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Easter is the most important festival celebrated by Christians.

This day is also referred to as the resurrection day in the memory of Jesus Christ. All Christians celebrate this day with utmost joy and involvement.

There are a lot of fascinating facts about Easter, which is celebrated, the first Sunday that comes after the first full moon of the year is celebrated as Easter. This day is not the same every year and is celebrated in the early month of March or in late April. This day also marks the beginning of spring and is thus, celebrated by people dressed in new clothes. It's a fun week for all children and adults during the Easter holiday. Several fun activities are also part of the festival. Christians visit the church on this day who do not attend on a regular basis. More than 1.7 billion dollars are spent during the Easter holiday by Americans. This day is celebrated in Germany following the traditional pagan rituals. For centuries, the Portuguese people have celebrated this day with a sweet bread called Folar da Pascoa. In France, all the church bells stop ringing for a certain period to mourn the death of Jesus Christ during Good Friday and celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday with lights and candles. People in Bermuda prepare fish cakes and fly kites in this happy week, which is a century-long tradition. Every country follows its own set of traditions to celebrate Easter. Keep on reading to find out more about interesting Easter facts, the history associated with it, and the different traditions.

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Easter Egg Fun Facts

Eggs are an important part of the Easter celebration. The Easter eggs are well decorated and put in various places for kids to find them. The Easter egg hunts are popular in America and kids thoroughly enjoy this tradition.

The eggs are dyed with bright colors that symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ during crucifixion and his sacrifice. This particular tradition was followed in ancient Mesopotamia as well. The Orthodox and Catholic churches practice this tradition of coloring eggs, that are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ. The dyeing of eggs and decorating them brightly comes from the Ukraine, where this practice originally started some centuries ago. The American people picked up this ritual from the Ukrainian immigrants. The White House Easter egg rolls are popular among Americans during the Easter holiday. The first White House Easter egg roll was introduced by President Rutherford B. Hayes in the year 1878, which attracted more than 20,000 people. More than 500 million chocolate Easter eggs are made by Cadbury, along with other Easter candy treats. These chocolate eggs are most consumed by the people of Australia. The production of chocolate Easter eggs and different chocolate candy varieties become the center of attraction for children in this celebration. Over 700 million peeps and 600 million varieties of candy are sold every year.

Interesting Easter Bunny Facts

The beloved Easter bunny tradition is immensely popular among kids. Interestingly, rabbits and hares are symbols of fertility.

This Easter bunny became a part of the celebration after the Germans introduced them to America in the early 17th century. The bunny is thus, related to the Pagan rituals of German churches. The Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring also symbolizes fertility, which is related to a new life after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The traditional belief related to the Easter bunny is that they lay eggs and hide them for children to find them. On Easter morning, children also receive a basket full of toys and different types of candy from the bunny. More than 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold in the United States every year, especially in New York. A chocolate bunny made of milk chocolate though is most loved.

The chocolate Easter bunny is a popular treat loved by children.

Amazing Easter Sunday Facts

Several fascinating Easter facts are yet to be discovered. Christians from all over the world celebrate the Easter holiday in the months of March and April. Some little-known Easter facts are discussed in this section that will surely stir your heart.

The Easter baskets that are used to collect all the goodies represent a new beginning. Lambs are a delicacy during this time of the year along with hams in Christian houses. It is seen that most of the people start to eat the ears of the chocolate bunny first. More than 90 million dollars are spent on milk chocolate Easter bunnies each year. Another delicious dessert is the peep, which was first made in the year 1953. At that time it was handmade using a pastry tube, which took almost 27 hours to complete. The Bournville factory of Cadbury in Birmingham prepares the popular creme eggs every year in a bulk of 500 million. As a result, the Halloween and Easter celebrations often come into comparison owing to the bulk production of candies. The beautiful lilies that bloom around this time welcome spring and rejuvenate the mind of the people. The blooming of these pretty flowers from dormant bulbs gives people a ray of hope. New clothes are worn by people on this date that signify good luck. The goodies of the Easter basket include peeps, jelly beans, chocolate egg candies, and the chocolate Easter bunny. The sale of these candies, along with garments, amount to millions in markets. The White House Easter egg roll is also famous in April. Adults from all over the world celebrate this date and visit churches. Easter vigil facts are also quite fascinating to know. The Easter Vigil, also known as Holy Saturday, is observed as the last day of the death of Jesus Christ and is celebrated on the day before Easter Sunday.

How did Easter get its name?

The name Easter is derived from the name of the Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring who was called Eostre. She is symbolic of a new life with new opportunities.

The first Sunday that comes after the first full moon in the month of March and early April is celebrated as Easter. The resurrection of Jesus Christ happened on this day, who got a new life after his sufferings. It is believed that after his resurrection, Jesus Christ appeared and preached to 500 people. Therefore, Christians from around the world celebrate this day with the spiritual belief of rebirth. The Western churches follow the Gregorian calendar, while the Eastern Orthodox church uses the Julian calendar to mark this holy date.

What is the Easter bunny's name?

Bunny and hare are symbols of fertility. The bunny is the animal symbol of the ancient Pagan Goddess, Eostre.

There are several names given to the Easter bunny. Some of them are Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, and the Cheif Easter bunny. The real Easter bunny origin is still a mystery, though, some believe that German's Pagan tradition included rabbits as a symbol of fertility and new life. It is, therefore, a folkloric figure, that is enjoyed by the children, who believe that the bunny will come and gift them a basket full of goodies during the Easter holiday. The goodies include jelly beans, chocolate eggs, peeps, and other exotic candies. According to German beliefs, the bunny judges the kids and evaluates whether they are naughty or nice. It represents similarities to Santa Claus, who brings gifts for children on Christmas morning. The eggs brought by the bunny are colorful and vibrant, which symbolizes the blood of Lord Jesus. Thus, eggs are associated with rebirth and an integral part of Christianity.

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