Enzo Knol Birthday & Fun Facts

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Enzo Knol Birthday & Fun Facts
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About Enzo Knol

Enzo Knol is a Dutch video blogger who posts his content on YouTube, with more than 2.65 million subscribers as of May 2022.
Enzo Knol posted his first video on June 9, 2013. In early 2014 he attracted attention with a video log in which he fractured his arm. Milan Knol, his brother, is also a YouTuber.
He focuses on video games as well as daily vlogs and has approximately 1.9 million followers on Instagram as of May 2022. Moreover, he also has a brother, Milan, who is also a renowned YouTuber. On his YouTube channel DitIsMilan, he is known for posting parodies. Enzo was motivated to begin producing videos by Milan.

Enzo Knol's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Enzo Knol’s net worth?

According to estimates, Enzo Knol is worth about $4 million.

How much does Enzo Knol earn per year?

The Dutch YouTuber Enzo Knol earns around $500,000 each year through his YouTube channel and various social media platforms.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Enzo Knol?

Enzo Knol's height is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Enzo Knol?

Born on June 8, 1993, Enzo Knol is 28 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Born and raised in Rode, Netherlands. Enzo Knol was primarily raised by his mother, Irma Knol, after his parents. After Knol's parents split, he and his brother Milan acquired their mother's last name, Knol. They moved to reside in The Hague with their mother and stepfather for some time. Later, as a teenager, he lived with his father in Assen for some time. Knol severed communication with his father when he was 18 and did not see him after.
Irma Knol is often featured in young YouTuber's videos. His brother is a YouTuber as well, and he considers him the source of his inspiration.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Enzo Knol's family?

Enzo Knol was raised primarily by Irma Knol, his mother. He has two siblings, Sjen knol and Milan Knol.

Who is Enzo Knol dating?

Enzo Knol has dated fellow youtube star Dee Van Der Zeeuw. Dee is a well-known youtube musician, vlogger, and Instagram star in her own right. Sadly the pair parted ways in September 2017 after dating for two years.
At the moment, The YouTube vlogger is dating Myron Koops. She frequently appears in his daily vlogs and across his social media.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

On August 8, 2011, Enzo Knol created his own YouTube channel, EnzoKnol. He started out with Minecraft videos on the platform and produced a number of gameplay videos highlighting the game. Later, He branched out from gameplay videos and began experimenting with other forms of content, such as vlogs. His vlogs were extremely popular, and the youtube phenomenon began focusing on them.
On November 9, 2014, one of his Minecraft videos titled 'Minecraft Survival # 300 - The Last Delivery.' quickly became one of his most-watched videos. Knol's channel received much-needed attention as a result of this video, which swiftly reached a million views.
The Dutch YouTuber continued to post gaming videos as well as regular vlogs, and his channel grew in popularity. He turned his focus on vlogging and became one of the largest Dutch YouTubers at the time.
All his most famous vlogs, including 'At In My Head- EnzoKnol Vlog' and 'Stay With Me- Enzo Knol Vlog,' are highly worth giving a watch. Enzo Knol also maintains a second channel under the alias EnzoKnol2. This backup channel is only focused on video game content and launched on December 29, 2017. On his secondary channel, He covers games such as Fortnite, Among Us, Minecraft, and tons of other popular video games.
The traditional media had also picked up on the popularity of the vlogger. Articles about and interviews with Knol appeared in various newspapers. He first appeared in September 2014 on the television program 'RTL Late Night,' where he has since appeared more often.
The channel EnzoKnol2, as of May 2022, has over 740,000 subscribers, indicating its popularity. With over 30 million monthly views, Enzo Knol channel is now considered one of the most prominent Dutch YouTube vloggers.

Charity Work

Enzo Knol regularly does charity streams and has participated in a number of events to raise money for nonprofits online.

What awards has Enzo Knol won?

He has received the Best Vlogger and Best gamer awards from VEED in 2015 as well as 2018. He has also been bestowed with 'Best Youtuber' from Zapplive Awards. Enzo Knol has also been a participant in the Legends of Gaming, the Netherlands Tournament. He was the recipient of the Skill Award at the competition.

Other Interesting Enzo Knol Facts And Trivia

There is a waxwork statue of Enzo Knol at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam.
'Gat In Mijn Hoofd' is one of his most popular videos garnering several million views on the platform.
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Enzo Knol Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Enzo Knol

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173 cm



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Myron Koops


Irma Knol


Sjen Knol, Milan Knol

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