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The Mexican actor Eduardo Yanez was born on September 25, 1960, in Mexico City, Mexico.
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About Eduardo Yáñez

The Mexican actor Eduardo Yáñez has risen to international fame, particularly known for his rich and nuanced portrayal of Juan de Oca in the hit series 'Corazón Salvaje'. Born Eduardo Yáñez Luévano on September 25, 1960, in Mexico City, he has carved out a celebrated career in the world of Latin American telenovelas and beyond.

Eduardo Yáñez's undeniable talent has earned him a spot as a beloved Mexican actor born to captivate. His entry into the acting world saw him rise quickly through the ranks, becoming known for acting in a variety of productions that have cemented his status as a telenovela star.

Eduardo Yáñez: Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Eduardo Yáñez's net worth?

Noted for his impactful roles as a soap opera actor, Eduardo Yáñez has amassed a notable net worth estimated at $3 million as of 2023.

How much does Eduardo Yáñez earn per year?

Exact details of Eduardo Yáñez's annual earnings remain private. However, he is recognized as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, undoubtedly commanding a significant income relative to the industry standards.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Eduardo Yáñez?

Standing tall at 6 ft 2 in (188 cm), Eduardo Yáñez's commanding stature adds to his strong on-screen presence.

How old is Eduardo Yáñez?

As of December 2023, Eduardo Yáñez is 63 years old.

Childhood And Education

Born and raised in Mexico City, Eduardo Yáñez grew up with his mother and half-brothers in the absence of his father. Early on, he harbored dreams of becoming a professional footballer, but a chance encounter with acting, after viewing a theater rehearsal, redirected his aspirations. This pivotal moment led him to embrace acting, setting the stage for a fruitful career in the entertainment sector.

Although the specifics of Eduardo's education are not widely documented, the rich cultural environment of Mexico City undoubtedly influenced his artistic development and future success.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Eduardo Yáñez's partner?

Eduardo Yáñez has had previous marriages to Norma Adriana Garcia spanning 1987-1990 and Francesca Cruz from 1996-2003. He has also shared romantic ties with fellow actors Erika Buenfil and África Zavala. As of 2023, Eduardo's current relationship status is unknown.

Who is Eduardo Yáñez's family?

Eduardo Yáñez's personal life features prominently in media discussions, especially with his son, Eduardo Yáñez Jr. Details about other family members, including parents and siblings, have been kept out of the public domain.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Eduardo Yáñez is best known for his stirring performances in telenovelas, especially because he played Juan de Oca in 'Corazón Salvaje'. This role, alongside others in productions like 'Amores Verdaderos' where he starred with Erika Buenfil and Marjorie de Sousa, has solidified his reputation as a stalwart of Mexican television. His work has not only earned him critical acclaim but also the adoration of millions of fans worldwide.

Throughout his illustrious career, Eduardo Yáñez has left an indelible mark on the genre of soap operas, delivering memorable performances in a variety of beloved series. His notable credits include roles in 'Yo Compro Esa Mujer' (1990), 'Tú Eres Mi Destino' (1984), 'Quiéreme Siempre' (1981), and 'El Amor Nunca Muere' (1982), each of which has contributed to his legacy as a veteran of soap operas and a favorite among audiences around the globe.

What awards has Eduardo Yáñez won?

Eduardo Yáñez's acting prowess has been formally recognized with multiple accolades, reinforcing his status as a distinguished figure in the entertainment sphere. He has been honored with the prestigious TVyNovelas Award for Best Lead Actor five times and received the Emmy Award for Best Actor In Television in 1993 following his performance in 'Guadalupe'.

His role in 'Yo Compro Esa Mujer' earned him the Premios ACE for Male Figure Of The Year in 1991. Furthermore, his exceptional work in 'Destilando Amor' and 'Fuego En La Sangre' brought him the Premios ACE for Best Actor In Television Stage in two consecutive years, 2008 and 2009.

Other Interesting Eduardo Yáñez Facts And Trivia

  • Eduardo Yáñez's zodiac sign is Libra.
  • In 2017, Eduardo Yáñez found himself in the limelight for a confrontation that occurred on the red carpet with Univision reporter Paco Fuentes. The altercation, which began after a question was posed about his son, led to legal actions, with Yáñez ultimately facing assault charges.

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Eduardo Yáñez Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Eduardo Yáñez Luévano

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Mexico City



188 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?




Net Worth



Maria Eugenia Luevano
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