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Drakensberg Mountains Facts For Kids: Here's All You Need To Know

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Many poets over the ages have defined living in the mountains as a life-changing experience.

Photographers know the Drakensberg region worldwide, and these ranges are known to be a world heritage site. Mountains are famous for numeral things, and they provide an all-around experience; you can find caves and waterfalls simultaneously!

The cathedral peak is full of surprises. There is always more to see than what's expected. People believe the central plateau and the central Drakensberg have a different charm of their own and are bound to make you come again to catch a glimpse of this natural beauty one more time.

Location Of Drakensberg Mountains

The Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park is the home to the Dragon mountains, otherwise known as the Drakensberg mountain range.

The Drakensberg range is the highest mountain range in southern Africa.

Southern Africa is home to well-known sites that will win anyone's heart. However, when it comes to the rift valleys of this world heritage site, there is always something new to find out.

The Drakensberg is KwaZulu natal is famous for the giant's castle, all times of the year visitors keep coming to experience this nature at its finest.

The highest peak of Drakensberg mountain in South Africa is known as thabana ntlenyana.

Different locals call this peak of KwaZulu natal by different names; some also refer to it as thadent sonyane or mount ntlenyana.

Geographical Details Of The Drakensberg Mountains

The Drakensberg mountain has a rich history of its very own formation, and a well-known study claims that the Drakensberg mountain was formed around 182 million years ago.

The giant's castle being the number one tourist attraction site of this rift valley is not the only thing worth knowing about Drakensberg mountain. The eastern cape of Drakensberg mountain provides a beautiful site of three African mountain ranges.

The Drakensberg mountain was formed during the Jurassic times.

After breaking the southern Gondwana, the tectonic plates broke, and what emerged out of them was the Drakensberg mountain range.

The mountain carries the name Drakensberg was given to the mountain by the earliest Dutch settlers, and they gave the eastern portion of the Drakensberg this African name which means dragon mountains.

The Drakensberg mountain range is an excellent place for both flora and fauna to settle in. The location is home to many animals and birds

Few of the famous birds living in these mountain ranges are the black eagles and the bearded vultures.

The Drakensberg is also the source mountain of the great orange river, which is the main water body of South Africa.

Significance Of Drakensberg Mountains

We know a lot about the northern side of the Drakensberg. There is still very little known and explored when it comes to the southern side of the Drakensberg or southern Lesotho.

The champagne castle, which is on the champagne peak, is one of the highest peaks of the Drakensberg, KwaZulu natal.

The rich rock paintings of the Drakensberg mountain range are a true historical treasure, and they signify a lot about the history of southern Africa.

The main reason why the Drakensberg mountain has so many paintings is due to the softer rocks of the mountain range, which made it easier for people to write or carve on it.

The Drakensberg mountain range is also home to several other different kinds of mountains that are only found in the lap of Africa. One such is the famous white mountain. This mountain in South Africa is a solitary standing mountain range and is one of the most beautiful mountains in the eastern cape of the Drakensberg mountain, by far.

Drakensberg mountain is also home to various kinds of waterfalls. This range also has the second-highest waterfall in southern Africa, making the Drakensberg mountains a truly rare beauty that provides a surreal experience of various natural elements in the same place.

The Tugela falls view from the Drakensberg mountain is the true definition of nature at its best. Due to the mountain being at an excellent sea-level position, it provides one of the best views in the entire KwaZulu natal.

Ecology Information Of Drakensberg Mountains

The southern side of the Drakensberg mountain is quite important and serves the vital purpose of being a native site to the Sani Pass.

For tourists wishing to go to higher elevations on this mountain, it's good to note that the climate is wetter as you go higher, and the temperature also decreases.

The peaks of this mountain also experience snowfall during the cooler months.

Grassy slopes are present on the higher slopes of this mountain to welcome the tourists for their time to time breaks and refreshments.

However, after a certain degree of elevation, the peaks of this mountain are mostly treeless.

Due to the extraordinary amount of average rainfall received by this mountain, various water streams are present in the mountain venue at a higher altitude.

In the lower parts of the mountains, you can see a number of plants. Some of these are on the list of endangered species as well.

The species of grass which majorly covers the lower slopes of this mountain are the oat grass.

You can expect to see some snakes at higher elevations, and the place is home to over 20 known species of snakes.

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