tall shoulder and an elevated or uplifted dorsal body or back. They had very unique pointed growing parts near the end of their tail which seemed like spikes. They were big sauropod dinosaurs and their body length range is estimated at around 43-46 ft (13-14 m) with a weight range of around 7 tons (6350.3 kg). a full-grown Spinophorosaurus would have been taller than a giraffe.

Spinophorosaurus dinosaurs were on Earth for several million years.

How many bones did a Spinophorosaurus have?

There is no detailed information available on exactly how many bones a Spinophorosaurus had in its body. These sauropods had a long vertebrae and only 13 pieces have been found so far.

How did they communicate?

This is seriously a big mystery. According to the excavated specimen, Spinophorosaurus' were herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs. They might have had their signature calls, or they might have communicated through a screeching voice or maybe a growling voice. Who knows!

How big was a Spinophorosaurus?

Spinophorosaurus' were big Jurassic sauropod dinosaurs that lived in Niger. By studying their skeleton reconstruction, we can say that were huge in size and heavy too. They were 43-46 ft (13-14 m) long and had an average body weight of 7 tons (6350.3 kg). Their shoulder was tall and round. At the end of their tail, there were spikes.

How fast could a Spinophorosaurus move?

There is no exact record available on how fast they were. We assume that they were slow dinosaurs. When a dinosaur is that big in size, it can't really run or move at a fast speed. They were slow but had supportive adaptations.

How much did a Spinophorosaurus weigh?

Spinophorosaurus' from the middle Jurassic period were big dinosaurs. They were sauropods that had long bodies with spikes near the end of the tail. Their body length was around 43-46 ft (13-14 m) and body weight was around 7 tons (6350.3 kg).

What were the male and female names of the species?

There are no special names given to Spinophorosaurus males or females. They are commonly known as Spinophorosaurus.

What would you call a baby Spinophorosaurus?

Like all other baby dinosaurs, a baby Spinophorosaurus is is known as a hatchling.

What did they eat?

Spinophorosaurus dinosaurs from the middle Jurassic period were purely herbivorous. They were sauropods that roamed around in search of plants. They had long necks and could reach tall plants easily.

How aggressive were they?

They were huge dinosaurs that mostly had a calm temper. Herbivores are not typically very aggressive-natured species.

Did you know...

The Spinophorosaurus was found in the year 2000 by Roger.

Spinophorosaurus size comparison

Spinophorosaurus' were big dinosaurs and were around 43-46 ft (13-14 m) long and 7 tons (6350.3 kg) heavy. If the size is compared, then the Spinophorosaurus is similar to a Diplodocus. Other sauropods like Argentinosaurus and Notocolossus were way bigger in size.

Why is it called Spinophorosaurus?

The genus name 'Spinophorosaurus' means 'spine bearing lizard' and the species name 'nigerensis' was given after the place where it lived.

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Main image by Nobu Tamura

Second image by Tostitodon

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