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Elsa Patton was born on August 25, 1936, in Cuba with the star sign Virgo.
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About Elsa Patton

Elisa Patton was one of the famous reality stars known for the reality series titled 'The Real Housewives of Miami.'

In the reality series, she made her appearance with her daughter, Marysol Patton. In addition, Elsa Patton made her appearance in 'Havana Elsa,' a television web series released on the Bravo's website in 2012.

Elsa was the founder of The Patton Group in Miami, Florida, the USA. Apart from her appearances in television series and shows as a reality star, she was a successful businesswoman too. Havana Elsa Coffee, one of her business ventures, is currently operated by The Patton Group. Elsa was also a popular fashion model in Florida.

Elsa Patton made money from her career as a successful television star and also managed to earn a huge fortune from her business venture. As per the reports, it is also said that she backed up a major part of her income to her business ventures.

Elsa Patton had dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

Elsa Patton's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Elsa Patton's net worth?

Elsa Patton died on May 11, 2019, and at the time of her death, her estimated net worth was around $10 million, approximately.

How much did Elsa Patton earn per year?

As a popular reality television star, she earned around $100,000 yearly income from her television career.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Elsa Patton?

Elsa Patton stood tall at 5 ft 4 in (163 cm).

How old was Elsa Patton?

On August 25, 1936, Elsa Patton was born in Cuba and passed away in 2019. Her age was 85, and her zodiac sign was Virgo.

Childhood And Education

Elsa Patton was born in Cuba, and a loving family raised her. However, during her childhood days, she started developing an interest in acting and the artwork industry. Elsa completed her schooling at a local high school in Miami, Florida.

Elsa completed her bachelor's degree from a local college, and she began her career in the entertainment industry. No other details are available regarding the childhood and education of Elsa Patton.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Elsa Patton's partner?

Elsa met Donald Patton, and they started dating each other. After several years of dating, the beautiful couple got married in the mid-'60s in a private wedding ceremony held in the USA.

The adorable couple was blessed with a daughter, Marysol Patton, born in 1967, and a son, Thomas Anthony Jones. In 2013, the couple parted ways, and they started living together after Elsa's health started worsening. Elsa lived in her luxurious mansion in Miami till her death.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Elsa Patton was best known as a television reality star and a businesswoman. However, she gained more recognition after entering the reality series 'The Real Housewives of Miami.'

After her reality television appearance in 'The Real Housewives of Miami,' she gained fame, along with Joanna Krupa, Alexia Echevarria, and Adriana de Moura. During the premiere party for the show 'The Real Housewives of Miami' in 2012, Elsa went into an unconscious condition and got admitted to the hospital.

It was discovered that she had a stroke, and she needed to do immediate brain surgery. Later, she recovered and returned to her reality show. Her daughter, Marysol, also appeared briefly on the show.

To prevent her face from aging, Elsa had to perform plastic surgery in 2008, and she continued to do it till 2012.

The surgery was not successful; her face got injured and damaged, and she claimed that it was because she trusted a bad doctor. However, due to her distinct personality, she gained fame in the entertainment industry.

Charity Work

Elsa Patton has supported several cancer-related charity organizations, especially the National Cancer Institute.

As per the media reports, no other details regarding her charity works on social media sites are available.

What awards did Elsa Patton win?

Elsa Patton was neither nominated nor won any awards.

Elsa Patton's Hobbies And Interests

The main hobbies of Elsa Patton were reading and artwork. She liked to hang out with her family and friends in Paris, one of her favorite destinations. In her youth days, she often loved going to the beachside. Elsa Patton was a party lover, and Tom Hanks was her favorite actor.

Other Interesting Elsa Patton Facts And Trivia

  • After suffering from a lengthy illness, Elsa Patton, one of the famous reality stars and an iconic mother, died on May 11, 2019. The funeral function of Elsa Patton took place in Miami.
  • Her legal heirs include Marysol Patton and Thomas Anthony Jones, Svetlana, her daughter-in-law, and Hunter, the grandson of Elsa Patton.
  • Elsa's husband, Donald Patton, a yachtsman, died one year before Elsa's death in 2018.
  • She blamed the doctors who did the plastic surgery as they were not good doctors. Despite her post-surgery face, she gained more recognition from the audience as a popular television celebrity.
  • Elsa Potten made a guest appearance in 'Watch What Happens,' a live program in 2012.
  • To prevent aging, Elsa, at the age of 74, underwent plastic surgery.
  • Elsa was not very much active on social media accounts.
  • Virgo was the zodiac sign of Elsa Patton.
  • Elsa Patton is of American nationality.
  • Elsa Patton was not active on any social media pages, but she has a sizable fan base in the entertainment industry.
  • The favorite color of Elsa Patton is green, and her lucky number is seven.
  • Elsa was raised with her siblings in the United States of America, but she did not reveal any information regarding her siblings in the media industry.
  • As per media reports, Elsa Patton was raised in the USA by her parents. But no details are available regarding the parents and siblings of Elsa Patton.

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163 cm

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