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A famous Ellen Hamilton Latzen fact is the actress is now no longer active in the film industry.
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About Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Ellen Hamilton Latzen was a child actor, and her acting career started when she was just six years old.

Ellen Hamilton Latzen doesn't come from a family who is well aware of the show business. Nonetheless, it was a remarkable coincidence that introduced Ellen Hamilton Latzen to the entertainment industry as a child.

Both the parents of Ellen Hamilton Latzen are not in the show business and, hence, don't have any contacts in the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, her mother, Anne Hamilton, read a paper that said they needed a child actress for an upcoming movie. The film's name was not given in the paper; however, it was shown that Adrian Lyne was going to be the director of the movie. Thus, this was an opportunity for Anne Hamilton and her husband, Bob Latzen, to get their six-year-old daughter Ellen Hamilton Latzen introduced to the industry.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ellen Hamilton Latzen's net worth?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen's first good role was the daughter of Michael Douglas. From then on, Ellen Hamilton Latzen started getting more gigs; today, her net worth is around $13.5 million.

How much does Ellen Hamilton Latzen earn per year?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen came into the limelight after starring in the film 'Fatal Attraction.' In that film, she played the role of Ellen Gallagher. Ellen Hamilton Latzen had acted in many tv series and gave many acting auditions when she was just around six years old. The per year income of Ellen Hamilton Latzen is around $200,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ellen Hamilton Latzen?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is around 5 ft 1 in (157 cm) tall.

How old is Ellen Hamilton Latzen?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen was introduced to the film industry through her parents. Her acting career started early, and some of her work even stood in an excellent position at the box office. Today the child actress Ellen Hamilton Latzen is around 41 years old.

Childhood And Education

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is a child actor. She was born to Anne Hamilton, a web designer, and her father, Bob Latzen. Both of her parents weren't previously familiar with the show business. Her parents got a divorce when she was just four years old. Her mom came across an ad in the newspaper about requiring a child actress for a movie. Ellen Hamilton Latzen appeared for that audition and beat thousand of other candidates.

She played the role of Michelle Davis in the film 'Family Ties.' During her early life as an actor, she would also attend school side by side. From 1987-1989, Hamilton Latzen got roles in many other TV series. She grew up with her two sisters, Elena Latzen and Anna Latzen. She then left the show business to study at the California College located in San Francisco.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ellen Hamilton Latzen dating?

Not much info is provided about the personal life of Ellen Hamilton Latzen. Nonetheless, people believe that she is dating Dave Baum. However, she isn't married to Dave Baum.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is a known child actor, and fans still remember her first role as Ellen Gallagher. Her first role was in the film 'Fatal Attraction' where she played to be the daughter of Michael Douglas. From 1987 to 1997, Ellen Hamilton Latzen played in many tv-series. In 1988 Hamilton Latzen played in the movie 'Mr. North'. She played Ruby Sue in the 1989 film the 'Christmas Vacation.' Apart from that, the actress was also seen in the 1996 movie 'Alkali.'

Ellen Hamilton Latzen enjoyed acting while in school and appeared in TV series. However, after working in the industry for ten years, she realized she had other interests. She left working in the show business after the year 1997. Her last movie was 'Boys Life 2', which came out in 1997. After that year, she left for college and started studying Arts at the California College.

The actress only recently started a podcast as well, in 2015. The name of the podcast is about children in the film industry. In the podcast, she talks about her film industry experience as a child actor and what one can expect out of the industry. The actress had a promising career in the entertainment industry and gave the box office some good movies to relish while she was an actress.

Hamilton Latzen worked in the show business for ten years. She was introduced to the industry very young by her mother. However, over ten years, she had worked in almost five movies. Her most famous one remains to be the first movie in which she acted. 'Fatal Attraction' is the best movie and the most remembered by fans. Others also believe that her role as Ruby Sue, where she played Randy Quaid's daughter, was also equally memorable.

In 1997, Hamilton Latzen moved to a boarding school, which was the end of her career as an actress. After graduating from college, she decided to live an everyday life and pursue her career outside the entertainment industry. She released a show, 'Watched' about the child actors in Hollywood and talked about how childhood feels in front of cameras.

Ellen Hamilton Latzen's Hobbies And Interests

Ellen Hamilton Latzen was a part of the film industry since she was six years old. In a way, it became her hobby, and she enjoyed doing it. However, later she realized her passion for arts and history and left the industry to pursue that.

Other Interesting Ellen Hamilton Latzen Facts And Trivia

  • Hamilton Latzen has many successful careers outside of the film industry; they are hospitality and advertising.
  • According to sources, Hamilton Latzen also has her startups, and today, she is living in Los Angeles with a very successful career outside the film industry.
  • Hamilton Latzen once said that it was difficult for her as a child to manage both school and also acting in movies. However, she enjoyed her time in the film industry.

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