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About Ed McCaffrey

Ed McCaffrey is a retired National Football League player.
McCaffrey currently works as the head coach at the University of North Carolina. He is famous for his outstanding career with the Denver Broncos, from 1995 to 2004.
Born and brought up in a large family, Ed McCaffrey had just the right environment to be able to hone his skills in sports. This is because he was the eldest of the five children that Ed and Elizabeth McCaffrey had and all of the siblings were inclined towards sports. For example, his sister, Monica, played basketball for Georgetown University and his brother, Billy, was known for showing his sporting skills while attending Duke University.
Ed McCaffrey played in the New York Giants team for three years from 1991 to 1993. McCaffrey then played for the San Francisco 49ers for a year and then started his long tenure with the Denver Broncos, which earned him much of the fame that he now enjoys.
Keep reading to learn more about Ed McCaffrey, his career as a professional football player, and his net worth!

Ed McCaffrey Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ed McCaffrey’s net worth?

Ed McCaffrey was known as a football superstar right from when he was in school. He was an NFL player for 13 years and was signed by three teams in this period of time. Hence, it is clear that Ed McCaffrey has a sizeable net worth. His net worth currently stands at around $6 million and will likely increase as he earns more fame as a football coach.

How much does Ed McCaffrey earn per year?

Ed McCaffrey signed a five-year contract with the University of North Carolina in 2020, to become their head coach. Under this contract, he has an annual salary of $190,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ed McCaffrey?

Ed McCaffrey is very tall with a height of 6 ft 5 in (196 cm) and has baby blue-colored eyes!

How old is Ed McCaffrey?

Ed McCaffrey was born on August 17, 1968. He is currently 53 years old will turn 54 years old in August 2022.

Childhood And Education

Ed McCaffrey was born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. His parents are Ed and Elizabeth McCaffrey. He is the oldest of the five children in the household. His siblings are Billy, Monica, Meghan, and Michael.
Ed McCaffrey was brought up in Allenstown and went to the Allenstown Central Catholic High School. He then attended Stanford University and established himself as a great football player. In fact, Ed McCaffrey also met his wife, Lisa McCaffrey, when the two were attending Stanford University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ed McCaffrey's partner?

Ed McCaffrey is a happily married man and is married to Lisa McCaffrey. The couple met when they were students at Stanford University and have been together ever since. They also have four sons together.
One of the most interesting things about Ed McCaffrey and his family, is that all of his sons are also immensely talented at playing American football and are on their way to becoming stars themselves. Ed McCaffrey and Lisa McCaffrey's eldest son, Max McCaffrey, is a wide receiver, just like his father. He played college football for the prestigious Duke University and was then drafted for the NFL. He played in NFL teams for around two years and currently serves as a part of the DC Defenders team in the XFL.
Christian McCaffrey, on the other hand, played as running back for Stanford Cardinal and was then picked in the 2001 NFL Draft. He was the first draft pick for the Carolina Panthers, which shows his merit as a player.
Dylan McCaffrey is also equally talented when it comes to football. His performance in school and his ranking in the country and state were responsible for the many offers that he received. Dylan McCaffrey plays for the University of Michigan team and it is likely that he will also have a great NFL career.
The youngest of McCaffrey's sons, Luke McCaffrey, is also a great football player. He was offered positions by many universities such as those of Michigan and Nebraska. Luke chose the Nebraska team and plays college football for them.
This essentially means that before becoming a school or college football coach, Ed McCaffrey was able to establish his teaching skills through the stunning performances of his children. All four of his sons have been football stars in their schools and colleges.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ed McCaffrey is best known as an NFL player. He has had a 13-year NFL career and hence, is very well known. Until his retirement in 2004, Ed played for the New York Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Denver Broncos. He is most famous for being a part of the Denver Broncos team and played a huge role in their success throughout the years.
Before being picked for the National Football League, Ed McCaffrey played college football at Stanford University. McCaffrey played as a wide receiver and became very famous for his skills. Thus, when he entered the 1991 NFL Draft, he was picked up by the New York Giants. He was in fact their third pick. He played for the New York Giants until 1993 and then joined the San Francisco 49ers for a year. During this one-year period, Ed McCaffrey won his first-ever Super Bowl. Afterward, he joined the Denver Broncos and started the best part of his professional career. It was at this time that McCaffrey was established as a great National Football League player and won many accolades. Ed was also selected for the Pro Bowl in 1998.
In 2001, Ed McCaffrey suffered a leg injury on the field and was unable to play for the entire season. He did come back strong during the next season, but saw his career taking a dip in the next year or so. Hence, he chose to end his career as a professional National Football League player in 2004, citing that he would rather retire than play badly.
He then started the next chapter of his life, by starting soccer, basketball, and football camps. He also became the head coach of the Valor Christian High School for a year, before signing a five-year coaching contract with the University of North Carolina to join them as their head coach.

Charity Work

Ed McCaffrey is well known for his conscious decisions and the way in which he tries to always help the world. He founded the SportsEddy Foundation, which hosts sports camps of all kinds and helps children harness their talents.
Apart from this, he is also known for his Dare to Play and Dare to Cheer initiatives. These programs are designed for children who have Down Syndrome and encourage them to take pride in their talents in spite of any physical challenges. These initiatives were started by Ed McCaffrey in 2011, in collaboration with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.
Ed McCaffrey and his wife, Lisa McCaffrey, started the McCaffrey Family Foundation. This foundation was created for the benefit of all children who are denied their right to academic resources because of any medical conditions that might be an obstacle.
Hence, it is safe to say that Ed McCaffrey is very aware of the issues in his own country and in the world at large. He also tries to make sure that the children of the country are given ample opportunities to nurture their talents, whether it be in sports or in academics.

What awards has Ed McCaffrey won?

Ed McCaffrey has won a number of awards in his career, including the 1998 Pro Bowl, three Super Bowl Champion titles, First Team All-American, First Team All-Pacific 10, and Second Team All-Pro.

Ed McCaffrey’s Hobbies And Interests

Ed McCaffrey is not only an American football player and coach but also a connoisseur of sauces. One of the little-known facts about Ed McCaffrey is that he has his own brand, which sells mustard and horseradish sauces! These sauces are available to purchase from most stores in Colorado.
Apart from football, he also enjoys all other types of sports. Ed McCaffrey was especially great at basketball as a child and still enjoys spending some time on the basketball court. At the same time, he likes keeping fit and healthy and hits the gym many times during the week to stay in shape.

Other Interesting Ed McCaffrey Facts And Trivia

  • Ed McCaffrey's net worth is $6 million.
  • He went to the Allentown Central Catholic High School.
  • He also played basketball while attending school.
  • His sons attended the Valor Christian High School.
  • He was picked in the 1991 National Football League Draft.
  • Ed McCaffrey was the third pick by the New York Giants in the 1991 NFL draft.
  • Ed McCaffrey used to play soccer, football, and basketball in school.
  • He is married to Lisa McCaffrey.
  • His children are Luke McCaffrey, Max McCaffrey, Dylan McCaffrey, and Christian McCaffrey.
  • His wife, Lisa, is the daughter of Olympic sprinter, Dave Sime.
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Ed McCaffrey Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Edward McCaffrey

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Football player


Stanford University

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Lisa McCaffrey


Ed McCaffrey, Elizabeth McCaffrey


Monica, Billy, Michael, Meghan

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