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About Elle Walker

YouTube is the most preferred platform for professionals to share content and upload videos!

Elle Walker is one of the most famous YouTubers out there in America. She runs her YouTube channel and has a total of two YouTube channels.

Elle Walker started her journey with the YouTube channel by posting weekly videos in 2011. Her professional videos first began to surface on her channel 'WhatsUpELLE.' At the start of her career with YouTube, Elle Walker had a tough time getting her YouTube channel to its success today when the YouTube star decided to collaborate with her friends to start another parenting channel.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Elle Walker's net worth?

Elle Walker posts weekly videos on her YouTube channel. Her channel with the name 'WhatsUpMom' is the primary source of her income. She has a net worth of around three million through that channel, where she posts parenting videos and other kinds of mom hacks.

How much does Elle Walker earn per year?

Besides her personal vlogs, Elle Walker also posts videos on her parenting channel. She has three children, and she shares her experience of motherhood and advises through that channel. She currently has two channels on YouTube. The first is 'WhatsUpELLE,' and the second is 'WhatsUpMoms.' She shares her vlogs and personal adventures on her first channel. Her per-year income is around $400,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Elle Walker?

Elle Walker is around 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall.

How old is Elle Walker?

Elle Walker is about 40 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Walker lives in Pennsylvania. Elle Walker has three children, and she attended Stanford University in 2002. From Stanford University, she got a bachelor's degree in Technology And Society. Her children are Presley Walker, Ford Walker, and Tess Walker.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Elle Walker's partner?

Elle Walker is married to Ross Walker; she and Ross Walker married in 2013. Elle Walker has three children with Ross Walker.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Elle Walker is known for uploading her dance videos and personal adventures on the channel 'WhatsUpELLE.' However, before that, she joined YouTube with the account 'Whatever Hollywood.' Her channel 'Whatever Hollywood' got banned, and she again joined the YouTube community with the name 'WhatsUpELLE.' Her dance videos and other personal videos were uploaded on her account 'WhatsUpELLE.' In 2013, she opened another account, 'WhatsUpMoms.'

She started this account with her friends Connie Kin, Meg Resnikoff, and Mahan Brooke Mahan. 'WhatsUpMoms' was a channel created to brew parenting content to help new parents. Together with her friends Connie Kin, Meg Resnikoff, and Brooke Mahan, the YouTuber has worked with Michelle Obama to create parenting content! Not just that, they have many sponsors, and they recently signed Esther Anderson as their new sponsor.

The YouTube star has also attracted collaboration with Kohler Puffs and even with a big name like Disney. Her Instagram account is public, and fans get to see tidbits of Elle Walker's life and the whereabouts of her family members on her social media. After Walker created the channel 'WhatsUpMom,' she stopped posting videos on her earlier channel,' WhatsUpElle.' In her career, Walker was also seen alongside Ashton Kutcher. Her track is full of mom hacks and advice that new parents can use!

Elle Walker has joined the YouTube community with three different channels. Although her first channel got banned, her second channel didn't reach as much success. Only after making the channel 'WhatsUpMom' did Elle Walker get the win she aimed for. Her channel 'WhatsUpMom' has remained the primary source of her income and a big success. She uploads professional videos here and as well as also gives many parenting tips.

Walker has also gathered many sponsorships through the channel as well. Her channel has over three million followers, and in total, she has a total of 250 million views on her channel as of 2022. She has also won many awards for the premium content she creates for parents. She is also known for creating funny content as well along with Parodies. Only recently, the channel signed two new sponsors; one of them is Karen Alpert, a known New York Times Bestseller Author. The other is Kathryn from 'Do It On A Dime.'

What awards has Elle Walker won?

Walker has gathered a vast YouTube community for herself. Her channel 'WhatsUpMoms' was created in 2013, and since then, they have had more than 3 million followers as of 2022. Walker and her YouTube channel have won awards in many family category awards.

Elle Walker's Hobbies And Interests

Elle Walker was always interested in entertainment and media. However, she doesn't hold a degree in the same area. Along with her friends, she co-founded her channel 'WhatsUpMoms.' Their parenting channel came to a stop in 2014 when one of its co-founders passed away.

During this time, the remaining co-founders couldn't upload any videos, and they were encouraged by their fans in this challenging time. The channel got back to its feet by the end of 2014. Elle Walker's most treasured hobby is creating content and making the most out of it!

Other Interesting Elle Walker Facts And Trivia

  • For Walker, the inspiration to start her YouTube channel struck when she searched online for parenting tips but couldn't find any.
  • According to Walker, she looked for mom hacks and parenting tips online during her initial years of being a mother. She couldn't find any and decided to do the job herself and make videos about it to help other moms!
  • Walker's YouTube channel is said to gain over 30 million views every month as of 2022.
  • The channel also collaborated with first lady Michelle Obama on their fifth anniversary for the video named 'Five Ways To Get Your Kids Eat More Veggies.'
  • They also released a Taylor Swift' Blank Space' Parody (Mom Version), which also gathered many views and appreciation for their creativity.
  • In 2017, their channel received the award of Forbes #1 Influencer In The Category Of Parenting.
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Elle Walker Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Elle Walker

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Ross Walker
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