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About Ernesto Mathies

Ernesto Mathies is a popular Salvadoran interior designer born on February 19, 1973.
The February born star's birthplace is El Salvador, and his husband, Rodner Figueroa, is a popular Venezuelan television personality. Ernesto Mathies is also the co-founder of The Garcia Mathies Group, a design studio. 
The personality from El Salvador has also uploaded Instagram photos with a popular model, Andres Velencoso. Pisces is his birth or zodiac sign. Ernesto Mathies is of American nationality.

Ernesto Mathies Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ernesto Mathies’ net worth?

The net worth of the February-born star Ernesto Mathies stands between $1-$5 million. 

How much does Ernesto Mathies earn per year?

His yearly earnings are still under review.  

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ernesto Mathies?

The height of Ernesto Mathies, the celebrity interior designer from El Salvador is not known.

How old is Ernesto Mathies?

Ernesto Mathies is 49 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

There are no details available about his childhood, parents, or siblings. However, he uploaded a picture with his mother as Mother's Day photo in 2017He went to Woodberry Forest School and studied at Boston College.Ernesto Mathies graduated with a bachelor's degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Miami, Florida, with summa cum laude distinction. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ernesto Mathies’ partner?

Ernesto Mathies is in a relationship with Rodner Figueroa, who is a very popular television show presenter from Venezuela.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ernesto Mathies, who completed his bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Miami, Florida, is busy with his interior projects. However, he has maintained complete silence on the projects he is presently doing. That's why there is no detail about the kind of projects he is handling. 
Ernesto Mathies, from El Salvador, is best known for his interior design works. He has also earned popularity for being the husband of a Venezuelan television personality Rodner Figueroa. His better half is the co-founder of the design studio, the Garcia Mathies Group. The company is a famous interior designing and architectural firm.

Other Interesting Ernesto Mathies Facts And Trivia

  • Ernesto Mathies is said to have more than 60,000 followers on his Instagram profile. It shows that the personality is slowly earning fame with time. 
  • The Instagram page of Ernesto Mathies shows that he has met famous personalities in the entertainment industry; the Pisces zodiac-sign personality has uploaded several pictures with them. 
  • Ernesto Mathies is a February-born designer, and his birth sign is Pisces.
  • The better half of Ernesto Mathies has received quite a few awards for his exceptional work.
  • Ernesto Mathies has 1,032 posts and 66400 followers on his Instagram account. He is following 1608 people and loves uploading pictures. He has posted pictures with Rodner and his friends.
  • Ernesto Mathies has uploaded images of his last birthday with Rodner. The picture, which shows him standing with a big cake in his hands with candles, received more than 6,300 likes.
  • Ernesto has also uploaded many photos of his birthday with different celebrities, which fans love.
  • Ernesto Mathies opened a YouTube account on June 14, 2014, where there are 27 subscribers. It shows that he is not at all active on YouTube compared to other social media platforms.

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Ernesto Mathies Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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