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Learn some super inspiring Ed Hochuli facts and get to know about an attorney who was also a celebrity referee on the side!
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About Ed Hochuli

Ed Hochuli is best known as one of the best referees of American football.
He was an American football player as a child and well into his teenage years. However, he pursued a career in law and became an attorney.
Ed Hochuli is one of the very few people in the world who were able to turn their hobbies and interests into a full-time profession. Even though law and football do not necessarily go with each other, Ed Hochuli was able to merge both aspects of his life and excel at both.
Ed Hochuli was born in Milwaukee and was partly brought up in Tucson, Arizona. Ed grew up in a large household with his parents and five siblings. Not much is known about his parents or the nature of their professions, but it is known that Ed Hochuli was heavily influenced by his older brother. In fact, Ed Hochuli also admits that a large chunk of the competitive spirit that people now see in him, came from his brother and that he always wanted to make his parents and siblings proud.
Hence, Ed Hochuli worked hard while going to Canyon del Oro High School, as well as throughout his time at the University of Texas. After graduating with honors from this university and playing as a linebacker for the team, he went on to become a law student at the University of Arizona. After this, he was also admitted into the State Bar of Arizona, briefly before he started his own law firm. The law firm, Jones, Skelton and Hochuli P.L.C, was formed in 1983 and is now one of the top law firms in the country. Hence, we can see how Ed Hochuli was able to combine success from both fields.
Keep reading to learn more about Ed Hochuli, his career as an official in the NFL and his journey in the court of law as an attorney!

Ed Hochuli Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ed Hochuli’s net worth?

Ed Hochuli's net worth is undoubtedly high and there are a couple of reasons behind this. One of the most evident reasons is that Ed Hochuli was fortunate and talented enough to become successful in both the career routes that he took up simultaneously. His firm, Jones, Skelton and Hochuli P.L.C, is just as famous as he was in his extensive career as an NFL official and celebrity referee. Hence, there is a split of sources from where his net worth comes.
Ed Hochuli's net worth stands at $6 million. Some part of this sizeable net worth comes from his successful career as an attorney and founder of a law firm, while the rest comes from his career as a crew chief!

How much does Ed Hochuli earn per year?

Ed Hochuli served as a football referee for many years between 1990 and 2017. He was even given many awards for his style and his proficiency at the job. Hence, Ed Hochuli also earned a lot of money for his work as a referee and an official at the NFL. His annual income from this part of his professional career stood at $186,000. At the same time, he also earned a lot of money from his firm, since it also started winning many accolades for being one of the best law firms in America. This happened towards the beginning of the century.
While we do not know how much Ed Hochuli earns now, or earned when he was also working as a referee, we can very well imagine that his combined annual paycheck was quite large!

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ed Hochuli?

Hochuli is very tall and is known for his great physique. During his years as a referee, Ed enjoyed a lot of media coverage and was known among football fans as 'Hochules'. The term combines the words, Hochuli, his surname and Hercules, which refers to the huge biceps of this referee. Hochuli stands at a height of 6 ft 3 in (188 cm) and is one of the most iconic celebrity referees in the history of American football.

How old is Ed Hochuli?

Ed Hochuli was born on December 25, 1950. He is currently 71 years old and will turn 72 years old in 2022. He is reportedly just as fit and healthy as ever.
He retired from his career as an NFL official in 2017, but still continues to work as an active member of his law firm, Jones, Skelton and Hochuli P.L.C.

Childhood And Education

Hochuli was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was named Edward G. Hochuli by his parents. His parents' names were Walter and Mary Hochuli.
Ed grew up in a large family with his five siblings. In fact, one of his elder brothers, Chip Hochuli, played a major role in his development both as a football player and as an attorney of law. Hochuli has said on multiple occasions that he did most things in his life with the vision of making his siblings and parents proud.
The Hochuli family moved from Milwaukee to Tuscon, Arizona, when Ed was just eight years old. At this time, he had already started to become interested in football. Ed attended the Canyon del Oro High School and made himself known as a great football player in the institution. Ed then went to the University of Texas. While attending this university located in El Paso, he became a college football star.
Throughout his education, Hochuli was also given many awards such as All-State. After graduating with honors from the university, Ed attended the Law School of the University of Arizona. At this time and for a while afterward, Ed served as a Little League baseball umpire. Before he could ever be a referee for NFL teams, he was also the referee for school and college football, which gave him a much-needed impetus.
Once he acquired his Law degree, Ed joined the State Bar of Arizona and also formed his own law firm later on. However, he always wanted to pursue a career as a football referee and was given the opportunity in the early '90s.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ed Hochuli's partner?

Ed is married to Cathy Hochuli. The couple has six children together. Not much is known about his children or their names. However, one of Ed's sons, Shawn Hochuli, is known for having followed in his father's footsteps; Shawn Hochuli is also an NFL official.
Hochuli likes to spend time with his family in his large mansion whenever he is not swamped with work. He has six children and 10 grandchildren. Hence, the house is always busy and filled with family members.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Hochuli is best known as a former NFL official and a football referee from America. Interestingly, he is also a well-known American lawyer and pursued both of these careers simultaneously for nearly two whole decades. He was a college football star while attending the University of Texas and the University of Arizona. He also served as a school and college football referee in his localities to earn some money. However, Hochuli was bold enough to pursue his passion for being a football official, even after he had already begun his own law firm.
Hochuli is highly educated. He has an honors degree from the University of Texas and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona. He served as a member of the State Bar of Arizona, and his law firm has earned many awards since it was established in 1983. The law firm, Jones, Skelton and Hochuli P.L.C, now has many attorneys on the team and even Hochuli is still an active member.
Six years after the law firm was established, he applied to the National Football League for a position as an official. He was made a judge back then and was also presented with the opportunity to learn from a seasoned referee, named Howard Roe. He was appointed as a judge in 1990 and was then promoted to the position of a referee in 1992. The league was notably wooed by his excellent skills.
While the National Football League was impressed by his professional talent, his spectators were taken by awe by his style and the way in which he always made sure to explain the rules and regulations. To add to this list, Hochuli also has a great physique, which encouraged his fans to coin the term 'Hochules' by joining the words 'Hochuli' and 'Hercules'. Needless to say, Ed Hochuli's biceps gathered a lot of national attention.

Charity Work

Hochuli is an informed and responsible citizen, who often makes donations towards the causes that he believes in. Some of these include Autism Speaks and the Tyler James Riveron Foundation.

What awards has Ed Hochuli won?

Hochuli has won many awards in his life, both for his career as a referee and as an attorney. He was given the Best Referee Award by all of the NFL coaches in 2008. He also won awards for the Best Lawyer in America in 2003 and Southwest Super Lawyer in 2007. He is also among the top attorneys in Arizona.

Ed Hochuli’s Hobbies And Interests

Ed Hochuli, in his free time, likes hitting the gym. This is very evident from his amazing physique and the way in which he has been able to maintain it through all these years!

Other Interesting Ed Hochuli Facts And Trivia

  • Ed Hochuli was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • He and his family moved to Tucson, Arizona, when he was eight years old.
  • Ed Hochuli went to the Canyon del Oro High School.
  • He earned awards for playing football in school and college.
  • He attended the University of Texas and the University of Arizona.
  • He co-founded the law firm, Jones, Skelton and Hochuli P.L.C.
  • He joined as an NFL official in 1990.
  • Ed Hochuli was made an NFL referee in 1992.
  • He retired from his job as an NFL celebrity referee in 2017.
  • His net worth is around $6 million.
  • Ed Hochuli has been the referee for matches of the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions, the San Diego Chargers, and the New England Patriots.
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Ed Hochuli Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Edward Hochuli

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188 cm

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Referee, attorney


University of Texas, University of Arizona

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Cathy Hochuli


Walter, Mary Hochuli


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