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Edward James Olmos is a very well-known American actor!
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About Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos is a producer, actor, director, and social activist.
Edward James Olmos is famous for his character named Marty Castillo in the show called 'Miami Vice.' He is also known for being the director of 'American Me,' a movie released in 1992.
Edward James Olmos played the role of William Adama, also known as Bill Adama, in the famous re-imagined television series named 'Battlestar Galactica,' which aired from 2004 to 2009. Throughout his career in the U.S. media, Edward James Olmos has diversified images of Hispanics.
Edward James Olmos has contributed to numerous successful films and TV series. Some of the TV series that Edward James Olmos has contributed to are 'Wolfen,' 'Triumph Of The Spirit,' 'The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, 'Talent For The Game,' 'American Me,' 'Walkout,' 'My Family/Mi Familia,' 'The Burning Season,' 'Caught,' '12 Angry Men', 'The Disappearance Of Garcia Lorca,' 'American Family,' and 'Dexter.'

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Edward James Olmos' net worth?

Edward James Olmos is an exceptional actor, and it is no wonder that his net worth is estimated to be $10 million as of April 2022. Most of his net worth is gained from his career as an actor, producer, and director of various films, and some of it is acquired from his endorsements.

How much does Edward James Olmos earn per year?

The estimated annual salary of Edward James Olmos is said to be around $356,400.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Edward James Olmos?

Edward James Olmos is 5 ft 7 in (177 cm) tall.

How old is Edward James Olmos?

Edward James Olmos is a famous actor born on February 24, 1947. He turned 75 years in February 2022.

Childhood And Education

Edward Olmos is a producer and actor born in East Los Angeles, California, on February 24, 1947. Edward James Olmos was brought up in East Los Angeles, California. He is the son of Eleanor (née Huizar), his mother, who was Mexican-American, and Pedro Olmos, his father, who was a welder and mail carrier by profession. Pedro Olmos moved to California from Mexico in the year 1945. Edward James Olmos' parents divorced when he was just seven years old. His great-grandparents raised him, primarily as his own parents worked.
While growing up, Edward James Olmos wished to become a baseball player. He even joined the Los Angeles Dodgers' farm system as a catcher at the age of 13. When he turned 15, Edward James Olmos decided to quit baseball and join a rock and roll band. This led to a small rift between his father and him, as his father did not like his decision and was hurt because of it.
In the year 1964, Edward James Olmos graduated from Montebello High School. While studying at Montebello High School, Edward James Olmos stood for the Student Body President elections. He lost the race to Art Torres, who became the future California Democratic Party's chair!
Edward James Olmos was the lead singer of the band named the 'Pacific Ocean' in his late teenage years. The band was called the 'Pacific Ocean' as they wanted it to be the biggest thing ever on the West Coast. This band used to perform in and around Los Angeles. They also released their one and only record named 'Purgatory' in 1968. While doing so, Edward James Olmos attended lectures and classes at East Los Angeles College. He included acting courses in his classes.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Edward James Olmos' partner?

Edward James Olmos has been married three times.
In 1971, Edward James Olmos married the daughter of a very famous actor named Howard Keel. Her name is Kaija Keel. Kaija Keel and Edward James Olmos had two kids together: Bodie Olmos and Nico Olmos. However, the couple could not make the marriage last forever and divorced in 1992.
Edward James Olmos has four children that are adopted. Their names are Daniela Olmos, Michael Olmos, Brandon Olmos, and Tamiko Olmos.
In the year 1994, Edward James Olmos married an actress named Lorraine Bracco. But after five years of separation, Lorraine Bracco filed for divorce in January of 2002.
Edward James Olmos had a long-term relationship with an actress named Lymari Nadal. Edward and Lymari Nadal got married in the year 2002, but Edward James Olmos and Lymari Nadal separated in the year 2013.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Edward James Olmos started his career in theater. He worked with small productions until he got his big break which was a role in the play named 'Zoot Suit.' This was the drama in which the World War II era was shown. Edward James Olmos played the role of El Pachuco in this play. When this play moved to broadway, Edward James Olmos got a Tony Award Nomination.
In 1981, Edward James Olmos appeared in the movie named 'Blade Runner.' 'Blade Runner' is a sci-fi film, and he played detective Gaff in this movie.

What awards has Edward James Olmos won?

Edward James Olmos has won numerous awards and nominations in his career. He was nominated for the Academy Awards for his role as a teacher named Jaime Escalante in a film called 'Stand And Deliver,' which was released in the year 1988.
Edward James Olmos won the Primetime Emmy Award for the Best Supporting Role for his work in the series named 'Miami Vice.'

Edward James Olmos' Hobbies And Interests

Edward James Olmos is a social activist. He makes several appearances at the Juvenile halls and speaks to the at-risk teenagers.

Other Interesting Edward James Olmos Facts And Trivia

Edward James Olmos used to live in West New York, New Jersey, from the year 1979 to 1987.
Edward James Olmos was offered an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.) by Whittier College in 1993.
Edward James Olmos was also offered an honorary degree of Doctorate of Fine Arts by the California State University, Fresno.
In 2007, Edward James Olmosobtained the Mexican nationality after seven long years of process.
The asteroid named 5608 Olmos is named after him in his honor.

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Edward James Olmos Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Edward James Olmos

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

East Los Angeles



177 cm


Actor, Producer, Director


Montebello High School

Net Worth



Eleanor, Pedro Olmos

Annual Earnings

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