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About Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz is a disc jockey, record producer, and musician from Sweden.
He was born in Taby, Stockholm County, Sweden on July 19, 1976. His full name is Eric Sheridan Prydz.
Eric is addressed by his aliases, Pryda and Cirez D. He rose to prominence with his breakthrough singles 'Call On Me' (2004), 'Proper Education' (2007), and 'Pjanoo' (2008). His debut album, 'Opus', was released in 2016. Eric Prydz is an award-winning DJ who won 'DJ Of The Year' at the 2017 Electronic Music Awards and was nominated for 'Live Act Of The Year'. Keep reading for more interesting facts about this Swedish, talented DJ, Eric Prydz, and his net worth!

Eric Prydz Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Eric Prydz’s net worth?

Eric Prydz's net worth is approximately $4.5 million.
Eric is a successful disc jockey. He makes his money from the sales of his musical albums and gigs.

How much does Eric Prydz earn per year?

Eric Prydz earns $ 400,000 as his annual income.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Eric Prydz?

Eric Prydz's height is about 5 ft 10.5 in (179 cm) tall.

How old is Eric Prydz?

Eric Prydz was birthed on July 19, 1976. He is 45 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Eric Prydz was born in Täby, Stockholm County, Sweden.
He grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and began playing piano at the age of four. When he was eight years old, Prydz's parents bought him his first computer.
It was around this time that he became interested in making music. Prydz attended high school in Täby and then went on to study at Åva Gymnasium in Sweden. Later, Eric Prydz started his musical career in 2004 when he turned out to be a notable newcomer.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Eric Prydz dating?

Presently, Eric Prydz is single. He was married to Sofie Prydz, but they later divorced.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Eric Prydz is a popular disc jockey, record producer, and musician. Eric's hit track 'Call On Me' was launched in 2004. The song topped the UK singles outline and was also at the top of the German Top 100.
Subsequently, Eric gained notoriety as a result of this. In 2006, he dropped 'Proper Education,' a remixed adaptation of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall', alongside a video. He recorded the widely praised singles 'Pjanoo' (2008), which ended up at number one on the UK Dance Chart, and 'Miami To Atlanta' (2009).
In 2012, Eric Prydz's first album collection, 'Pryda', was released as a three-plate collection for Virgin Records (Astralwerks in the USA). A couple of months after that, the collection was released at the Ministry of Sound club in London, with Eric Prydz performing some of the tunes.
In 2014, Eric unveiled the third part of his 'Eric Prydz In Concert' show, named 'EPIC 3.0', which he performed on September 27, 2014, including a wide range of new and unreleased material. It included the world's biggest indoor visualization, as well as new music and pictures. As a result, he became the first DJ to have a set included as a 'One Mix' on Beats One, Apple Music's worldwide radio channel. Then, in 2015, Kieran Hebden, also known as 'Four Tet', created a remix of the title track.
Prydz released his debut album, 'Opus', in 2016. The album was well-received by critics and became a commercial success. It peaked at number one on the U.S. dance charts and was nominated for a Grammy award. He additionally showed up on Insomniacs Night Owl Radio and cooperated with Luke Versalko to film a short narrative on his creation of 'Epic 4.0'. During the 15th commemoration of his name, Pryda, Eric distributed 'PR(15)DA' (an assortment of 27 tunes).
In 2019, Eric Prydz revealed 'EPIC 6.0,' a multi-story 8 m (26.2 ft) wide straightforward LED holosphere at the Tomorrowland celebration. The circle was comprised of 22 covering boards with over 2.4 million LEDs that illuminated universes, electricity darts, and alien universes.
His tracks include, 'Call On Me' (2004), 'Proper Education' (2007), 'Pjanoo' (2008), and 'Opus' (2016).

What awards has Eric Prydz won?

The Swedish DJ, Eric Prydz, has been awarded lots of awards.
He earned the Echo award for 'Best Electronic/Club/Dance Artists' (2005), a Grammy for 'Electronic Producer Of The Year' (2009), and an Electronic Music award for 'DJ Of The Year' (2017).

Eric Prydz’s Hobbies And Interests

Eric Prydz enjoys incorporating a variety of styles and sub-genres into his music.
His 2016 song, 'Opus,' was a pleasant surprise for his fans, and it added to his impressive discography.

Other Interesting Eric Prydz Facts And Trivia

  • Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ who was born on July 19, 1976 in Taby.
  • He is a popular DJ and his music incorporates house music, techno, progressive house, and tech-house.
  • Eric Prydz was the first musician who was allowed to remix Pink Floyd with his blockbuster 'Proper Education' and 'Another Brick In The Wall', which ended up on the UK and European chart for Ministry of Sound.
  • Eric is the CEO of Virgin, EMI, Astralwerks, Ministry of Sound, Arista, Mouseville, Pryda, and Pryda Friends. He publishes tunes under the name Pryda on the label, 'Pryda'. As Cirez D, he publishes techno music on Mouseville Records.
  • Eric Prydz, also known as Pryda and Cirez D, has a flying phobia and prefers to travel by bus.
  • After getting divorced from his former wife, Sofie, Eric returned to Sweden after living in Los Angeles in 2012. He does, however, have a daughter and a son, both of whom are frequently shown on his Instagram page.
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Eric Prydz Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Eric Sheridan Prydz

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Taby, Stockholm County



179 cm

Child Star?



Disc Jockey, Record Producer, Musician


Åva Gymnasium

Net Worth



Sofie Prydz

Annual Earnings

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