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Emily Bett Rickards is a popular Canadian actress.
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About Emily Bett Rickards

Emily Bett Rickards is most popular for the role she portrayed in the TV series, 'Arrow', of Felicity Smoak.
Her passion for musical theater and dance led her to become an actress. Her ambition from a very early stage was to become a famous actress.
As a graduate of high school, she worked seriously towards achieving her dream of becoming an actress. Her appearance on the show, 'Arrow', opposite Hollywood actor Stephen Amell was well received and they even won awards for their wonderful chemistry. She is also known to have a great sense of humor which was portrayed on the show. Her role became a recurring one until she became a regular member of the cast.
This article will give more insights into the professional and personal life of actress Emily Bett Rickards.
Emily Bett Rickards was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on July 24, 1991. Rickards' mother is Dr. Diane Greig who works as a dream psychotherapist and is based in Vancouver. Not much is known about her father.
She was interested in musical theater and dance from a very young age and that is what led her to become an actress today.
Emily Bett Rickards also made her first appearance as a professional in a video for Nickelback for their single 'Never Gonna Be Alone'.

Emily Bett Rickards Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Emily Bett Rickards’ net worth?

Emily Bett Rickards is a popular actress from Canada, who has been a part of Hollywood for some years now and has a lot of TV shows and movies to her credit. Her current net worth is unknown, however, it can be estimated at approximately $3 million.

How much does Emily Bett Rickards earn per year?

Emily Bett Rickards established herself as a popular actress in Canada and the United States. She has been a part of popular films and TV shows, however, her annual salary is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Emily Bett Rickards?

The exact height of Emily Bett Rickards is unknown, however, she appears to be of average height in movies and TV shows. Her height can be estimated to be approximately 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m).

How old is Emily Bett Rickards?

Emily Bett Rickards was born on July 24, 1991, in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently 30 years old and will turn 31 in July 2022.

Childhood And Education

Emily Bett Rickards likes to maintain privacy, therefore not much is known about the childhood of this actress. However, she completed her high school in Vancouver, British Columbia, and then completed her Acting Essentials Program at the Vancouver Film School.
She then appeared for an open call audition where she was spotted by her agent. She studied in Vancouver's Alida Vocal Studio.
All this led to her first appearance in a music video, 'Never Gonne Be Alone', which was made by Nickelback in 2009.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Emily Bett Rickards dating?

Emily Bett Rickards is said to be in a relationship with American actress Aisha Tyler, however, it has not been confirmed by either of them.
Emily and Aisha met when Emily was a guest on 'Girl On Guy', a podcast made by Aisha. The two became friends and established a strong bond. They have regularly posted pictures with each other on their respective Instagram pages, but neither of them has openly spoken about a relationship. It appears that they have been together for a few years now.

Career And Professional Highlights

Emily Bett Rickards is a popular Canadian actress who is famous for her various appearances on TV shows and films. Rickards showed an interest in acting from a very early age. She received her big break with the portrayal of Felicity Smoak in 2012, in the show 'Arrow', which was based on the character Green Arrow from the DC comics. She was initially supposed to appear as a guest star, however, her first episode was so loved that she was converted to a recurring star in the first season and then a regular cast member in the second season. During the end of season seven, Rickards announced that she was going to exit the show, however, she returned for the last episode of the show.
During the show, she received immense appreciation for her work and soon became a fan favorite of the series. Her character, Felicity Smoak, also appeared in parallel shows from the DC universe, 'The Flash', 'Supergirl', 'Legends of Tomorrow', and 'Vixen'.
In 2012, Emily Bett Rickards appeared in a small role in the movie, 'Random Acts of Romance', with Amanda Tapping. From then on, she had a few more minor roles in several movies, such as 'Flicka: Country Pride', 'Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story', and 'Cowgirls 'n Angels: Dakota's Summer'.
In 2015, Rickards appeared in a film called 'Brooklyn', which was later nominated for an Oscar. Her work was described as artistic and meticulous. Apart from that, she was cast in supporting roles for several other movies, such as 'Slumber' (2016), 'Axis, Sidekick' (2017), and 'Funny Story' (2017).
She was cast in an independent movie opposite James Maslow called 'We Need To Talk'.
Apart from movies and TV shows, Rickards has also appeared in web series and plays. She was cast as the narrator of the Canadian web show, 'Paranormal Solutions', which was launched in April 2016. In 2018, she announced that she was going to be cast as the lead in a Zayd Dohrn production, 'Reborning', which would be performed by the Reality Curve Theatre Group, at the Annexe Theatre in Vancouver. The play became popular and was very well received by the audience and her role was described as a phenomenal performance.
She also released an audiobook in 2018 called 'The Wicked Ones', which was written by Robin Wasserman and Cassandra Clare. Her narration in the audiobook was captivating for the audience.

Best Known For…

Emily Bett Rickards is very popular for her character of Felicity Smoak in the show, 'Arrow'. Her character as Felicity became so popular that she became a regular of the cast and appeared in other shows related to the 'Arrow' universe like 'Legends of Tomorrow', 'Supergirl', 'The Flash', 'Blood Rush', 'Vixen', and 'Superhero Fight Club 2.0'.
Miss Rickards is also known for appearing in a supporting role in the movie, 'Brooklyn', which was nominated for an Oscar.

Charity Work

Emily Bett Rickards believes in giving back to society and she has proved it with various charity work.
She launched a campaign in 2016 to support the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA). Any proceedings received from the t-shirts went to charity.
Apart from this campaign, she also filmed a public service announcement for the healthy treatment of spinal cord injuries in association with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The reason behind this announcement was the injury her character, Felicity Smoak from 'Arrow', suffered during season four of the show. Her character becomes paralyzed below the waist, however, regains the ability to walk with the help of a prototype chip. The episode was called 'Taken'.
In 2019, Emily's school, the Vancouver Film School, announced a scholarship, the Emily Bett Rickards Acting Scholarship, to fund the acting program of the school with additional funding of $250,000 for outside students.

What awards has Emily Bett Rickards won?

Emily Bett Rickards has starred in several TV shows and films and all her work is widely appreciated.
She won the award for Best Actress in a Feature Film and the award for the Best Ensemble Cast (Feature) at the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia for her role in 'We Need To Talk'.
She has also won the Ship of the Year award with her co-star, Stephen Amell, at the MTV Fandom Awards in 2015 and again in 2016, for the character, Felicity Smoak, in 'Arrow'.
Apart from this, she has also been nominated for several other awards.

Emily Bett Rickards’ Hobbies And Interests

Emily Bett Rickards knew from a very early age that she was passionate about acting and wanted to pursue that further. She studied at the Vancouver Film School to be closer to her dream of becoming an actor.

Other Interesting Emily Bett Rickards Facts And Trivia

  • Emily Bett Rickards left 'Arrow' at the end of season seven because she wanted to take some time off and work as a theater artist.
  • Her last work was in a project called 'We Need To Talk' which was released in 2019. However, her current projects are unknown.
  • She got voice training lessons that are usually designed for contemporary singers, which also helped her on her path to becoming an actress.
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