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Elias Harger is an American child actor.
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About Elias Harger

Elias Harger is an aspiring child actor born on October 22, 2007, in Colorado, United States.
Elias Harger began his acting career at the very young age of nine. He has played multiple roles such as the role of an innocent kid, Tiny Tim, and complicated roles in the movies 'Ghost Inside My Child' and 'Popsy'.
Elias gained success at the age of 12 with the role of Max Fuller in 'Fuller House'.
He is quite active on social media platforms such as Instagram with more than 199,000 followers and Twitter with more than 178,000 followers.
Born on October 22, 2007, Harger is a public figure and a celebrity actor. He was born in Denver, Colorado, United States, to American parents and has two siblings. He began acting when he was 5 years old. He is presently enrolled at a Denver Middle School. He also attended multiple dramas and acting classes and was quite praised in Denver Center.
Beyond acting, Elias Harger has quite an interest in playing the piano, skiing, drawing, and swimming. Elias started acting in theaters with his hard work and great talent. Elias was born with the birth sign Libra. This star actor is also a professional singer and is very much into playing guitar and listening to music. He also loves playing on the iPad with his friends and reading adventure and mystery books.

Elias Harger Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Elias Harger’s net worth?

With a huge focus on higher studies, Elias Harger has a net worth of approximately $500,000 at the age of 14. His salary is also growing as he makes roughly $5000-7000 from every episode he is in.

How much does Elias Harger earn per year?

Acting has equipped Elias Harger with the majority of his wealth so far. He earned as much as $10,000 per episode of 'Fuller House', in season 1. He also makes approximately $2000 from his social media sponsorships and ad posts.
Thus, the actor is now living a healthy and luxurious life.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Elias Harger?

Elias Harger, the young actor, is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm) tall.

How old Is Elias Harger?

Elias Harger was born on October 22, 2007. He is currently 14 years old and will turn 15 in October 2022.

Childhood And Education

Elias was born on October 22 in Denver, Colorado, United States, and spent most of his early days there with his mom, Jeni Harger, and two siblings. He stepped into acting at the age of five. Since then, he has been in many productions for the Denver Theater Community, such as 'A Christmas Carol' and 'Shrek: The Musical'. Elias Harger commenced acting in his school years.
Apart from this, he is keenly focused on his studies and is pursuing a Spanish-immersion school in Denver, Colorado. However, he has not announced his future ambitions yet. Although he is only 14, he is a favorite subject of many photographers.

Family Life

Elias Harger has American nationality and was born in a middle-class Jewish family in America. He is quite close to his family. He lives with his mother Jeni Harger, who works at IMDB as a biography author. He is the elder brother to two younger siblings, Issac Harger and Colyse Harger, who is also an actress.
Elias Harger loves to spend quality time with his family and likes to post pictures of them on his social platforms. He has a close relationship with his siblings and used to babysit them. Considering his age, he is most inclined towards building a career and no romantic relationships. However, he shares a great bond with McKenna Grace, his 'Fuller House' co-star.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Born in America, Elias leaned towards acting from a very young age. He made his cameo appearance by playing Cain in the short horror film, 'Popsy'. Before this, he used to do professional theater, commercials, and independent short films. He also appeared in the movies ‘Ghost Inside My Child’, ‘Shrek’, and ‘A Christmas Carol'.
The movie ‘Granny And Shoes’ helped him reach the limelight. He got his life's biggest break when he was eight years old through the Netflix series ‘Fuller House’, where he played the character of DJ Fuller’s flamboyant son, Max. Harger also received acclamations for his portrayal. His humor and charming smile made everyone a fan of him.
The brown-haired actor reserved his place in 'Fuller's House' when he was in second grade and was only seven years old. Later, Elias Harger bagged the role in the Netflix series for five seasons.

Charity Work

Elias Harger has a huge net worth as a kid but is not much known for his charity work. However, it is known that he owns a fundraiser website where he sells limited edition t-shirts that feature motivational and positive communicating self-worth and promote acceptance. The campaign is Be Good To Each Other, which raises funds and spreads awareness for the prevention of bullying and supports PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

What awards has Elias Harger won?

As a budding actor, Elias has already won nine acting acclaims. His other remarkable projects include 'The Ghost Inside My Child' in 2013, 'Popsy' in 2014, and, 'Guardian Angel' in 2018. He is also the winner of the Teen Choice Awards in 2016.

Elias Harger’s Hobbies And Interests

Elias Harger has a keen interest in playing the piano, drawing, swimming, and skiing. Besides, he is musically talented and plays guitar as well. His favorite Greek food is chickpea dip and saganaki, lahanodolmades, pita, and pastitsio. Juggling between filming and school, Harger also takes part in learning archery and speaking French and Spanish.

Other Interesting Elias Harger Facts And Trivia

  • Elias Harger was born Elias Logan Harger.
  • Elias faces problems in learning dialogue. He used to memorize dialogue by listening to the lines being said.
  • One of the interesting facts about Elias is that he has Greek heritage on his father’s side of the family.
    Main image credits: Eugene Powers/Shutterstock

Elias Harger Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Elias Harger

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155 cm

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Dark Brown

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Actor, Model, Public Figure


Spanish-immersion School

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Jeni Harger, Marc Harger


Issac Harger, Colyse Harger

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