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Edward Avila used to create random videos with his friends and upload them on YouTube, but those videos are not available now.
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About Edward Avila

Edward Avila is an American YouTuber based in South Korea.
Edward Avila was born in California, USA. Edward started his YouTube channel on April 7, 2006, with the name 'mrpanda101'.
On that channel, he posted some random videos; Edward Avila, at that time, had a Nokia phone, and recorded him and his friends doing random things and posted them on his channel. Edward Avila started posting his signature makeup videos when he moved to South Korea. Edward Avila started using makeup when Edward was in high school. He had acne and wanted to hide them. Edward says his inspiration was Michelle Phan.
He stated that he learned that men could also use makeup by watching his videos. Michelle Phan also motivated Edward to start vlogging. Edward's followers on Instagram are in lakhs. Edward's zodiac sign is Pisces. He is a big fan of Ariana Grande and K-pop groups '9Muses', 'Monsta X' and 'Red Velvet.' He loves to take care of his skin and has a big love for skincare. Edward also has a budding music career. He has made a few songs, and he was always very passionate about his music career.

Edward Avila's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Edward Avila's net worth?

The net worth of Edward Avila is $ 350,120 as of 2022.

How much does Edward Avila earn per year?

Per year earnings of Edward Avila as of 2022 are $ 62,520.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Edward Avila?

The height of Edward Avila is 5 ft 7 in (173 cm).

How old is Edward Avila?

Edward Avila was born in 1992. Therefore, he is 30 years old as of April 2, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Edward Avila was born in California, USA, on April 2, 1992. Edward Avila is half Filipino and half American. He spent his childhood in the USA. And when he was in his early 20s, he moved to South Korea and eventually settled in Seoul in South Korea. In college, Edward Avila studied filmmaking, video-game design, and art. But he was unable to complete his college and never graduated. Edward Avila was born in California and lived there with his family.
The name of his mother and father has not been disclosed by him, but he has posted a childhood picture of his with his mum on his Instagram. Edward also has a younger sister who appeared on his YouTube channel several times. He has at least three siblings because he introduced them in one of his videos, and they are Abigail, Victoria, and Ken.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Edward Avila dating?

Edward Avila has not disclosed anything about his dating life, and according to the sources, Edward is not dating anyone and is single as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Edward Avila is best known for his YouTube channel, where he uploads makeup videos and outfit ideas on his channel.
The first video that Edward Avila posted on his current YouTube channel is 'Valentine's Day Look For Guys (Makeup, Hair, And Outfit Ideas)' in which he said that the looks were inspired by the spring Korean fashion of that year. He posted this video on February 13, 2013.
In his next video, he gave a tutorial on how to recreate the hairstyle of Lu Han, a Chinese singer. Lu Han is a former member of 'EXO,' the South Korean-Chinese band. Edward is not a trained makeup artist. Whatever Edward has learned, he has learned by self-training himself.
He is very famous on Instagram and has many followers. His subscribers on his YouTube channel are 1.59 million as of May 2022. He gives beauty tips on his channel and has collaborated with many brands. He has also interviewed many K-pop bands on his YouTube channel like 'TO1', 'LUMINOUS,' 'DKB,' OMEGA X, 'Blitzers,' 'BDC,' 'EVERGLOW,' GreatGuys, 'PURPLE KISS,' 'CLC,' 'T1419', 'Black Swan,' 'Brave Girls', Jessi (solo artist), 'LOONA,' 'DIA', and many more. Edward also launched his skincare products and uploaded a video about it on October 23, 2021.
He is known as a Beauty Guru. He also started creating his music and released a K-pop song, 'Body' for this song. He collaborated with 'EDM' duo Aoora and Friday.
Edward has collaborated with people like Beauty Beasts on his channel. He loves K-beauty products and creates YouTube videos on how to get a clear and bright skin complexion. He also shares skincare tips and products that he uses or thinks are useful for the same. Edward has also maintained a slim body throughout. Edward always comes up with creative content for his YouTube videos. He does all kinds of makeup looks, for example, the no-makeup look, graphic liners, heavy dramatic makeup look, or full-on bronze sultry eyes. one thing that connects Edward with his audience is that he is very open about his life. Edward shares his insecurities related to his body with his viewers. He has even made videos and openly shared about his rhinoplasty. Edward shared that he did not like his nose, so he went through the procedure. He had also struggled with acne-related problems and breakouts. He also shared his acne experience with his audience and has even uploaded videos related to his insecurities and the treatment of his acne issue. But amidst the love he got from his viewers, he had also received backlash and criticism when he invited a 15-year-old idol, Kyla, on his YouTube channel in 2017. In the video, he made a few comments to Kyla, which people considered body and fat-shaming. Because of this, Edward faced a lot of criticism. After this incident, he even made a video where he apologized to his audience. Edward Avila is very interested in creating new makeup looks and recreating the makeup looks of K-pop idols and celebrities. He also frequently tries makeup on his friends. Edward is also interested in music and is starting a music career as he has released a few songs.

What awards has Edward Avila won?

Edward Avila has not won any awards. But as he has more than a million subscribers, he must have got a silver play button and a gold play button from YouTube.

Other Interesting Edward Avila Facts And Trivia

  • Edward Avila has not only many subscribers on YouTube but also has many followers on Instagram.
  • Edward Avila teaches and tries new makeup looks on his YouTube channel.
  • Edward Avila has also faced a few controversies related to his YouTube videos.
  • Edward has also made many travel vlogs in which he traveled to Malaysia, Tokyo, Japan, and the Philippines.

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Edward Avila Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Edward Avila

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173 cm



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Abigail, Victoria, Ken

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