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Emilia Mernes was born in October 1996.
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About Emilia Mernes

Emilia Mernes is a renowned young pop star from Argentina who earlier belonged to the Uruguayan band, Rombai.
Born on October 29, 1996, Emilia is also a model, dancer, and songwriter who became passionate about music from the very young age of 12. Her introduction to the band Rombai, as their lead singer, made her very famous.
She studied at a university in Rosario, while her birthplace is in Entre Rios. She is currently under the contract of Sony Music and records songs exclusively for the company. Her music video, ‘No Más’, became the only video on Vevo to cross more than two million views in the year 2020. It became a huge hit and has provided a new impetus to her music career. Emilia Mernes won a modeling contest at a young age. She is also an author.

Emilia Mernes Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Emilia Mernes’ net worth?

The net worth of the Argentine singer is estimated to be somewhere around $1.5 million. Her career as a pop singer has earned her such a whopping amount in a short span of time.

How much does Emilia Mernes earn per year?

It is not known exactly the amount of earnings made by Emilia Mernes in a year, but her song covers earn her quite a hefty amount of money.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Emilia Mernes?

Emilia Mernes is about average in height. She stands at 5 ft 5 in (168 cm) tall, and her height is an added bonus to her career as a singer.

How old is Emilia Mernes?

Being born on October 29, 1996, the Latin American singer is presently 25 years old as of March 2022.

Childhood And Education

Emilia Mernes, born in October 1996 in Nagoya, Entre Rios, became devoted to music from the age of 12 years old when her grandfather gifted her a guitar. After she got the guitar, Mernes began creating tunes. Singing, strumming the guitar, and dancing became her passions in life.
She chose to study literature in college, but after only six months, she realized that her field was different. She gained admission into LA Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR) but could never make it to her classes. She rehearsed songs while locking herself in the bathroom in her spare time, as the place had good acoustics. Her first song cover was recorded in this way, which she uploaded to her Instagram profile.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Emilia Mernes dating?

Although Emilia is currently not dating anyone, she was in a relationship with the Uruguayan singer, Fer Vázquez, since 2016. She started dating him after joining the band Rombai and then parted ways with him in 2018.

Career And Professional Highlights

Emilia posted a song cover on Instagram, which was noticed by many people. She was asked to do casting in the city of Buenos Aires. She went to Buenos Aires and found a place in the band Rombai as a replacement for the former lead singer, Camila Rajchman. This happened in 2016. After joining the band, she started with her first live show within a week that took place at Luna Park. She had a meteoric rise as part of Rombai, and the band gave performances all across Latin America.
In 2018, Emilia decided to part ways with the band in order to focus on her solo career. She signed a contract with Sony Music and W. K. Entertainment in 2019. Sony was the home of many superstars such as CNCO, Maluma, Prince Royal, Wisin, and Carlos Vives.
Emilia’s debut single came out in 2019 and was titled ‘Recalienta’. The song peaked at the 68th position on Billboard Argentina Hot 100.
She collaborated with Nio Garcia and Ana Mena in May 2019 for her song ‘El Chisme’. Her collaboration with Darell led to the single ‘No Soy Yo’, which was released in August 2019. The music video starred Johann Vera, Joel Pimento from CNCO, and Oriana Sabatini.
Emilia’s collaboration work continued with the song ‘Boomshakalaka’ in November 2019, which featured a host of artists such as Afro Bros, Camilo, Sebastian Yatra, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.
Her third single came out in late 2019 titled ‘Billion’. January 2020 saw the release of her video with the single ‘Policia’. In March of the same year. Emilia collaborated with the MYA duo and came up with the song ‘Histeriqueo’.
The song ‘No Más’ came out in February 2020 and garnered millions of views, making it one of her biggest hits.

Best Known For…

'No Más' is her best work as a solo artist that became huge hit at Vevo.

Charity Work

Almost nothing is known about any charitable work done by Emilia Mernes, but this information should be available very soon.

What awards has Emilia Mernes won?

Emilia won the Video Favorito award at the Buenos Aries Music Video Fest in 2020 for the song ‘Histeriqueo’.

Emilia Mernes’ Hobbies And Interests

Before Emilia became famous, she posted song covers on various social media platforms.

Other Interesting Emilia Mernes Facts And Trivia

  • She won a modeling contest in 2012 and became a model for 47 Street, which is a popular clothing brand.
  • Emilia has worked as an actress in the Argentine TV show ‘Entrelazados’ for its lead role.
  • Emilia Mernes has not written any books as of yet.

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Emilia Mernes Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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María Emilia Mernes Rueda

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168 cm

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Pop Singer


La Universidad Nacional de Rosario

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