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Drake Bell performed with Hawk Nelson in one of his music videos
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About Drake Bells

Born in California, Drake Bells is an American actor and singer.

Bells is best known for being a cast member of the Nickelodeon web series 'Drake And Josh' and 'The Amanda Show.' He was also the prime member of the movie 'Dragon World: The Legend Continues.'

Apart from being an actor and a singer, Drake Bell is also a voice actor who has voiced the character of SpiderMan in 'The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes', 'Ultimate Spiderman', 'Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H', and 'Avengers Assemble.' Bell is known to have co-written and performed the theme song of 'Drake And Josh', which greatly boosted his career. The theme song was named 'Found A Way.' Again, the actor from California was a cast member of 'The Fairly Odd Parents', 'Timmy Turner!', 'A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up', and As a singer, Bell released his debut album in 2005. After that, he created the album 'It's Only Time', and the album 'Telegraph.' By 2008, Bell had his first video album titled 'Drake Bell In Concert', a massive hit in Mexico. He follows the music genres of pop-rock, power-pop, rockability, and rock and roll. Bell has collaborated with music labels like Nine Yards, Surfdog, Backhouse, Nick, DB, and Universal Motown. By 2012, Bell had released his third album 'Ready Steady Go!' which sold over 2,000 copies. With this information only the tip of the iceberg, here we are detailing the entire lifestyle of Drake Bells!

Drake Bells Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Drake Bell's net worth?

Drake Bell has garnered a massive net worth of an estimated $600,000 throughout his career.

How much does Drake Bells earn per year?

The primary source of income for Drake Bell is his career as an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician. In 2007, he was known to have purchased a house in Los Feliz for over two million. However, he could not sustain the loan and declared bankruptcy in 2014. As the days passed, it became known that he had earned only $14,000 in 2013. The net annual income for Drake Bells in 2022 has yet to be revealed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Drake Bells?

Drake Bell stands at an average height of 5 ft 7 in (174 cm).

How old is Drake Bells?

Born on June 27, 1986, Drake Bell is 36 years old as of June 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jared Drake Bell was born in Newport Beach, California, to parents Robin Dodson and Robert Bell. His father, Robin Dodson, was the one who encouraged him to pursue a career in acting. Born in California, Bell grew up in Orange County and received a GED.

Details about his early life and education have yet to be revealed to the media. However, it is known that the parents of this singer had divorced when he was just five years old. And it was during the same time that he started his career as an actor. He is known to have four siblings named Kellie Bell, Joey Bell, Travis Bell, and Robert Bell.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Drake Bell's partner?

As of 2022, Drake Bell is married to Janet von Schmeling. The couple got hitched in 2018. They have a child together whose name has yet to be revealed to the media.

Previously, Bell is known to have dated Melissa Lingafelt for three years.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Drake Bell started his acting career when he was just five years old. By 1994, he got his first gig as a child star when he acted in the Home Improvement episode. In 1995, we saw Bell in 'Drifting School' as child star Kenny Smith. This gave him a huge boost to his career. In the following years we saw him playing the character of David in 'The Neon Bible', Jesse Remo in 'Jerry Maguire', Eugene Bob in 'Dill Scallion, Johnny McGowan in the 1999 'Dragon World: The Legend Continues', Young Rib Gordon in the 2000 'High Fidelity', Dylan North in the 2005 'Yours, Mine And Ours', Bobby Jr in 'Perfect Game', Rick Ricker or Dragonfly in 'Superhero Movie', Butch Hare in 'Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare', Kevin in 'College', Harold Kelp or Jack in 'The Nutty Professor', himself in 'I Owe My Life To Corbin Bleu', Drake in 'Pure Country 2: The Gift', himself again in 'Keenan Cahill's Story', Pi in 'The Reef 2: High Tide', Jimmy Narration in 'Space Warriors', White Tiger in 'The Little Penguin Pororo's Racing Adventure', Snowflake in 'The Naughty List', himself in '20 Moves', Jack in 'Birds Of Paradise', Danny in 'Under Wraps', Sam in 'Adventure Planet', Brody in 'Frozen In Time', Sebastian in 'A Mouse Tale', Announcer, Muscles in 'The Frog Kingdom', Manu in 'Jungle Shuffle', Blake Smelt in 'The Greys', Nutcracker in 'The Nutcracker Sweet', The Popstar in 'L.A. Slasher', himself in 'It's A Rockabilly World!', Ben in 'Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy', Arlo in 'Arlo: The Burping Pig', Jack in 'The Blind Girl', Damien in 'American Satan', Richard in 'A Stork's Journey', Byron in 'Cover Versions', and Oscar in 'The Big Trip.'

Now that we know which films Drake Bell has acted in, let us look at his work in the television world. He started his television debut in 1994 with 'Home Improvement' in the episode 'Swing Time.' Let us take a look at the other series of which Bell has been a part:

'Minor Adjustments' as Jordan in the episode 'The Ex Files'

Scott in 'ABC Afterschool Special' in the episode 'Me And My Hormones'

Charlie Atwood in 'Men Behaving Badly' in 'Carpe Dino' episode

Brendan, in the episode 'The Hole' of 'Gun.'

Clarence in 'The Bee Story' of 'Over The Top'

Shawn Boyd in 'Scott Free' episode of 'The Pretender'

The Blues Kid in 'The Thing You Don't' episode of 'The Drew Carey Show.'

Kenny in 'The Frogger' episode of 'Seinfield.'

Rodney in the 'Caroline And The Horny Kid' episode of 'Caroline In The City'

Cage Redding in the tv film 'The Jack Bull.'

The Main role in 'The Amanda Show.'

Himself in 'Double Dare 2000'

Walter in the tv film 'Chasing Destiny.'

Alex Sanders in the 'Dear Diary, I'm Dead' in 'The Nightmare Room'

The voice actor of Dusty in 'Rugrats.'

Himself in 'So Little Time'

The main role of himself in 'All That.'

The main role of Drake Parker in 'Drake & Josh' alongside Josh Peck

Himself in the episode 'Spring Fling' in 'Zoey 101.'

Drake Parker in 'Drake & Josh Go Hollywood', and 'Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh'

Fish in the pilot episode of 'The Fish Tank.'

Drake Parker in 'iCarly.'

Himself in the Nickelodeon documentary '7 Secrets with Miranda Cosgrove'

Timmy Turner in the tv film 'A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!'

himself in the 'April Fools Blank' in 'Victorious.'

Voice Actor of Spider-Man and Peter Parker in 'The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes'

Himself in 'Figure It Out'

Himself in the episode 'Tito Ortiz, Cary Elwes, Sally Kellerman and Drake Bell' in 'Celebrity Ghost Stories.'

Shawn in the tv film 'Rags.'

The voice of Matt in 'Abominable Christmas.'

Timmy Turner in the tv film 'A Fairly Odd Christmas.'

The voice actor of Spider-Man and Peter Parker in 'Ultimate Spider-Man'

Himself in 'Splash', where he came third

The voice of Spider-Man and Peter Parker in the animated series 'Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel.'

The voice of Andy in 'A Monsterous Holiday.'

The voice of Spiderman in 'Avengers Assemble' and 'Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.'

Drake Parker in 'Sam & Cat'

Artus Vitogast in the radio series 'This World's Not Big Enough' in 'Suspense.'

Kirk in 'The Biter' episode of 'Grandfathered.'

Ken in the tv film 'Cozmo's.'

Himself in 'Celebrity: Matilda' in 'Cupcake Wars.'

The voice of Michael Morningstar in the animated series 'Ben 10.'

Alan in 'The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars.'

The voice of Drake Parker in 'Snooze Pods' episode of 'The Adventure Of Kid Danger.'

Himself in 'Double Dare'

The voice of Drake Parker in 'Robot Chicken.'

Drake Bell has also been cast in several web series like 'I<3 Vampires' as Ian, 'BlackBoxTV Presents' as Jason, 'Kidnapping Drake Bell' as himself, Peter Gary in 'Dan Is Dead' as the lead role, and Spiderman's voice in 'Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload.' Bell has been the voice actor of Drake Parker, Spiderman, and Young Master Eraqus in video games like 'Drake & Josh', 'Drake & Josh: Talent Showdown', 'Marvel Heroes', 'Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes', 'Disney Infinity 3.0', and 'Kingdom Hearts III.'

As a singer, Bell has released several singles, including the 2005 'Telegraph', the 2006 'It's Only Time', the 2014 'Ready Steady Go!', and the 2020 'The Lost Album.'

Charity Work

The singer and actor Bell is known to have supported the NOn-Profit organization 'Thirst Project' through awareness. Besides that, Bell has also supported the Strawberry Bowl to cure cystic fibrosis and Toys For Tots.

What awards has Drake Bells won?

Drake Bell won the 2009 and 2010 Nickelodeon Blimp Awards four times under four categories. In 2008, he won the ASCAP Award, the Surfboard Award or the Teen Choice Award, the KCA Brazil 2008 Blimp Award, the Kids' Choice Blimp Award, and the UK Kids' Choice Blimp Award under different categories. He also won the 2000 Young Artist Award for the best performance in a TV movie.

Other Interesting Drake Bells Facts And Trivia

  • In 2016, Bell went on a concert tour in Mexico.
  • In 2005, the child actor and one of his friends faced a severe accident while they stopped at a red light on California State Route. He required 70 stitches to recover from the accident completely.

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Drake Bells Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Jared Bell

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174 cm

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Dark Brown

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Janet von Schmeling


Robin Dodson and Robert Bell
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