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After Abraham Lincoln died, remains of Edward Baker Lincoln were shifted to Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield.
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About Edward Baker Lincoln

Edward Baker Lincoln was born in Springfield, Illinois, U.S.
On March 10, 1846, Edward was born and died on February 1, 1850. Edward was named after his father's friend Edward Dickinson Baker.
Edward Baker Lincoln died only a month before his fourth birthday. He first fell ill in December 1849. Edward Baker Lincoln's funeral took place at the Lincoln home. The pastor who performed the rituals was the First Presbyterian Church. Edward was buried at a close-by cemetery Hutchinson's Cemetery, located in Springfield, Illinois.
After his father's death, Edward Baker Lincoln's remains were shifted to the Lincoln Tomb's permanent tomb, located in Springfield, Illinois. His brother William Wallace Lincoln was also buried in the same place. There is no precise cause stated for his death. There is much speculation on what might have caused his death. The assumptions are that he had pulmonary tuberculosis, cardiologist John Sotos said that Edward Baker Lincoln died of medullary thyroid cancer, and many more theories exist.
In October 1847, the Lincoln family, including Abraham Lincoln, Marry, Robert, and Edward, shifted to Washington, DC, because Abraham Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives. They started living in Mrs. Ann G. Sprigg's boardinghouse in Washington, DC. After a week of Edward Baker Lincoln's death, a poem was published in the Illinois Daily Journal named 'Little Eddie.' It was an unsigned poem.
The poem talks about how the midnight stars are dim with sadness and describe little Eddie as an angel boy and that the death has called the lovely boy. It also says how little Eddie would find heavenly love and how he was taken so that he could bloom in heaven. The poem also states that the angel child is now far but happier and is given a crown of gold. At the end of the poem, they bid their farewell to Edward and say that the home given to him is brighter and that he will now live in the kingdom of heaven.
There was no information on who wrote this poem, but it is speculated that Mary Todd or Abraham Lincoln might have written it. But, in 2012, an article was published by Abraham Lincoln Association that a young poet in St. Louis wrote the poem.
Out of the four sons of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd, only one survived, who was Robert Todd Lincoln.

Childhood And Education

Edward Lincoln was the second son of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd. There are not many details available on the childhood of Edward Baker Lincoln. Edward Baker Lincoln lived in Springfield, Illinois, with his family. And as he died when he was only three years old, there is no record of his education.
There is a story about Edward Baker Lincoln which goes around. When Mary Todd and the kids left Washington to visit their family in Lexington, Kentucky, young Robert Todd Lincoln bought a kitten home one day. And Mary Todd's stepmother did not like cats and ordered her to throw the cat away, and Edward Baker Lincoln protested and screamed not to throw the cat out. Edward then cared for and nursed the cat. The parents of Edward Baker Lincoln stated that he was a tender boy, and he was considered a loving, caring, and kind-hearted child.
Edward Baker Lincoln died at the young age of three, and therefore he didn't have enough time to indulge in doing charity work. But if Edward had lived longer, he would have been involved in charity as he was described as a tender-hearted boy.
There were no career and professional highlights for Edward Baker Lincoln as he died at the young age of 3; therefore, he didn't have enough time to make a career. There are no details available on the hobbies and interests of Edward Baker Lincoln. But few stories prove that he might be an animal lover.

Family And Relationship

Edward Baker Lincoln lived with his family in Springfield, Illinois. The family of Edward Baker Lincoln included his father, Abraham Lincoln, who was an American lawyer and became the president of the United States, and his mother, Mary Todd Lincoln, who was the first lady of the United States till the assassination of her husband. She was a well-educated lady who belonged to a prominent and wealthy family in Kentucky.
Edward Baker Lincoln also had siblings, William Wallace Lincoln, Tad Lincoln, and Robert Todd Lincoln. Edward became ill in December 1849 and died at the young age of three on February 1, 1850. Therefore he never met two of his siblings, William Wallace Lincoln, also known as 'Willie' and Thomas Lincoln III, also known as 'Tad.' The eldest brother of Edward Baker Lincoln, Robert Todd Lincoln, was an American businessman, lawyer, and politician.
Robert Todd Lincoln was the only son out of the four sons of Abraham Lincoln who lived. The younger brother of Edward was William Wallace Lincoln. He died at the at of 11 in the white house while Abraham Lincoln served as a president. He died of typhoid fever. The youngest brother of Edward, Thomas Lincoln III, was born with cleft lip and palate, which resulted in speech-related problems all through his life. He also died at the young age of 18. He was also ill.

Best Known For…

Edward Baker Lincoln is best known as the second son of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Edward Baker Lincoln has received no awards as he died young, and he didn't get a chance to prove himself.

Other Interesting Edward Baker Lincoln Facts And Trivia

Edward Baker Lincoln died on February 1, 1850, and he was about to turn four on March 10, 1850.
Edward Baker Lincoln's nickname was Eddie, and this name is also written on his gravestone.
Edward Baker Lincoln's younger brother William Wallace Lincoln was born ten months after his death.

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Edward Baker Lincoln Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Edward Baker Lincoln

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Place of Birth

Springfield, Illinois


Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd


Robert Todd Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln III
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