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Elena Brower is a yoga celebrity and the author of many self-help books, let's dive in to know more.
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About Elena Brower

Elena Brower is a celebrated life coach and self-help author.
The October 13, 1970-born Elena Brower is a yoga instructor in the United States. She is devoted to offering healing practices of meditation and yoga and writing self-help books.
She is a renowned teacher and author who is also in a partnership business with doTerra. Her company also expands to offering couples courses, individual mentorship, auditory meditations, and more.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Elena Brower's net worth?

Elena Brower has an estimated net worth of $16.8 million.

How much does Elena Brower earn per year?

Elena Brower's earnings come from her career as an author and teacher, and her yearly earnings are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Elena Brower?

Elena Brower's height is not available.

How old is Elena Brower?

Elena Brower was born on October 13, 1970. As of 2022, the author will be 52-years-old.

Childhood And Education

Elena Brower graduated from Cornell University in 1992. For six years, she worked as a textile and apparel designer. Since 1997, Elena Brower has studied with master teachers of healing practices.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Elena Brower's partner?

About her family life and partner, there is not much information available. Elena Brower has a son named Jonah.

Career And Professional Highlights

Elena Brower has been a yoga and meditation teacher since 1999. She became famous for her teachings. Today, she is a known name across the globe. She is the author of self-help books 'Art of Attention', 'Practice You,' and 'Being You.' She has also contributed to the 'Yoga Journal' and Huffington Post and featured in 'The New York Times' and several other press outlets.
Elena Brower's empire has grown to include workshops, couples courses, and individual mentorship, apart from publishing self-help books.
Elena Brower is also the executive producer of 'On Meditation: Documenting The Inner Journey.' She is also the founder of Teach Yoga, a hub for thousands of teachers. In 2002, she expanded her empire and founded Virayoga, a studio in New York.

Best Known For…

Elena Brower is best known for her experience in self-help and yoga.

Elena Brower's Hobbies And Interests

Elena Brower likes to spend time reading books, traveling, and knitting.

Other Interesting Elena Brower Facts And Trivia

  • Elena Brower's audio courses and online meditation coursework is gaining global recognition for reasons of creativity and accessibility.
  • As of 2022, she is offering a weekly and monthly mediation class in New York for professionals and creatives.
  • The film 'On Meditation: Documenting the Inner Journey' offers a glimpse into the insights of meditation practitioners and explores meditating in daily life. The self-help author has also contributed to the Yoga Journal and featured in the New York Times and other press outlets.
  • As Elena was born in October, her zodiac sign is Libra.
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Elena Brower Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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