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Here, at Kidadl, you can learn all the exciting facts about the renowned Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas.
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About Dylan Thomas

Dylan Marlais Thomas was born in Uplands, Swansea, Wales, UK, on October 27, 1914.

Thomas is a renowned poet and writer, best known for poems such as 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night', 'And Death Shall Have No Dominion', 'A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In London', and 'Fern Hill'. Additionally, Dylan Thomas also published several famous prose collections, such as 'Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dog', 'A Child's Christmas In Wales', and 'The Death Of The King's Canary'.

Dylan Thomas was a student of Swansea Grammar School. He was also a member of the Little Theatre and the YMCA Junior Players, where he worked as a writer, painter, producer, and actor. He was married to Caitlin Thomas and was the father of three children, named Colm Garan Hart Thomas, Aeronwy Thomas, and Llewelyn Edouard Thomas.

Dylan Thomas Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Dylan Thomas’ net worth?

Dylan Thomas began writing poetry at the age of 15. The first poem in his notebook is dated April 27, 1930. Within a few years, he published some of his best pieces, such as 'And Death Shall Have No Dominion', 'The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower', and 'Before I Knocked', and quickly became a popular figure in the literary world. At the time of his death, Thomas had an estimated net worth of $250,000.

How much did Dylan Thomas earn per year?

The annual income of Dylan Thomas is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Dylan Thomas?

Nothing much is known about Dylan Thomas' physical attributes.

How old was Dylan Thomas?

The legendary poet was born on October 27, 1914, and died on November 9, 1953. Thomas was only 39 years old at the time of his death.

Childhood And Education

Dylan Marlais Thomas was born in Swansea, Wales, in 1914, to David John Thomas and Florence Hannah Thomas. He also had an older sister named Nancy Marles.

Thomas' father was a man of letters. He attended University College, Aberystwyth, and earned his Bachelor's degree in English. He worked at Swansea Grammar School as an English teacher. Thomas' mother worked as a dressmaker.

Growing up, Thomas attended Swansea Grammar School. However, he left in 1931 to pursue a career in journalism. He wrote his first recorded poetry in 1927, titled 'Osiris, Come To Isis'.

At the age of 16, Thomas joined 'The South Wales Daily Post' as a reporter. He worked there for one and a half years and then became a freelance journalist.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Dylan Thomas’ partner?

Dylan Thomas was a married man. His wife was the famous English author, Caitlin Thomas. They exchanged their wedding vows in 1937 and remained together until Thomas' death in 1953. During their marriage, Dylan and Caitlin Thomas had three children together; Colm Garan Hart Thomas (1949-2012), Aeronwy Thomas (1943-2009), and Llewelyn Edouard Thomas (1939-2000).

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dylan Thomas, like many other famous writers, did not publish a a lot of his literary works in his lifetime. Even though he is primarily known as a poet, Thomas was a great prose writer, actor, and playwright. Even John Laurie, the great Shakespearian actor, once said that Thomas had the potential to become the first true poet-dramatist since Shakespeare.

Thomas published his first collection of poetry in 1934, titled '18 Poems'.

Two years later, in 1936, the Welsh poet published 'Twenty-Five Poems'.

'The Map Of Love' was published in 1939. The book consists of 16 poems along with seven short stories. 'The Map Of Love' was first published by Dent publishing house.

'Deaths And Entrances' was published in 1946 and the poems in this collection deal with the aftermath of World War II.

In 1949, the great poet published 'Twenty-Six Poems'. In 1952, he published 'In Country Sleep And Other Poems'. 'Collected Poems, 1934-1952' also came out in the same year.

Dylan Thomas also wrote and published prose. He published his first book in 1940. It was a collection of short stories titled 'Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dog'. Six years later, in 1946, New Directions publishing house published 'Selected Writings Of Dylan Thomas'.

In 1953, 'Adventures In The Skin Trade And Other Stories' was published. This collection contained an unfinished novel named 'Adventure In The Skin Trade'.

Before his demise, Thomas had planned to release a prose book titled 'Quite Early One Morning'. New Directions published the work posthumously in 1954. Lastly, 'A Child's Christmas In Wales' was published in 1955.

Other Interesting Dylan Thomas Facts And Trivia

  • The famous Welsh poet's interest in art was manifold. Besides poetry and drama, Thomas was also very interested in cinema. He wrote several film scripts, such as 'No Room At The Inn', 'The Doctor And The Devils', and 'The Three Weird Sisters'.
  • In addition to that, Thomas also wrote and narrated numerous radio broadcasts in his lifetime.
  • According to Paul Ferris, Thomas' primary biographer, 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night' was an ode that Thomas dedicated to his dying father. In this poem, the poet expresses his philosophy of death and asks the readers not to accept death passively, but to face it fiercely.
  • 'Poem On His Birthday' is another poem in which Thomas expresses his views about death. The poet dedicated this piece to himself on his 35th birthday. Here, he says that death is inherent in everything. Everyone must have to face this truth one day. Thomas also adds that every year he is moving closer to death and soon he will return to God, his creator.
  • During the '50s, prior to his death, Thomas performed his poetic works to audiences around America.

Dylan Thomas Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Dylan Marlais Thomas

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Poet, Writer


Swansea Grammar School

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Caitlin Thomas


Florence Hannah Thomas, David John Thomas


Nancy Marles
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