Do Beagles Shed A Lot? Top Facts All Owners Should Know

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Originally Published on Oct 30, 2021
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Many breeds of dogs shed, and it is a matter of concern for their owners.

Beagle is a breed of dog which sheds a lot, especially in two shedding seasons. So in this article, we will study significant facts of the beagle shedding pattern and how an owner can take care of it.

A Beagle is a dog who does not have much fur or hair, which means they have short coats on their body. However, they have two layers of fur or hair on their skin, meaning they are double-coated. This is a very common question asked by dog owners before adopting a beagle, whether beagles shed and some of them after adopting them also have queries like how much do beagles shed? These doubts will be answered through this article and you will also get to know other interesting facts about beagle shedding and how to get rid of it by applying home remedies.

Beagles are dogs with distinct coat colors. They have double coat colors which are not easy to hide or change by their owners as compared to those who have labradors. But this does not mean that it is not worth adopting a beagle as they are the most loving, cuddly and family-friendly dog breeds, especially when in pairs. Now let's talk about the length and density of a beagle coat, so they are short to medium in length and have a double coat of hair or fur, and are lush. Beagles are also known as working dogs. Therefore, the double coat of hair and fur on their skin acts as a warm jacket that helps them to remain warm all the time while they are with their owners working or doing some exercising. The functions of its two-layered coat consist of the inner coat working as an insulator which insulates their body heat and the outer coat acts as a weather-resistant layer that protects the skin and coat and also the inner layer from different weather conditions like sun rays, heat, and wind. It is a fact that dog breeds who are double-coated shed a lot and as beagles have double coats of fur on their body, they shed the most. They are available in colors like white, black, and tan and can be a combination of white and black or lemon and white, and so on. So the grooming does not depend on the colors because all the beagles shed much despite being any color skin and coat. When petting a beagle, owners should always keep in mind that the beagle needs proper grooming and brushing at proper intervals of time. Also, feed them with proper, and high nutritious food, as poor quality dog food may result in excessive shedding which will be a demerit for none other than you.

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Are beagles heavy shedders?

If you own a beagle, then you are taking a good decision because this dog breed is not aggressive, nor too big or small in size. The only thing that might bother you is their excessive shedding as it can also cause dog allergies. Beagles have double coats of fur on their skin and during the winter season, they make use of their furry coat which keeps them more warm. But this leads to excessive shedding. However, this can be cured by proper grooming, brushing, and feeding with healthy and nutritious food, their diet should contain proper nutrition. It has been claimed that beagles do not shed a lot like other dog breeds, but still, the amount of hair they shed can be bothersome for some owners. Some people think that small size beagles do not shed much but they might be wrong. There are beagles of two different sizes from which one is the standard size beagle and the other one is the pocket size that is the small size beagle.

As per studies and people's personal experiences, beagles are heavy shedders as compared to other dog breeds. This is because, earlier, this dog breed was taken for hunting and they used to live most of their time in shrubs, bushes, and wild and then their thick and coarse coat helped them to stay warm in cold weather. This is applicable for all double-coated breeds, whether they are working outdoor or with a team of people hunting. The dog's coat is waterproof as well as weatherproof which keeps them safe and protects them from any kind of climate. To make your dog's coat a healthy coat, you must provide them with some vitamin E, folic acid, and biotin as this will make their coat shiny and somewhat will help them reduce their excess shedding. There are some shedding seasons during which they shed the most, compared to other days and this shedding cycle must go on because it is a natural process among beagles. During this shedding season, the old fur from their skin will shed and new fur will grow automatically and thus bathing your beagle is a good option for a more healthy coat and fur to grow on.

When do beagles shed?

There are two main shedding seasons during which beagles shed their fur in large amounts. These seasons consist of the spring season and the winter season. During the winter season beagles shed their summer coat and bring on their winter coat. This acts as a warm coat or jacket to them and will also keep their health maintained during harsh weather. During the spring season, again they will shed their winter coat and will bring it on to their summer coat which will keep them cool in warmer months. This cycle continues to go on, as this process helps them remove the dead hairs from their skin within proper intervals of time. When new hair grows, they also feel fresh and new. Dog shampoo is usually recommended by a vet, but it is important to understand that this does not make their skin very dry or result in scratching. Regular baths are also not important during the shedding season, the benefits of a bath can be covered through grooming and brushing as it is a natural process. If you are providing your beagle with proper vitamin E, fish oil, and other supplements this will help to keep its coat healthy. Always make sure to consult a vet when you notice excessive shedding as this can be due to skin conditions your beagle is suffering from. which may lead to excess loss of hair and can also affect their health.

Apart from shedding seasons, there are other reasons why beagles shed, and stress is one of them. Sometimes, your beagle can lose or shed its hair due to extreme stress. You should ensure that your shedding dogs are not suffering from any skin disease as they are very sensitive, which can further lead to their health deterioration. Another reason for their hair loss could be due to lice and fleas present in the dog's hair or dense fur which will make them scratch their hair a lot and will eventually lead to shedding. Allergies are also the reason among them. But if you notice any kind of irrelevant shedding in your beagle or more hair loss which looks quite abnormal immediately take your pet to the vet as they may need a full check-up and treatment, which may not be helpful using natural home remedies. Therefore, proper grooming, brushing, and bathing are suggested by experts when petting a beagle or any other dog species or breed, to keep them away from diseases and remain healthy.

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How much hair do beagles shed?

It is quite commonly asked by beginners who have beagles as a pet, how much do beagles shed. The reason is, according to a study, the number of hairs shed by beagles depends upon the size and genetics as all beagles are not the same and all are not considered as shedding dogs. So there are varieties of beagle and therefore the shedding conditions are also different for different breeds. Some owners have claimed that shedding is not at all a big issue for them, just some proper grooming and brushing will help them get rid of it, while some have claimed that applying good dog shampoo while you take them for a bath plays a very important role in a dog's life because it prevents them from skin infections, fleas, and lice. Some state that shedding is good for beagles as they are removing the dead hairs on their own which will not cause any other infection to them and their coats will look shiny and new as well.

Generally, beagles are known to be moderate shedders but not all beagles need to shed the same number of hairs. Beagle shedding mostly depends on how much fur growth they are experiencing per week, per month as well as per year. Sometimes, shedding happens for the whole year and increases in the shedding season. Those beagles with thick fur and dense coat will shed more but it does not mean that those with little less fur will not shed, since they will also shed fur but not in high amounts. The growth of hairs in a dog's body also depends on various factors like the environment they are living in, genetics or hereditary of their parents, and most importantly the nutrition and diet they are getting. A proper diet can also reduce shedding in your beagle and will keep them healthy. This will also make their coat shiny. Grooming and brushing are also important factors to be remembered and brush your beagle at least twice a week to keep their fur and hair lice and fleas free. Though it is not possible for you to stop the shedding of your beagle but there are ways you can minimize it, and keep your home clean.

Why do beagles shed so much on summer days?

Beagles are dogs that shed a lot even on normal days but they shed most in summer because they are neither hypoallergenic nor hairless but they will never stop shedding as it is natural. Shedding occurs in dogs because of environmental factors like temperature and so on. They remove the dense coats which they had put on during the winters and grow new coats during summer, which help them keep cooler in the warmer months of the year. This can help them in keeping their body temperature regulated and protect them from getting sick. Shedding occurs in all types of beagles, whether they have thin coats or thick double coats on their surface and this cycle goes on as it removes the dead hairs and the old fur, while new fur grows over their skin. There are several ways you can do to minimize the shedding of your beagle, this includes shedding, brushing, grooming, and bathing. But excessive conditions must be consulted to a vet. Brush your beagle at least twice a week which will keep its coat healthy and germs-free. As well as this a proper diet and nutrition should be provided to them.

One should not worry about their pet dog shedding, but in case of excess shedding or abnormal hair loss then visit the vet as soon as possible because sometimes stress or any skin disease may also result in excessive shedding or abnormal hair fall from your dog. Use a good quality shampoo for your dog's hair as it fights against skin diseases. Shampoos like oatmeal shampoo and anti-shed formulas are recommended by doctors or vets for dogs' hair to keep their coats and hair healthy and strong. Bathing seven times a week is good for your beagle but washing them more than that can become risky as it may disturb their natural shedding process and this will result in skin strips and removal of oils, making their skin dry and itchy, which can also make the shedding in your dog even worse. Brushing helps in stimulating the blood flow in your dog's body and will spread the natural coat oil too. Many people make use of de-shedding tools for the shedding season, this tool works by raking the undercoat from the coat of your dog and will also help them in getting rid of last season's undercoat. Keeping a beagle isn't very easy as you have to handle the shedding problem but they are the best family dogs to keep. They may also have problems like obesity, cherry eye, etc.

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