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EB White is one of the wealthiest children's authors, as well as one of the most popular.
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About EB White

EB White's full name is Elwyn Brooks White.

He became a contributing editor at 'New Yorker' magazine after serving in an advertising firm. He met his eventual partner in life, Katharine Angell, the magazine's literary editor, there.

White was also inspired by Don Marquis, a popular newspaper columnist in the '20s who published praised stories about Archy, a lyrical typing cockroach.

White rose to prominence while working at The New Yorker. As James Thurber describes him, White was a quiet person. If an interviewer or anyone he didn't know inquired for him, White often would hide at the building's fire escape, according to colleague journalist James Thurber in his novel Credos and Curios.

He was fired by the Seattle Times on June 19th, 1923.

EB White Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was EB White’s net worth?

Before his death, novelist EB White had a net worth of $3 million. He made his living as a professional novelist.

How much did EB White earn per year?

EB White's annual income has not been publicly revealed yet.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was EB White?

The height of EB White is not publicly disclosed.

How old was EB White?

He died on October 1, 1985, at the age of 86.

Childhood And Education

Elwyn was born in Mount Vernon, New York, United States, on July 11, 1899.

White died on October 1, 1985, near his property in North Brooklin, Maine, due to Alzheimer's disease. He is laid to rest in Brooklin Cemetery.

EB White earned his bachelor's degree in journalism at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and worked as a writer and freelance writer until wanting to join New Yorker magazine as a journalist and regular contributor in 1927.

EB White worked as a journalist for the United Press and the Seattle Times within a week after his graduation from Cornell University in 1921. He then became a writer for The New Yorker magazine, where he worked for nearly six decades.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was EB White’s partner?

In 1929, White married Katherine Sergeant Angell and stayed with the weekly publication for the remainder of his life. She was the New Yorker's first fiction editor.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

White's writings again for The New Yorker received immediate acclaim. His clever writings, written in a unique, straightforward manner with an approachable sense of humor, included observations on city life, economics, and poetry, among other topics. White also contributed to the magazine's cerebral and cosmopolitan tone by producing poetry, cartoon captions, and small drawings. White and James Thurber co-authored a book together. He authored pieces about rural living for Harper's magazine in a monthly column.

White and his wife edited 'A Subtreasury Of American Humor' in 1941. 'Stuart Little',' Charlotte's Web', and 'The Trumpet of the Swan' are all regarded as children's literature, with vivacious animal characters that effortlessly interact with the world of humans. In 1959, he rewrote and released 'The Elements Of Style', a work by the deceased William Strunk, Jr. that became a classic style guideline for English writing. 'Points Of My Compass' is one of White's other works (1962).

EB White's letters were published in 1976, his collection of articles in 1977, and Poetry and Portraits of EB White in 1981, all edited by D.L. Guth.

In 1945, EB White released his first children's book. 'Stuart Little' told the story of a mouse who lived with his family group in New York and had a lot of fun.

EB White's first short story was 'Ho Hum'. The famous quote 'Never Hurry And Never Worry!' is from his book 'Charlotte's Web'. His first book was published by the United Press.

What awards did EB White win?

He received the Presidential Medal Of Freedom and a Pulitzer Prize Special Commendation in 1963. The 14th volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica included White's portrait of Harold W. Ross.

The American Library Association awarded Charlotte's Web, E.B. White's work, the Newbery Medal with honorable membership in a number of literary societies across the country.

In 1978, he received a special Pulitzer Special Award for Literature. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Award and National Medal For Literature are among his major literary honors.

He received a National Medal for writing autobiographies and biographies.

EB White’s Hobbies And Interests

EB White likes to read books outdoors in his free time.

Other Interesting EB White Facts And Trivia

  • EB White's zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • The literary community first greeted 'Stuart Little' with skepticism.
  • EB white hated publicity.
  • He studied at Cornell University and worked as an editor in chief of a school's daily newspaper.

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Elwyn Brooks White Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Elwyn Brooks White

Date of Birth


Date of Death




Place of Birth

Mount Vernon


Book Editor, Poet, Journalist, Novelist, Children's Book Author, Screen Writer, Essayist


Cornell University

Net Worth



Katherine Sergeant Angell


Samuel Tilly White, Jessie Hart


Stanley Hart White, Marion White, Albert Hunt White, Clara White, Lillian White
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