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Embden goose facts tell us about this bird that came into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874 and the British Poultry Standard in 1865.
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Embden geese, also known as Emder Gans in Germany and L'oie d'Emden in France, are German white geese that are usually called Bremen in North America. The Embden goose is a beautiful and large goose breed that is almost twice the weight of a Banyard goose. It is because of their weight and size that they are popular at poultry farms.

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Embden Goose Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Embden goose?

Embden geese are a breed of domestic goose whose country of origin is Germany and are usually found on poultry farms. These geese are similar to Toulouse geese.

What class of animal does an Embden goose belong to?

This German white goose breed, the Embden goose, is a large size goose that belongs to the Aves class of animals. This breed is known as Bremen in North America, which is similar to a Toulouse.

How many Embden geese are there in the world?

There is no such research conducted on the exact population of Embden geese, but they are in abundance and can be found on poultry farms all over the world.

Where does an Embden goose live?

The Embden goose originated from Germany. The town of Emden was spelled with a 'b,' and the goose has retained this in the UK. Some early history publications state that its origins are in Holland; however, some of the greater reputable authors of the day, including Lewis Right, believed the breed to be created in Emden, North Germany.

What is an Embden goose's habitat?

The English white waterfowl, also known as Bremen, can be found on poultry farms as well as domestic farms. The English white waterfowl can also be seen strolling around in a town in a group. They are popular for meat production because of their white feathers, large size, and fast growth rate. This is the main reason that they are mostly found in poultry farms, and they also breed the white Embden goose.

Who do Embden geese live with?

Throughout history, these geese have been living in groups and don't like being alone. The male and female stay together in peace with Toulouse geese.

How long does an Embden goose live?

The Embden goose lifespan is around 20-25 years of age. The goose that lived the longest was 80 years old and was known as the giant Embden goose. A female Embden goose reaches maturity in two to three years.

How do they reproduce?

The female creates a nest by creating a hole within the ground. The female sits and kicks her legs out from her body and turns round to create a mound. She then strains the nest with lichens, twigs, mosses, and leaves. A female goose may additionally make a nest out of a massive mound of vegetation. The nest is typically positioned close by to water. The male goose stands to protect a short distance away to defend his mate and the eggs from predators. Embdens willingly hybridize with different big geese and are generally paired up with Toulouse geese. They start to breed in June.

The young goose is fast-growing. After the goslings hatch from the eggs, the female protects them and continues to keep them warm with her wings, recreating the atmosphere they were in inside the egg. The females take their goslings to the water to feed nearly right away after birth.

What is their conservation status?

The German white Embdens breed of bird is categorized as Not at Risk according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Although in the German equivalent of the IUCN Red List, the Emdener was categorized as Seriously Endangered in 2020 as the last reported breeding population count was 132 males and 238 females as of 2016. The Embden goose is Not Evaluated by the IUCN Red List.  

Embden Goose Fun Facts

What do Embden geese look like?

Embden Goose

The white Emden goose breeds are the tallest of all the goose breeds. Embdens in the UK are shorter and stockier than the other geese. Their bill and legs are orange and their plumage is pure white, though the young geese may have a few gray feathers on their back. The head of this goose breed is oval-shaped, and they have pure blue eyes followed by a long neck. They use their bill to build nests and find food.

How cute are they?

They are very cute and beautiful. The blue eyes and long neck of this bird adds a bit of magic to the appearance, and whoever looks at them is mesmerized. They are big ducks and are completely white with blue eyes, which makes them look adorable.

How do they communicate?

This breed of Embden ducks communicates with each other by making sounds. The Embden goose call is a loud sound they make while communicating something to the other gender. However, they are not louder than the African geese or Chinese geese.

How big is an Embden goose?

Embden goose length has not yet been estimated, but the Embden goose size is 39.6 in (100.6 cm) in length. They are about ten times bigger than a packrat.

How fast can an Embden goose fly?

These breeds of Emden geese rarely fly, so their estimated speed has not yet been determined.

How much does an Embden goose weigh?

The weight of this breed that breeds in the poultry is different for the Embden goose gander. The weight of the male is 24.3-30.9 lb (11-14 kg), and the weight of the female is 19.8-24.3 lb (9-11 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male Embden geese are known as ganders, and females are called geese.

What would you call a baby Embden Goose?

An Embden goose baby is known as a gosling.

What do they eat?

They are known to prey on larvae, aquatic animals, small fish, crabs, seeds, and snails.

Are they friendly?

These breeds are very calm and gentle by nature and do not do any harm unless threatened. They graze peacefully without creating any trouble.

Would they make a good pet?

This breed of bird can make a great Embden goose pet. Embden geese are not noisy at all and are rather calm and quiet and even clean! They are intelligent birds, and if raised well, they can befriend and have a great bond with humans. Raising sexed goslings by your own hands is the best way to keep these birds as your pets.

Did you know...

These breeds of Embden geese are used in poultry meat farms as a source for meat production. Their meat is sold at a high price because of the size of the goose and its weight.

Are Embden geese broody?

Yes, these breeds are broody and incubate their eggs for almost a month. They make good mothers, and they are very protective of their babies against predators.

Embden eggs

Embden Geese are excellent egg-layers generating 10-30 eggs, now and again as many as 40 white Embden goose eggs a year. Embden goose egg weighs approximately 6 oz (170 g). The eggs are then incubated for 28-34 days by the females before they finally hatch.

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