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About Erika Buenfil

Erika Buenfil was born in November 1963 in Monterrey in Mexico, to María Martha lópez.
Erika Buenfil has starred in many films and TV shows and is considered one of Mexico's most successful actresses. She is known for her roles as an actress in popular shows like ‘Tres Mujeres.’
Thus Mexican actress, television personality, and singer who was born and raised in Monterrey, Nuevo León. She is well-known for her leading parts in numerous popular telenovelas, including 'Amor en Silencio', 'Marisol', 'Tres Mujeres', and 'Amores Verdaderos'.
This article will discuss Erika Buenfil's career, her personal life, and some interesting facts about her!

Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Erika Buenfil's net worth?

The net worth of Erika Buenfil is $18 million. She is a singer and an actress who has been a part of more than 50 projects since she began in 1970. She net worth has increased ever since she turned to becoming a YouTuber.

How much does Erika Buenfil earn per year?

Erika Buenfil is believed to earn around $1 million every year.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Erika Buenfil?

Erika Buenfil is 5 ft 4 in (165 cm) tall. Erika Buenfil is an accomplished model with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

How old is Erika Buenfil?

Erika Buenfil is 59 years old, being born in November 1963.

Childhood And Education

Erika Buenfil was born on November 23, 1963. Erika buenfil was born to José Luis Buenfil Buhl and maría Martha lópez. They are her parents; they all lived in Monterrey. Erika Buenfil has three sisters older than her( Martha Buenfil is one of them). Erika Buenfil has Mexican origin. Her ethnicity belongs to the Hispanic ethnic group of Mexico. Erika completed her eductaion at Televisa's entertainment educational institution, Centro de Educación Artistica. She began her profession when she was just 11 years old in Monterrey, Mexico.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Erika Buenfil's partner?

For two months in 2004, the famous soap actress was romantically connected with architect Ernesto Zedillo Jr. He is most known as the son of former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo. Following their divorce in Mexico, he married TV presenter Rebeca Sáenz, and Erika gave birth to their son, Nicolás de Jess Buenfil. She subsequently began dating her 'Amores Verdaderos' co-star Eduardo Yáez in 2005, but the pair split up in 2011. She is said to be in a relationship with Mexican actor and TV personality Omar Fierro.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Erika Buenfil's most notable performance was in Carla Estrada's telenovela 'Amor En Silencio,' where she played two key characters, Marisela Ocampo and Ana Silva, opposite Arturo Peniche and Omar Fierro. Erika earned the TV Novela Award for Best Actress for her portrayal in one of the world's most popular telenovelas, which launched her to international prominence.
Erika Buenfil became famous when she worked with Ernesto Alonso on his serial 'El Derecho De Nacer.' This is also based on the Cuban melodrama. From 1981 to 1982, Erika was the lead actress in Cristina del Junco alongside Verónica Castro and Sergio Jiménez. Erika further got lead roles in many television shows. Such as Vicky de Martino in 'El Maleficio' (1983-1984).
Erika buenfil performed her first main role in Sergio Jiménez's telenovela 'Angélica'. Next she performed as Lena in the horror film 'Cementerio Del Terror'. She also worked as Marcela in the telenovela 'El Engaño' (1986). Erika buenfil has played the role of Chelo Derecho in the made-for-TV film 'Noche De Terrock Y Brujas' (1987).
Erika Buenfil next starred as an actress as Casilda in Nathalie Lartilleux's telenovela 'Mar De Amor' (2009-2010), and as Antonieta Orozco in Salvador Meja Alejandre's telenovela 'Triunfo Del Amor' (2010-2011). She beat Victoria Ruffo, Rebecca jones, Maite Perroni, and William Levy for this role.
In the action-adventure film 'El Prófugo' in 1990, Erika had her first appearance as Karla( the lead actress). Follwed by her roles as Gabriela Durán / Leticia Avelar in the tele series 'Vida Robada' from 1991 to 1992. Another major role in her life was Marisol Garcés del Valle / Verónica Soriano in Juan Osorio telenovela 'Marisol' (1996), with co star Eduardo Santamarina. Her role as Bárbara Uriarte Espinoza in the serial 'Tres Mujeres' was a major hit. This went on for 280 episodes.

Charity Work

Erika Buenfil is an active philanthropist and has worked with various charities, especially in Mexico. Some of the organizations she has worked with include UNICEF, The Mexican Red Cross, and Save the Children.

What awards has Erika Buenfil won?

Erika Buenfil was awarded the TVy Novelas Awards for Best Lead Actress in 2010. She recieved this award for her role as Victoria Balvanera in the tele series 'Amores Verdaderos'. This was aired from 2012 to 2013. Her co stars were Eduardo yañez, Eiza González, and Sebastián Rulli. Erika then played lead actress of Blanca de la Santacruz in the tele series 'La Gata' (2014). Followed by playing Angélica in the tele series 'A Que No Me Dejas' (2015-2016). This was a remake of 'Amor En Silencio'.

Erika Buenfil’s Hobbies And Interests

Erika Buenfil loves to play tennis and is a big fan of the sport. She also enjoys horseback riding and has two horses that she frequently rides. Erika is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Other Interesting Erika Buenfil Facts And Trivia

Erika Buenfil is a famous singer apart from being an actress. Her first studio album, 'Se Busca Un Corazón,' was published in 1986, and she has since released three more.
Following its release, she began production on her second album, 'Soy Mujer,' published the following year.
'Cerca De Ti,' her third studio album, was released in 1990.
She potrayed as Mercy Cabrera in 2017. It was in Eduardo Meza's tele series 'La Doble Vida De Estela Cariillo'. Another role was that of Camila Balcázar in José Alberto Castro's tele series 'Por Amar Sin Ley'.
Erika then starred as Andrea Espinoza in the 2020 serial 'Te Doy La Vida' and as Dra. Mónica Traven in the 2021 telenovela 'La Mexicana Y El Güero'.
She just joined the cast of Rosy Ocampo's 'Vencer El Pasado' (2021), playing Carmen.
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Erika Buenfill Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Teresa de Jesús Buenfil López

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Monterrey, Mexico



165 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?





Televisa's Entertainment Educational Institution

Net Worth



Omar Fierro


José Luis Buenfil Buhl, María Martha López

Annual Earnings

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